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  1. cloth_ears;141261 wrote: Did you see the ep of Castle where NF wore a space cowboy outfit? BSMBH. That was indeed awesome. Did you also notice Esposito wearing Combat gear as his costume to Castle's party - which also happens to be his uniform from his role in 'Generation Kill'.
  2. cloth_ears;132411 wrote: Ditto. I ditto your ditto. /sigh Mickey Mouse Clubhouse in glorious 50" SD glory and Prologic Surround. I will burn his clubhouse. Burn it to the GROUND!
  3. sedge;131913 wrote: Locking HDMI cables, sounds like an opening in the market waiting to happen (HDMI 1.4a-L) Still waiting to see if Display Port enters the Home theatre market in a big way, or will be confined to the PC world.
  4. Cooperg227;130715 wrote: Hi Wolfman I have the same speaker / sub setup as you & looking at the DB85 or Marantz BD7004, have been using PS3 for BR and wondering did you notice a big step up in sound with the DB85 via analogue over the PS3 ? I am no 'audiophile' but to my ears it was a big step up in sound quality. (Once I sorted the sub levels)
  5. I can stream most (but not all) videos, but not music or pictures.
  6. dafman;130374 wrote: Final scene borrows, perhaps,from the ending of another great cinema classic, which I won't mention here for those who have yet to see the movie. !!Spoiler!! "Its too bad she wont live! But then again, who does?" (Select text above to read) Awesome film.
  7. I just picked up a BD85 today from HN for $487 with the intention of running it thru analogue out (my amp will take the full 7.1) but these posts have been MOST informative and helpful regarding LFE etc.
  8. The best part is a mate of mine is the assistant manager. Sadly, at this stage, no plans for vinyl, market not big enough. It actually opened this afternoon apparently (despite being 250 metres away I couldn't get there for a look) a sort of dry run I guess.
  9. Amazon.co.uk now has Band of Brothers for £17.98 - thats the cheapest yet isn't it? Although the dollar has slumped a bit since my last order, but its real tempting.
  10. Spoonsey;109419 wrote: Correct Robocop, just because it's Blu Ray doesn't mean that I rush out to buy every release that comes out. Much like everyone else who posts in this thread, for me it comes down to whether I enjoyed a film at the cinema and want to watch it again in the comfort of my own home. If I haven't seen it at the cinema, then it comes down to my tastes...do I like the genre, do I like the cast and/or director, what are the reviews like, how does the PQ and AQ rate and (most importantly) what is it going to cost me. Yes, I like Hellboy and yes, I have both Hellboy and Hellboy II in my Blu Ray collection. IMO both movies stand up to repeated viewing and I was able to pick them up relatively cheaply. C'mon dude, people buy Blu Rays because they love cinema and want to get the very best out of their home theatres. I hope you weren't moaning when the world moved on from VHS to DVD?:rolleyes: What he said. FWIW my recent Blu Ray purchases (a mix of JB HiFi, Warehouse and Amazon UK stuff) Matrix Trilogy Coraline The Watchmen Star Trek Terminator 2 Skynet Edition The Cure - Trilogy Tru Blood Season 1 Final Fantasy - The Spirits Within. Appleseed: Ex Machina Kingdom of Heaven And a little while back - Hellboy 2 Most I had already seen, some I already owned on DVD, but I wanted the increased quality of BluRay, thats why I spent so much money on a HiDef plasma in the first place,.
  11. Infrasound;106593 wrote: The foot coming down and crushing the skull at the beginning of Terminator 2. This was the first movie (on laserdisc) I ever saw that incorporated a sub woofer in a home theatre set up. When that skull got crushed, we all thought we'd been punched in the chest. AWESOME!
  12. Point Break and Red Dawn were prob my two faves, and I did like Roadhouse for what it was.
  13. clevedon;93443 wrote: Just brought our second TH-50PY800 this morning from Harvey Norman in Manukau for $2750 ( they still have a RRP on the in store display model of $4499 ) including delivery and they have lots of stock they need to move. :eek:
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