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  1. When it's not downloading an update for something, then it's just taking!
  2. Is it April 1st? There has to be something wrong with your compression/decompression setup. If you get bit errors on your hdd then it is stuffed and you should ditch it ASAP. EDIT: Is there anywhere you can post your two wave files?
  3. I got one of these a while back. I had fun telling them I had no computers at home (ok, so I have one or two ). "not even a laptop?". No. Nothing. Kinda stops them dead in their tracks . They do, however, catch people. Dad's neighbour was suckered in and even handed over credit card details. Stupid, they didn't even believe him when he informed them they'd been scammed and they should call the bank asap. He had to read the article over the phone to convince them. They say fools and their money are easily parted! The scammer called back the next day to ask why the payment hadn't gone through. Guess he had to move them off the suckers list!
  4. Just been through this process and went from an RX-V2500 to an A2000. Very nice unit and I'm stoked I don't have to keep digging around moving cables anymore. Everything is connected, even stuff I probably don't need! Even moved the projector screen to come down in front of the tv. Now I'm finally set!
  5. The M34is are a good speaker. Go for a higher end receiver, you won't regret it.
  6. The warehouse have ps3 + game + bd remote for $675. Doesn't seem bad. dse have gt5 for $99...
  7. I've seen the official remote for $45 which I didn't think was too bad. I can keep the old dvd player for those that are not zone 4 (not very many). Does the official one get bundled with movies too?
  8. Do I need to buy a fast HDD for the PS3 or would a 5400rpm one do?
  9. The play tv and media capabilities of a ps3 might be quite nice. Could get pricey by the time I get all the bits though...
  10. Update: Ordered an A2000, traded in the 2500. Using the NAD 310 as a fill-in. Need to buy a blu-ray player now. Thinking about getting a PS3. How do they compare these days?
  11. Sounds like when off it does a stereo only bypass? Please list all audio connections you have out of the sky box.
  12. Down with 3D, down with 3D! Pitty the masses will still lap up this stuff..... As for that magic eye thing - it was great until your brain started doing it on other things. Then you realise, maybe it wasn't such a good idea.....
  13. Nice work, I thought you bought the plasma with the plan not to buy a projector Don't forget to offset the projector in the right direction to get the lens in the middle of the screen.
  14. That NAD looks nice but I'm not sold on the swap out boards and the ones that come with it don't give me two HDMI outputs (4 comp and 4 HDMI in is nice though).
  15. What's the deal with the look of the 2065? The 2067 and 1067 both have nice clean lines (like my 2500). I'm also not sure why there is a 2067 for the same price as the A2000. Same for the 1067 and A1000. Are the 1/2067 last years models?
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