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  1. there will be a funeral service on wednesday 23 of july from 1:30pm at the address below: davis funerals chapel 150 central park drive henderson
  2. http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=372606313
  3. Hi Des That guy with the big horns is jeffrey w jackson. He hangs around here.. http://www.jeffreywjackson.com/ cheers charles
  4. Paid shipping USD$39 4/2008 fo 8 inductors ranging from 1.25mH to 3.6mH.
  5. I have used these in the past. They also do custom values. http://meniscusaudio.com/inductors-14ga-core-c-81_99.html?page=2&sort=3a
  6. Copied from the rs website. FREE Delivery New Zealand Wide Enjoy free delivery when you order online Now, offering free delivery for any order value - No matter what your order value is, enjoy same day dispatch & free delivery when you order online now !
  7. http://dkc1.digikey.com/NZ/EN/mkt/Terms_FreeShipHP.html
  8. Direct radiator bass will work. I prefer sealed in an array of 2 or more per channel 10'' or larger drivers. It depends on the size of the room and how much bass you need. Also, preferebly crossed less than 100hz. Mine are low passed at 80hz under the midbass horns. With the right drivers, just build a solid box and stick the drivers in, and more boxes can be added later, stacked like in a line array if more bass is needed. Rgs, Charles
  9. Hi Beeman http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=138502946 These altec A7 bins above could be useful. Not the original drivers but could be ok. Xover at 500hz but note these horns unload at 200hz so subs are needed. Rgs, Charles usual disclaimer: no connection to the seller...
  10. Hi Owen Biggest I have done is 925mm diam although can go to 1100 and with a slight modification up to 1350. If I do a major mod and raise the headstock, I guess it could go bigger, although no reason to go there yet, the house is running out of space Am I correct that you make fiberglass horns? Rgs Charles
  11. Hi Peter Good to hear from you. You must have a good memory. Rgs Charles
  12. Hi Moby If you are looking for something like the smith horn, googalise Viaston TL300MH, which is a similar kind of horn. I think are made in mdf and also birch. Peter, you found me out, I'm the one resposible for those horns for Dave W. And, yes I do turn large ones too, mostly in the tractrix profile. Rgs Charles
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