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  1. JBL 2402 bullets interest you? 110dB SPL 1W@1M (You can always pad them down :-) ) M
  2. Old 3 gun CRT projectors are about as popular as used condoms. Tecchies at an AV co that I used to work for took great pleasure in dropping them in a skip from a great height. As the person who occasionally had to fix the damn things, I vicariously shared in that pleasure.
  3. Does anyone know if SARC are having a junk sale at Musick Pt this year?. M
  4. Got a spare QSC MX700 (150WRMS/ch into 8) and a MX1500A (350WRMS/ch into 8). Both are fan cooled (if that's an issue). Both can handle down to 2 ohms at which the power is 350 & 750 respectively. M
  5. Various mono systems with 8MX (later C8MX) speakers, Dulci amps & Philips reel to reels, but the first real stereo was homebrew amp (Linsley Hood design), homebrew speakers (Philips AD1256, AD5060 and AD0160) and SP25 with 9TAsomethingorother cart. Speakers were huge and LOUD and had tie dyed cloth fronts.
  6. There seems to be a very different mindset in play between TM and Ebay. On TM, overcharge on postage by a few cents and the buyer squeals like a stuck pig. On Ebay, an allowance for packing etc is quite acceptable. TM really is online auction kindergarten.
  7. I hope he has time aligned his 4550s and tweets, otherwise the snailhorn mids will be arriving rather later than the rest of the music.
  8. http://www.surplussales.com/microphones-audio/MicroAudio-7.html
  9. Yuk - I'd rather have this little pile: http://www.ebay.com/itm/McIntosh-Marantz-JBL-Altec-Western-Electric-Equipment-/380407426622?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item58920cae3e
  10. While we're talking matters Quad, I'm on the hunt for a Quad 11 power transformer - and I don't care if it doesn't work or is 110 volt input as all I really need is the metal can. (I have a few old Q11s kicking around and some pillock has replaced the power tranny on one with a gypsy one and it is as ugly as sin). M
  11. Steve.H;161356 wrote: Very nice. Mr Joe Hunts reputation for the quality of his capacitors is richly deserved IMO. Often used to see the leaky POC with cracked cases in some of our telecoms gear in the bad old days. Hunts capacitors are reputed to have contributed more to the decline and fall of the UK HiFi/radio industry than all other reasons combined, including the Japanese.
  12. Gawd looking inside that old quad decoder amp gave me some hideous flashbacks. The awful thing is that amp thumps by design - it has a single rail power supply and when you turn it on those two big 1000uf 35 volt output coupling caps on the amp board are going to charge up to half the rail voltage THROUGH THE SPEAKER, giving rise to serious thumpage. The ONLY way you are going to eliminate this is to fit some sort of turn on delay in line with the speakers (relay + timer) and provide an alternative path for the charging current during the time before the relays close (resistor instead of the speaker). These things were designed by engineers then the designs were "refined" by accountants - just look at that magnificent choke between the reservoir and filter caps (the two big grey clamp mounted caps). I'm rather glad Bell didn't make parachutes. M
  13. wizard;157560 wrote: Bell at one time had a factory in Dominion Road In Auckland, I thought Pye ended up at Waihi on the Coast making TV's, I would have considered them rivals? PYE and QS now there is a thought. What PYE models contained the Sansui decoder? I worked in the design dept in that Dom rd factory (now Geoffs Emporium) at the time that SQ decoder was brought to market. It was a full logic system lifted straight off the Motorola MC1312/1314/1315 chipset data sheet (datasheetarchives still has the info on these dinosaurs). I cannot recall ever having seen a PYE version. M
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