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  1. Congratulations Maxgate! :D:D Graham Doggett;171636 wrote: What's wrong with Abba ? Graham. Holy Crap, That Abba-love thing appears to be highly infectious, skewing 'normal' rational beings sense of taste. Luckily my hifi has a built in defence system (a hammer:D) :D Again Congratulations Maxgate! that is a wonderful honour:-) (the award, not the ABBA insinuations) Cheers Michael
  2. What to do? I have emailed Chris Ball to see what he thinks, but has anyone had this before and is it a biggy? (Cat currently in Dog box :mad::mad::mad::mad:)
  3. lol, after all I am based in Palmy... Dang, now where did I put my banjo?
  4. Nathan;166199 wrote: I've found my amp & speaker twin brother I have a HT Bypass using my image speakers and plinius. Does that make me your cousin?
  5. 42 inch V20 (was supposed to be a 46 inch but the curtains were too close damn them!).
  6. I see my plasma has updated and now has the option of wowtv. i.e movies on demand. has anyone tried this service yet? Seems a 'niche' range of movies from first browse...
  7. Ytsejam;145592 wrote: just your claim that fresh is always best. Can safely say that I never meant to imply that fresh is always best, anyone who roasts (like me) can safely attest to failed 'fresh' roasts and poor blends and coffee's that don't suit single origin (or non-blended) drinking. Hate to think how many beans have ended in the bin (don't tell the wife!) Anyway it's all in good fun:D:D:D:D Cheers Michael
  8. Robocop;145407 wrote: I beg to disagree I find most NZ coffee beans are fine but many Baristas are unable or can't be bothered turning them into a drinkable coffee. My point exactly (with respect to cafes). We have some wonderful commercial roasters in New Zealand:D:D:D - most of which will supply direct to the customer (fresh!) :D There is a popular brand used to four cafes in Palmy and each cafe produces wildly different coffees due to the different baristas. (Yes equipment plays a role but the coffee varies wildly in the individual cafes too). hope that clarifies things alittle
  9. Ytsejam;145120 wrote: Based on what evidence? Europe has a much more developed coffee culture than we do in NZ and they don't rely on freshly roasted beans. That's a myth perpetuated by the local roasters to sell their product. While I agree that the quality of the beans will deteriorate quickly once the bag is opened there are a number of oveseas coffee roasters who have developed packaging techniques that preserve the coffee's sensory qualities for months. I only drink espresso so you can quickly tell if the coffee is any good because you aren't diluting it with milk. My biggest problem with the coffee I've drank in many cafes around NZ has nothing to do with the freshness of the bean but the roasting process itself. Quite frankly, the beans are burnt making the coffee almost undrinkable. IMO... Absolutely, also there is no difference in how cables or amps sound for that matter;) Okay for me it's a matter of my personal taste. I hear a difference with different cables and different amps and I definitely taste a difference as the days pass with my home roasted. Yes I totally agree that many cafes in NZ produce bad coffees irrespective of the freshness of the bean. However when I lived in Europe I had alot of poor coffees too (a decade ago, so things may have changed). I have my favourite cafes in Palmy but predominantly I have my favourite baristas! Coffee like hifi inspires passion and hence passionate views i guess;) Cheers Michael P.S Evidence...I would hazard to guess you will struggle to find any for either supporting view (just like audio) and it might quickly result in this thread being transferred into the dreaded BORING section under DBT/ABX:eek::eek::eek: P.P.S Re: Milk in coffee :eek: I like all forms of coffee (as long as they are black:D)
  10. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
  11. hang on aren't hummingbird's chch based - can't you buy direct?
  12. pretty please, it's like buying some warehouse headphones for your prized hifi. Think of the people coming over..Think of the 'CHILDREN' lol :-)
  13. Michael Jones;144961 wrote: The coffee is normally Hummingbird Italian Espresso from the supermarket. Please, Please, Please - find a local roastery (or roast your own). 10 to 1 those beans are probably stale. Using a hifi saying (and coffee saying) Garbage In - Garbage Out. Or you could visualise it like this, you are trying to make a sandwich with stale bread. Cheers another Michael:D
  14. Home roaster here! Currently going through a Single Origin phase at the moment though :-) Have some Brazil Moreninha Formosa in a cup in front of me, and a hour ago it was some Ethiopian Sidamo :-)
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