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  1. There's this http://www.audioenz.co.nz/forums/topic/musical-fidelity-v-dac/ or I have a Firestone ILT DAC available if you're interested. I'm in Auckland. The ILT is a bit old now but still sounds good. Hasn't had much use. Should work well. No headphone out, just RCA. PM me if interested.
  2. Lyrics. A lot better with music.
  3. Until you get something high-end on your system you'll never know.
  4. Some decent speaker cable wouldn't go amiss. I wouldn't worry about bi-wiring either. Bridge the top and bottom together and just go shotgun (single cable). I've got some installer cable from Nordost. Not cheap, but it will give you another hit again...
  5. I have a Firestone ILTW USB DAC which is a pretty nice sounding unit you can try out. I am in Auckland by the way.
  6. For the bedroom or kitchen Sonos or Heos would work fine. Check out comparisons on the interweb. Bluesound players would be the way to go if sound quality was your absolute criteria.
  7. Indeed. But it will come. Not immediately in the consumer space, and anyway in this world of loud mixes, average seems to suffice.
  8. There's a couple of portable hi-res devices (24/192) available now that I know of, Hifiman and iRiver's, Astell and Kern.
  9. You could get a dedicated USB phono amp for the task. For the amount of time you will take to transcribe your vinyl, that's what I'd do. For the amount of time you are going to spend transcribing your vinyl, you'd want to do it as well as you can. Put an amp or two on TM if you want to minimise your cost.
  10. Meh, DSE are just appliance resellers now. Jaycar is where to get your electronics fix now.
  11. Those zombie horses just keep coming back.
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