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  1. Hi everyone Longtime no post on here. What can I say? Making the music has been way busier than listening for the last few years. Anyway thought it was about time I hipped you all to my latest record seeing as some of you dug my previous efforts. This one was recorded with all acoustic instruments 'live-to-tape' at Surgery Studios late 2017 and released in May 2018. Mastered for all formats by Mike Gibson at Munki Mastering in Miramar, Wellington. Main focus was on vinyl though. Really happy with how the LP sounds. It did really well, even managed to chart for four or five weeks and got some killer reviews locally and overseas. We even managed to get some attention from Downbeat! You can check it out HERE Available on LP, CD, and a variety of download formats including 96KHz 24bit FLAC.
  2. I have an old 8200 and I have to say I find the phono section somewhat underwhelming. With my Denon DL103R I need to run a SUT to get it to a decent level. YMMV.
  3. I have a pressing of 'Dusty In Memphis' which is unlistenable. 4 Men With Beards. Another one that sucked for me was a new German pressing of Joni Mitchell's 'Blue' - it arrived FULL of static and sounds thin and seriously bass light. Ricki Lee Jones' debut on MFSL pressing sounds WAY better than any NZ pressing of that album I've heard though. Night and day. I think sometimes it's just a lottery. If you get one towards the end of each stamper life it's probably gonna be bad no matter how good the master or the vinyl.
  4. Luis;186349 wrote: So the 103R survived the quake after all. Good to know. Somehow it seems it has?? It bounced and scratched HARD for about a minute so I assumed it would be munted . . . but it looks ok and sounds ok . . . which I assume is the only 'test' really? :confused:
  5. Anyone had any experience with these? http://www.elpj.com/ Can they be any good? Why do I sense that they might be crap?
  6. Gotta say this SUT makes a big difference to me ears. More dynamic range that's for sure. Haven't noticed a huge difference in tone except a slight filling out in the lower mids which is anything but unpleasant.
  7. Think my new Denon DL-103R was damaged. It sounded really bad bouncing 'round on the record during the big one tonight. :mad:
  8. How does the turntable work that close to all the speakers? No feedback issues?
  9. Michael Wong;186162 wrote: Straight in is the way to go if your system can support it... Yup, gonna try it anyway. I'll report back.
  10. Been listening to the 103R for a few days now and struggling to believe I was worried about 'compliance' etc. What a beautiful cartridge. Detailed yet smooth sounding. Plenty of deep, realistic bass, stunning mids, deep and wide soundstage. My only issue is the lack of gain. Gonna try the Denon AU300 SUT when it arrives..... Really can't see digital getting a look in for serious listening for a while unless I can't find it on vinyl...... Happy camper right now.
  11. http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=615330176 Selling my old TT. Gonna keep the MP110 as a backup/spare. Selling with a new-ish MP100. Happy to discuss 'forum price'.
  12. Well, whatever the math, it works great on the Basik Plus. Not a hint of trouble.
  13. Here's something to think about. A challenge if you will. You're a student who loves music. You need a quality hifi system while you're at Uni. You only have $1000 spare, and even then you won't eat anything but noodles for a couple of months to do it. Put a student budget system together from used gear you can find online. What classic components would you look out for?
  14. Gary.M;185786 wrote: Otisredding... The jumpers in the 8200 phono only give a small change in gain. It's ideally suited to medium to higher output mc cartridges or mm. (I designed it) Yup, figured that now, thanks Gary. Lovely work mate . . . great sounding amp.
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