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  1. Thirty Tigers is her own label I believe-wonder who's doing the pressing. I decided to bypass the latest release, dont think I had more than a cursory listen to the last. Nothing since Car Wheels has really clicked for me ..
  2. I have the same problem and it now seems I cant post anything in my thread in members systems as well.
  3. A Beatle free zone since 1963. A failure to fall to the charms of the lovable mop tops . I did buy a couple of the stereo reissue cds a couple of years ago but have never played them. Just rediscovered them during the recent clean out and added them to the discard box. I almost purchased the mono reissue Revolver at my local TM the other day but the thought of sitting through Yellow Submarine was enough to dissuade me . We all have our blind spots.
  4. Nick Cave-No More Shall We part(cd) Using the early Audeze LCD-2 phones which get some stick for being too rolled off at hf but they really suit me and the mids/bass are as good as I've heard on any headphone. Now just need the vinyl reissue to appear for pre order..soon I hope.
  5. I'm more than a little lost in all the technicalities and possibly a balanced input isn't going to be an improvement, but for the cost of a few dollars I'll give it a shot at some stage. The balanced out put from the HA-1 is a different matter perhaps ... according to Oppo - The balanced headphone output provides twice the voltage and four times the power of the single-ended output, enabling the HA-1 to drive the most power hungry headphones" There are some headphones that need that ie HiFi Man, and early Audeze. This is not about volume but being able to get best control of the headphone.
  6. Greg Brown-Over and Under, great cd. Written and recorded in three days, about as live in the studio as you'll get.
  7. Hi Owen- not sure if the soundstage spread is a phase reversal or something that just happens with some amp/phone combos. My ESound cdp has a phase invert function and under headphones I've never been able obtain a noticeable change either way.
  8. After several weeks of increasing anticipation my new Oppo HA-1 amp arrived yesterday, looking very nice in silver. Like all the Oppo products I've received it was very well packed. The amp is quite heavy compared with anything else I've had in my system, the nearest in over all size and weight would probably be the Stax SR007T I had on long term loan. Fit and finish looks first class with every thing laid out neatly. Initial setup was quick and quite simple running from my Mapletree line router to the se RCA inputs for now. There's going to be weeks of experiments with the various options available although I'll probably be running the on board DAC via USB or using analogue inputs in the short term. I have to confess to being a fan of amps with remote volume control. My Melody integrated has it and it's nice to be able to fine tune things from the comfort of the lazy boy. The Oppo remote is an exceedingly slim device and along with volume enables switching between the many various inputs. Since the amp runs in class A there's quite a bit of heat generated. After a couple of hours listening last night the case was warmer to the touch than any of my previous amps. It would possibly be better of the rack next to the Yamamoto and onto something with a bit more ventilation. This is something I'll have to monitor , especially the heat build up onto the underside of the equipment shelf above. I'm not going to rush into any judgments about sound for a week . I have been running the Oppo HP-1 from the Yamamoto amp and getting what I would call a sweet, warm sound which I enjoy. There is a noticeable difference changing to the Oppo(with balanced output cable), more extension and clearer highs, tighter and better defined bass and a wider side to side image, extending out side the ear pads at times. My first thoughts weren't entirely positive to be true but moving through a variety of material and allowing time for my ears and brain to adjust, I'm feeling happier. I'm still running the Oppo phones with the original earpads and waiting for the upgraded set . These are in response to some criticism (mainly on Headfi it seems) about poor hf response. For my own personal tastes I find the current setup about right but I'm looking forward to trying the new pads once the importers get their stock. I did try a brief test of my early edition Audeze LCD-2 (balanced) from the amp as well. Deeper or more pronounced bass, narrower side to side image, quite a different sounding beast altogether to the HP-1. I'd like to be able to carry out some detailed comparison between the se and balanced side of the amp but to do that justice I think would require some one with better ears and a much better musical memory than myself.
  9. Thanks for the replies. Once the amp arrives(tomorrow please couriers) I'll probably sort out some XLR ICs and give it a try out. From what I've read and barely understand, the Oppo amp runs fully balanced in analogue format so going from balanced to single ended ics may be a waste of time... yes/no?????? >Fully Balanced Design– The internal analog audio signal path of the HA-1 is fully balanced. For digital audio, the signal runs in balanced mode all the way from the DAC to the output jacks. Balanced analog input is kept intact, and single-ended input is converted to balanced at the input buffer. All single-ended outputs are derived from the balanced signal as well. The balanced design provides better common-mode noise rejection and improves signal quality. The balanced headphone output provides twice the voltage and four times the power of the single-ended output, enabling the HA-1 to drive the most power hungry headphones. It also provides better channel seperation by eliminating the common ground return path.
  10. Since I'm in a V Chesnutt mood follow up the Cowboy Junkies tribute lp, Demons Vol2 from the Nomad Series vinyl box set. While I feel they dont always nail their covers I really like the version of Supernatural. Biggest miss is Flirted With You all my Life, but very hard to capture the anguish and anger from Chesnutt's original. There's a live Chesnutt video of that song on You Tube caught shortly before his death which is a very sad and rather harrowing watch.
  11. Vic Chesnutt- Is the Actor happy, 1995 Texas Hotel vinyl, sounds very nice via the Oppo headphones, but then everything Chesnutt did sounds fine to me.
  12. I have a sneaking suspicion that the real answer to my question will come down to some trial and testing on my part but..... My new headphone amp is due in the next couple of days and I have a cable setup to run from the balanced output to headphone and I have just discovered(after 6 years) that my E Sound Signature cdp has balanced out puts while the amp has balanced inputs. So the question is am I likely to get any improvement going balanced from cdp to amp or just as well sticking to single end RCAs. Anyone have experience doing this? In the end it's not a big deal to get a set of XLR cables from Cloth Ears and giving it a try if that what's needed.
  13. Owens post has prompted a trip to the TT for Love the duet with x hubby Rodney Crowell, There's a video some where on You Tube. Ón the Surface Is it heresy to think she's a bigger talent than her father...certainly a better song writer..IMO of course.
  14. I have to confess to being a little under whelmed when i first heard that one after getting both the vinyl and deluxe cd. However it has slowly grown on me although i still prefer a couple of her earlier records such as Interiors . As you say Owen, very well produced.
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