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  1. Item: Quad 909 Amp and matching Quad 99 PreAmp Location: Manukau, Auckland, New Zealand Price: I'm open to reasonable offers around NZ$2.5k for both units. Item Condition: Excellent Condition including, original boxes, cables, manuals, and remote for the Pre. Reason for selling: Audioenz member from a long way back, when I had the time and space to really enjoy my Hifi. However, I'm regrettably needing to downsize and also now don't have the time I once did to enjoy good listening sessions. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Bank Transfer. Can be shipped, but given the total weight and size, it would need to be at buyers expense. Extra Info: Included is the Quad-link cables, 2 power leads, remote, manuals (see photos) Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  2. Hi Thomas, That should be OK. Only thing I need to do is get them out of the back bedroom and into the lounge and hook them up. If you have some music on CD or any digital format (Sorry, sold my turn table) I'd suggest you bring that along as you'll know what it sounds like (and probably enjoy it more than my eclectic tastes!). I've been driving them with my Quad 909 amp which is only 160w, but still manages to get a great sound out of them. Having said that, I've heard them on some fairly hefty amplification and they create an incredibly wide and powerful soundstage. Give me a call or txt on mobile - 021 961 320.
  3. Hi Folks, With my downstairs renovation nearly completed and some small bookshelf speakers now installed, it's time to say goodbye to my Image 414's so thought I'd give my fellow Audioenz'ers a look in first. They've only had approx 100 hours playing time all up and if I'm completely honest with myself, it's because there were really too big for the listening space I had and were at times somewhat over-baring. Having said that, to those that are familiar with the Image sound, they're a superb speaker. Mine have been well looked after with covers intact and no major dings or scratches. Chris Ball made me a plinth at the bottom to aid with stability which can be easily unscrewed if you prefer your speakers to be directly de-coupled (contradiction in terms really) to the floor. I'd be prepared to accept all reasonable offers subject to them being "reasonable" of course. PS - Will try and get some pics of them soon - have to unpack the back room to get to them. Regards Rob (Siriosys)
  4. Hi Folks, It's been an awful long time away from the forums for me, spent mainly pursuing my other hobbies of Cycling and composing while also just enjoying listening to music both live and recorded. I have just renovated my kitchen and lounge and I've had to strike a bit of a balance between function and form and let my Pro-ject Xpression III turntable go. I've had it from new and it's probably only had a hundred or so hours playing time on it. I still have the original packaging. Any sensible offers by forum members would be considered. Was featured in an Audioenz Review some time back: http://www.audioenz.co.nz/2008/02/project-1-xpression-iii/
  5. Hi folks, I have decided to head down the "active monitor" route and offer up for sale my Image Studio Reference loudspeakers. More info on them can be found here: http://www.imageloudspeakers.com/products/refstudio.asp They're in seriously good condition both sonically and aesthetically and have only been used at low-moderate listening levels. I'll also include 2.5m (per side) of QED speaker cables. I'd be happy to accept any sensible offers from forum members. I think current RRP on them is around $1400 when I last checked. PM me if you're interested.
  6. Hi folks, my apologies for not replying, but I've been a tad busy with work related activities and also taking on board the various bits of advice offere. Many thanks for the various tips, especially Owen for tracking down that thread on the Piano forums (I kinda laughed when I read it, because I'd been following that thread a bit for a while)............funny how the net's such a small place at times. I've found a solution!!.......... and the short answer is I've replaced a "Hifi system" upstairs with a pair of KRK Active studio monitors (Rokit 8 G2's) and I'm more than happy with the results. For whatever reason, they're absolutely better suited to the live piano stuff I'm doing and handle the fretless bass lines with a lot more depth than my Hifi systems was able to. I tried a different 50w amp as Owen rightfully pointed out that 50w should be enough to create the sound pressure I require, however, even another amp didn't fix the situation. So next, I replaced the speakers with some more efficient ones borrowed from a mates system (94dB). Sure, they were louder, but again, the dynamics just weren't there - especially when going from pp to ff on the Piano and the overall tone remained boxy. I was extremely reluctant to part with my Image Studio References as theyre exceptionally good speakers for the money, but I think it's come down to a "right horse for the right course" and using a Hifi setup for more Studio'ish activities was almost always going to be about compromises. My ears fatigue easily and I didn't want some "analytical / sterile" monitors replacing an extremely pleasurable listening system. So, I'll be sadly putting my Image's up for sale along with the Decco amp, but I'm happy with my choice. Incidentally, I tried some RCF monitors which were absolutely sublime with live piano, but alas the $$$ was just too great to afford them for now. Cheers again and thanks to those who took the time to respond.
  7. Hi all, It's been quite some time since I've popped in around here, but it's great to read thru the posts and catch up on what's been happening and still see some familiar avatars around. My absence has been due in part to the fact that I'm devoting more of my time to writing music as apposed to listening to it. Anyhoo, I'm planning on purchasing a new keyboard soon (Nord, if anybody's interested) and I need to make some decisions regarding Sound in my "man cave" and I'm in a bit of a pickle as to which way to go so would greatly appreciate some advice on the best way I can go about resolving a sound problem I have. My current setup is: Sources: Computer for MP3 and CD Playback, Keyboard (Roland / Korg) for playing Amp: 50w Peachtree Audio Decco Spkrs: Image Studio Reference bookshelf (rated to 100w IIRC) Cables: Various The problem: I'm loving the sound I get from the speakers when listening to Audio at low volumes. it's full, lovely bass but a little too mellow at times, but none-the-less very very listenable. To my ears, it would be impossible to suffer listeners fatigue. HOWEVER, when I'm using my keyboards (mainly Piano here, not punchy synth or drums etc) the sound lacks energy and dynamics and to achieve a nice listening sound pressure, I need to use the amp with it's volume knob at about 12'Oclock, which then seems to cause it to distort when I play F and FF sections. The Questions: Would I be better off with a more powerful Amp using the Pre-out feature on my existing amp? ...or... Would replacing the Amp and Speakers for some decent Active Monitors or Active Speakers be a better way to go? I'm not intending on doing any studio recording with the speakers, so they don't have to be incredibly 'accurate' and it's fair to say that I'm wanting to use whatever setup I end up with for pleasurable as apposed to analytical listening, which would include some live Piano or Synth playing. Now because I'm going to purchase a new keyboard in the near future, I'm going to need to keep the spending as low as possible. - Let's say up to $500 for an amp, or whatever I can get for my Amp and Speakers if I sell them + $500 (I've no idea what I'll get for my existing stuff). Would really value some advice here as I've been flip-flopping between the various options and can't reach a bloody conclusion! Every time I read something that makes sense, I find something else that makes complete sense, but contradicts the first article. Cheers
  8. TheBlueMushroom;126837 wrote: Not sure about the composing side, tho:if yr anything like a mate of mine (plays lead guitar), you might find them a little lacking in impact (he finds *my* system "only just" loud enough.....which I find scary See below for what I mean!) Just IMO, but hope its of help. LOL.........Damn, you've got quite a set up there! No, the volume thing is something I have to watch so I don't tend to listen at high volumes. Besides, i'm writing for Piano most the time although I occasionally do some electronic stuff which is quite bass heavy, but again, it's not at high volume.
  9. Hi Piston, Don't worry, they're still there!..........and the cats are still around - the reason I got them is contained in another thread about Hifi Horror Stories...........need I say more. The plinths were built by Image and are screwed into the bottom of the speakers. Makes them a hell of a lot more stable than they are normally.
  10. The A7's look like they can be had for around the NZ$1K mark. Found a distributor here: http://www.soundtq.co.nz/index.php?pageID=4
  11. Thanks Gents, your advice is incredibly helpful and I'm finding that my pre-conceived ideas of what I though I needed, may in fact be a little different than what I first thought. Ernie, I had a poke around the Adam Audio site (once I found the switch to turn on English!) and did a quick google around - Yep, those Adams are certainly popular and definitely don't have much WAF, however the man-cave is a WAF-Free-Zone so I'm not too worried from that angle. On reflection, I've realised I'm trying to achieve two things with one set of speakers and I'm not sure how well either sort will do. Although your first sentence possibly answered any questions regarding which genre of speaker to purchase - The Studio Monitor approach is probably a better choice than the Active Audiophile variety. My two top-expectations are: 1) - I want to have a sound that keeps me listening to my digital music collection - Eg, a nice relaxed sound with enough bass to keep my feet tapping and responsiveness to not make me bored - especially helpful while I'm studying or generally mucking around. 2) - To have speakers that can be used for Studio work such as amplification of live playing in my Studio (I play keyboard mainly), but also used when mixing in Garage band or Logic. .....many thanks again Gents, truly appreciate your input. Regards Rob
  12. Thanks Ernie, Having had a poke around the Adam website, I'm now a little confused, but equally curious. What exactly differentiates a true 'Studio Monitor" from an "Active loudspeaker"? Given that both seem to be able to take a line-level input. Am I maybe looking for the wrong type of speaker? Should I be looking more towards something that is Studio focused and not Audiophile as such..........or is there no such difference? Cheers
  13. Phred, Your first point echos the reason why I was asking for opinions. I'm not experienced enough with a broad range of these sorts of products to be able to know where to start really. I noticed that Meridian have been doing Actives for quite some time and their gear seems to be of a reasonable standard. It's funny, but the argument over "active versus passive" is fought very actively on forums with people taking sides all over the place. And that's really why I'm interested in any members' experiences. As for "bang for buck" - I'm not quite as convinced as you seem on this. I'm a skeptic by nature and wary of using price as indicator of bang for buck. I guess if they sounded good enough, I'd be happy to drop a few K on some, but damn, they'd better be pretty bloody good!! ...I feel a bit stupid for saying this, but it only just occurred to me this morning that I can simply pick up my MBP and Duet and take it somewhere to audition some!!............20 years using only desktop computers still has me getting used to the whole concept of portability.
  14. Hi folks, Gee, it's been quite some time since I've popped in here. To cut a long story short, I've been off the "Audiophile radar" for a while as I've spent most of the last year either swimming, studying, or actually just listening to music without the distractions of audio forums, websites, and ear-candy I find all too interesting when I shouldn't! It's also enabled me to resist the temptation to spend money I don't have........for now at least...... I've focused a lot of attention on composing music as of recent and have embarked on a mission to downsize my upstairs system to mainly make way for instruments. So, to the original question - Is less indeed more? The context of that question is based on my recent curiosity with Active speakers. Being a Quadite, I couldn't help but google their offering in this space in the market and am wondering if anybody has had any experience (good or bad) with them. I know that going down the 'Active' route has it's shortcomings, such as inflexibility with upgrades, tweaks etc etc, but I'm not too concerned by that. So, do you think active speakers are actually worth looking (listening) at? What do members recommend? Am I being a fool in getting rid of my Image Studio Reference bookshelf speakers or has the "Active" loudspeaker come of age? Regards Rob PS - I forgot to add that the only source I'm really using nowadays in my small system is my Mac. I've got an Apogee Duet which is pretty much my line-level Pre and I"m not using my Arcam any more.
  15. Well, the time has come for me to have a bit of a tidy up, clear out, and rethink. So, reluctantly, I have a Peachtree Audio Decco integrated Amp for sale. This thing is a truly magical little 'All in one' unit. I've been using it with an Arcam player, Image Sudio Ref bookshelf speakers, and of course, my iMac. In short, it's basically a 50w integrated amp, with a Pre bypass, USB Dac and headphone stage under the hood. The DAC is based on a Scott Nixon design. Includes a little remote control too. Including box, manual, remote, powercord and spare tube - $800. Soundwise, this thing has managed to smooth out the roughest of MP3's which I guess is attributable to the tube in the pre stage. It's a very relaxing sound, unfatiguing, yet not boring. The tech specs are as below: • 3 digital inputs: USB/Toslink/SPDIF digital inputs • Decodes mp3, mp4, flac, AFF, wav, plus all others • Tube pre-amp section • 50 watt per channel high current A/B amplifier • 2 analog inputs • +5dB, 55Hz bass EQ for small speakers • Detachable power cord • Multi voltage switchable toridal power transformer • Preamp Stereo output for additional amplifier or subwoofer • Remote control • Slot in back to hide Sonos® ZP80 • 15"W x 5"H x 14"D 22lbs out of box, 24 lbs in box Here's an online review http://www.sonicflare.com/archives/peach-tree-decco-review-by-robert-learner.php Cheers!
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