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  1. IME a can of De-Oxit can help clean up sibilance. Clean all the connectors on your interconnects and the RCA plugs on the amp. Pull out your speaker cables and retrim at both ends to expose fresh copper (assuming your not using banana plugs) and apply some de-Oxit to the fresh copper before re inserting. $25 - $30 a can IIRC.
  2. Any ceiling paint would do or matt finish interior paint. just ask for ''reference white'' the completely uncoloured white that they then tint different colours from.
  3. Lots of Dylan covers in this list I think Guns & Roses bettered the original with their cover of Knocking On Heavens Door. The Muttonbirds outstripped Formula covering Nature RHCP do a fantastic version of Beachboys I Get Around, not sure it outdoes the original, but honourable mention The Lemonheads absolutely plaster the original of Mrs Robinson by Simon & Garfunkel http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pD_W-a6KB0s
  4. The Aussie 6 is the shiz on its home territory. Lolloping along at a lazy 1500rpm with the cruise set at 115km / hr on a big wide 2 lane straight road getting 7L / 100km from Melbourne to Sydney. However I'll take a peppy lil Subaru over the Aussie driving Ch-Ch to Nelson everytime. Horses for courses
  5. If your system sounds good then don't muck it up trying to accomodate a keyboard. Dedicated keyboard amps are relatively cheap, go see if you like the sound of something like that. Prices start around $499 Or alternatively run the keyboard into a mixer so you can add some gain to the signal & then go into your existing system. These start at $249
  6. Couldn't you find something other than plucking audio jewels & sending them overseas, effectively ending all possibility of future kiwi generations ever having the pleasure of hearing them. Where they will likely sit on a collectors shelf anyway
  7. The plait / braid rejects interference about as well as shielding IME.
  8. Yeah hope they end up sounding sweet for ya. I just remembered I have heard some hi-fi class D - Jeff Rowland mono blocks ... can't remember model no. but they were very good, although pricey like most JR stuff. All the best mate
  9. screw your gib with LOTS of extra screws to minimise vibration, taper the ceiling 5 degrees front to back & after that you shouldn't need much at all.
  10. The Perreaux sound has been described as bright, neutral, PA'ish & all sorts of audiophile hyperbole & insults in - between. IMO they are on the neutral side, certainly compared to the acclaimed Naim sound at least. So depending on recording, music type etc their will be times you like the Perreaux sound & times the Naim might do better. Your are really going to have to audition, but like GT already said, it will not be a waste of time .... Perreaux are a quality amp
  11. too_tall;147944 wrote: That just makes me think of a very average installation PA gear - TOA. Eh ??? TOA build possibly the most rugged - best sounding PA / 100v line gear there is.
  12. luckiestmanalive;148004 wrote: This is what you want, brother... http://craziestgadgets.com/2009/04/28/antique-horn-speaker-made-into-ipod-dock/ I am so gonna build one of those
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