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  1. Hi Jim, I paid about $400 for the CD60, owned it for over 3 years. Was close to mint condition when I bought it ... apparently it was previously owned by a lawyer and he upgraded to some Linn cdp and traded in at Absolute Sound back then. I used it in my secondary audio only system and has proven very reliable. I have since sold it to a friend for $300 sometime in 2007. My friend wanted to partner the CD60 to a matching Creek integrated amp from that era, with all that rather cool "green" lettering :-) Which dealer is selling a CD60? Shore Hifi had a secondhand unit for sale if I recall correctly but that was quite while back ...CD60s are very rare these days ... Cheers, Darryl. St.Noah;73326 wrote: DVLNZ I'd be very interested to know what you paid for the CD60 - as it happens I have one in view right now chez another dealer. Salut Jim
  2. JLChristie;65810 wrote: Now we're talking big money again! I wonder what a Naim CD Player would should like with a tube headphone amp ... :confused: Hi JL, I stumbled upon this little QED h/p amp advertised for $75 ... and may well suit your budget too :-) ... http://totallywired.co.nz/specials.html Used to have a similar unit myself and they are not bad value for the money, esp when this unit can be bought for $75.00 !! (FYI- I am not affiliated to this retailer in anyway) Cheers.
  3. Hi Luc, You have a PM :-) Thanks, Darryl.
  4. analogism;47684 wrote: I have my eyes on these... what do you think a ten year old cyrus3 with the power supply is worth? http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=112319605 or is the audiolab (similar vintage) a better buy? I like its power amp option.. http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=112748503 So, did you bid on the Cyrus combo, and win the auction ? Cheers, Darryl.
  5. Have a look ... http://www.trademe.co.nz/Members/Listings.aspx?member=1641740 When I saw this ... all I could say was "Wow!!" ... :eek:
  6. Hi, What about cdps from Meridian ? Copland ? Primare ? Cheers.
  7. Yeah, I would tend to agree with the others ... Another issue is that even if you decide to adopt a plinth as per my suggestion, I am not sure if the BOTTOM chassis of that slimline dvdp is strong enough carry that additional weight ... without distorting the bottom chassis in the process Marantz's suggestion is still the safest option, despite your reservations on the WAF issue. Ultimately its your call mate.
  8. Hi. If your dvdp is the slimline version as per picture, "excessive" weight loaded from top would likely risk the top plate bowing in. Besides, there's marginal "headroom" with slimline dvdps and if the top plate bows in, it may possibly foul the internal transport and drawer mechs. If you must have TV on top of dvdp, perhaps then consider getting a nicely finished mdf/solid wood board (around 10mm of thicker) to act as a rigid plinth to place on top of dvdp and then place the TV on top of plinth. The plinth rigidity will help spread out the weight/load and hopefully the middle part of top plate will not bow in. Get the plinth cut to suitable diameter to cover at least the entire dvdp's top plate surface. To afford some small degree of isolation between TV and dvdp, get some inexpensive mouse pads, cut them to suitable shapes and lay them between the dvdp top plate and plinth, before you place TV on top of plinth. Good compromise I think, and visually it will be reasonably discrete depending how well the plinth is finished. If plinth surface is coloured coded to match dvdp's matt silver top cover, you would hardly noticed its there :-) . A suggestion; To source cheap mdf offcuts, kitchen cabinet making places are worth checking out and if you are lucky, you may well find some laminated offcuts that would closely match the matt silver colour of the dvdp. Cheers, Darryl.
  9. Hi TK, Looks like those components in your list can be sourced from two popular hifi shops (one of them called CMY) in Sungai Wang Plaza. You are probably familiar with those two shops. Anyways, while I was at Sungai Wang Plaza about 6 months ago, I have auditioned the combos below and was quite musical for the money and certainly not in yer face presentation but still impressively dynamic at the same time; NAD c542 cdp Marantz PM7200 integrated amp PSB Image T45 spkrs Alternatives; NAD 325BEE integrated (to replace the Marantz PM7200 if you are on tight budget.) Mission M34i (alternative to T45s if you are on tight budget) FWIW, to my ears, the CA Azure units were simply "clinical", lacking in warmth and just not to my taste. Resolution was above average but just "not musical" to me. Rotels were better but priced quite expensively in KL compared to other equivalent brands. Sexy looking components those Azure units but that's all I can say about them ... but that's simply my subjective opinion and other people may well like their sonics. In fact, the NAD C542 + 325BEE + PSB Image T45 combinations was quite special too in terms of musicality and good value for money. The 325BEE was surprisingly powerful and did not seem to struggle with driving those T45s ... but the T45s were quite efficient spkrs to drive and that helps. Especially impressive is that the soundstage was still believable (did not shrink) even when played on lowish volume. Nice tight bass from those T45s. The T55s, next model up, was better sounding again, with a fuller balance and relatively deeper LF extension. Overall workmanship is pretty good too, as the veneer quality is quite impressive, and sexy looking drivers. Anyway, worth a listen at the hifi shop anyway. Have fun ... Cheers.
  10. marantz wrote: EHF need to take a leaf out of marketing 101. The customer service esp at the Howick is abysmal. I went in around 8 months back and was ready to part with a tuner and a high end dvd player. After being ignored for a good 10 mins the shop assistant finally realised he should ask if i needed help. He answered a couple of my queries (with little interest) and then progressed to make himself a cup of coffee on their fancy machine once again ignoring me so i decided to take my business else where. I was so cheesed off that i sent the store manager an email letting him know how his shop's customer service was performing - no response. So i decided to send one to EHF head office - no response. Go figure. I had a very similar experiences with EHF stores, and both on two separate occasions at Howick Branch and Newmarket Branch. Both times they missed out on rather substantial sales, one for a Loewe LCD & a high end HDMI cable (landed up getting that from Smiths HiFi), and the other on a pair of high end speakers (bought pair of Proacs, instead of Dynaudio equivalent from EHF). Due to their very indifferent attitudes or disinterests from my personal experiences, I will never go back to them for future purchases, and certainly wont recommend friends there either. My boss was after a 55-60in Plasma recently ... and I pointed him away from EHF. Yes, EHF seem to have lost the plot.
  11. Craig F wrote: Aurios now sold as well thanks. Cheers, Craig. Hello Craig, You have a PM. Thanks.
  12. Ayou2 wrote: I'm starting a collection of vintage bookshelf speakers that I intend to keep growing. Only 2 pairs so far. Kef Coda III's Morduant Short MS20's on the wish list ...... Kef 103.2, Linn Kans (or Tukans), Rogers LS3/5a, Wharfedale Delta's. I agree that, to my ears at least, older speakers do have a fullness to the sound not often found in entry-mid level speakers anymore. The Kef Coda III's at $50 off e-bay are just ridiculously good for that price. I've heard modern speakers up to $8 - 900 that are only as good. So yes, the bargain factor is extremely high. Ayou, your list above certainly is a good start for your collection, and the MS20 brings back some fond for me as I used to own a pair of those. Hmmm ... What about JPW Sonatas and Celestion 3s ? I think they are all time classics at the budget end. I have also owned them many years ago when I was assembling my first "hifi" system ... and sometimes regret selling them. The Sonatas were esp musical, certainly has that "fullness to sound" trait and impressively well built too (real wood veneer) for the money. Cheers.
  13. Hi Hammy!! Enjoyed your update. ... and how's the family? Melbourne is a great place/city. When I did my uni studies at NSW, I tend to spend my summers in Melbourne, bunking in with mates living in North Melbourne then. The public transports there are really great and so convenient ... I can appreciate why a car is not really necessary. Aaahhh yes, Melbourne brings back fond memories. Have fun with your OE ... :-) Cheers.
  14. Hi Mevunky, I have another PM for you, confirming my remittance. Thanks, Dvlnz.
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