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  1. Thanks for that, I did think it was a bit odd!, will look into what I'm doing wrong.
  2. I’ve been using Roon for a couple of years now and quite like roon radio and the album/ artist reviews that are integrated. For those looking at end point options, I use Gen 3 Apple Tv’s as they come with an optical out and are cheap as chips 2nd hand. At present I’m using 4 of them and a multi channel slave amp for multi zone music in the house and shed (the shed has its own amp) One of the features is that you can play different music in different zones, so the kids can be be listening to music separately in the house while I’m listening to decent music while Im tinkering in the shed 😀, although you can only control the music selection from one source point which is an IPad, It would be great to be able to control different zones from different IPads simultaneously. ( maybe I just haven’t found a way to do this). I also have an ATV gen 4, but the music is slightly out of sync with the other Gen 3’s because of the HDMI only out, similarly the Mac optical out is slightly out of sync with the Gen3’s and Gen 4. I found that the core spec is important, I was using an older NUC with the optimised Linux Roon core but found that the music pitch altered and It was annoying me (ie. the beginnings of songs would sound slightly slow, then a few seconds later roon would catch up and play the next few seconds slightly faster, then normalise.) It was only slight but I could hear it enough to expect it most times I changed tracks I changed to a dual core Mac mini and a 1TB SSD which also has optical out and it’s been sweet ever since I have the choice of using the NAS, but changed to the SSD so I can take the Roon server to the beach house easily, the NAS now just backs up the media on the Roon server.
  3. Interesting topic which caught my eye as I have recently changed the shed system which included the tuner, I've moved from a big Onkyo receiver to a component setup. The only tuner I had spare is an old Yamaha TX-492, and the sound, well.... It's just flat and boring, in fact I often just turn the radio off and throw in a CD whereas before I always had the radio going. Reading through the posts reminded me that I have an old Quad FM tuner (FM1?) with the separate multiplexer hidden away somewhere so I'll have to dig it out and have a listen.
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