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  1. Craig F;93640 wrote: Am I right in thinking that Whise has gone out of business? Would be a shame as it appeared that they had some great technology. Cheers, Craig. No they are still in business and I found them very helpfull with support when I wanted information. Cheers FF
  2. bluedog;93663 wrote: :eek:I was just sitting thinking how nice my system was sounding thinking if I was lucky enough to win lotto or get goted by some muilti million dollar widow or something. What would I spend my ill gotten gains on if money was no object? :rolleyes: Now I have been lucky enough to have listened to some nice gear as allot of us surly have. I thought it would be fun to ask some other forum member what they would put into their dream system. Myself after a listen in Sydney’s audio connection would have the Wilson watt puppies as my choice of speakers as I found it incredible that I could move around the room and still get a pin point image with just awsom dynamics . (Please only if you have had a listen to that piece and why.) Although I am very happy with what I have and there are lots I would be keen to have a listen to in my own home but short list would be; LSA Statement Amp Audio Note Onguka Amp MBL 101 ? Speakers Magico 2 & 5 speakers Sonus Faber Strads Wilson Watt Puppies Walker Pros?undium turntable The new Martin Logan CSL replacement David Berning Quadrature monos Top of the line Metronome CD transport (the acrylic one) Scaena 1.4's Tenor audio 70 monos Atma Sphere MA 60 monos Cheers FF
  3. aarond;93615 wrote: Has anyone had any experience with one of these subs? It is the natural partner for my SF grand pianos and currently available for a good price, with some of the proceeds going to the Hospice in Dunedin. I'm looking for a very musical sub to extend my speakers. Hi aarond Owning the Guarneris I tried the Gravis which seemd a natural choice but did not like it at all and it just failed tospark or worse blend. The ones I tried and liked the most (other than the Whise which I own) were the Velodyne DD series but the Whise for me really is in another league. FF
  4. Tristar;93581 wrote: i've a feeling there are a few places you can get them from, but I got mine from Trade Me.... I think it's 'Reference Audio' in auckland who provided mine, but if you do a bit of research you would possibly find others... (does this count as not trying to 'favourite' a seller?!) - I've noticed them on TM for quite a while. if I hadn't heard them for myself I would have thought 'what a load of bull...' but the proof of the pudding is in the tasting, or listening so to speak. put it this way I'm pretty happy with the improvements. - just putting it out there really from my own view, FF or Rogger would back me up on the difference I'm sure All that Tristar says is true IMHO from my having owned and using one for a few months now. Yes it works equally as well on CDR's but I have not tried it on DVD so can't comment. I have found the sonic improvement varies from disc to disc with it making a significant difference on some and a lesser but still noticable difference on others. For painfully obvious reasons I wont go into again who the NZ AR agent is. FF
  5. Robocop;93523 wrote: Interesting comments from guys above. Most of us will only ever probably buy a coffee and a CD. The market where these products lie is less than half of one percent of 4 million people most of whom travel and compare prices overseas. Why you would spend these stratospheric prices is beyond me as quality equipment is available at good pricing but its commercial and doesn't have glossy wood finishes. Are you after furniture or a great sound? And examples being ????????? FF
  6. aarond;93411 wrote: Wow, I really must NOT visit this place! The Magico Mini look to die for. I want. I need. I'm never going to have. Hi aarond I visited Terrys palacial pad and lusted at the Magicos myself but Terry scared me off a little with what he viewed was the much needed amplification and $$$ spend for these mothers. VEEEEEERY NICE to look at but I might just stick to my Guarneris !!!!!!!!!!!!! But no doubting Terrys passion and commitment I wish him all the best FF
  7. Ernie;93382 wrote: Apparently Ikea have not been able to get past consent issues. In Auckland anyway. Planners reason that an Ikea store would put too much pressure on roads and parking. Probably true. We went to the main IKEA store in Sweden where our daughter lived, very good quality and very reasonable prices as long as you like the Scandinavian style. She furnished their appartment completely with IKEA stuff. Their LACK tables make great audio shelves, particularly for turntables by all accounts ( see Audio Asylum search IKEAor LACK) FF
  8. bluedog;93345 wrote: http://groups.google.com/group/gale-audio/web/gale-speakers cool wee site funny they called them the "amp killers" about halfway down ! te he should have guessed after about the 10th time Da !!!!! The 401A's never managed to kill my Naim NAP-250 even after 15 years of high use. FF
  9. kaka;93289 wrote: They made it big just before the Spice Girls And a bit after Bach, Chopin etc Cheers FF
  10. Owen Y;93330 wrote: The Gale 401A is still regarded by some as one of The World's Sexiest Loudspeakers but those 301s of yours are still very :cool::cool: Get them done by Axent. I used to own a set of GS401A on the chrome stands. When after 12 years one of them packed a sad, (smoked a tweater) Axent fixed them Cheers FF
  11. Tristar;92894 wrote: just googled - OK, appears I had it the wrong way round... just interested to refresh my memory from this piece of hifi history I owned both and they sounded totally different with my preference going with the plain Jane 400. I also auditioned a Technics amp (? 900 or similar model) and this bettered my A400 in my system of the time and was cheaper. FF
  12. Tristar;92933 wrote: Sounds like I will have to come across with a bottle and a few cd sleeves No worries FF
  13. kiwi_1282001;92960 wrote: Yep, nothing wrong with ABBA that a few dark tubes can't fix. Seriously though, the Acoustic Revieve stuff seems to have favour with a number of audiophiles. I plan to give the power strip a trial shortly. I hear the drums Fernando. Hey Kiwi I will look forward to your review and will be very interested in your findings. To you others, including the ABBA fans. Sorry for this thread to be sounding like Deja Vu but I was just so impressed I wanted to share. Fernando Flyer
  14. Disclaimer I have purchased MOST but not all of my Acoustic Revive products from the local AR NZ agent. The purporse of this post is just to inform other forum members of my experience with Acoustic Revive products. Let me say from the outset they are NOT cheap but in my experience they do REALLY WORK VERY WELL. I own the DSIX digital cable which I compared against a lot of the so called called top end digitals. I have also compared their power cables against the same top dogs in the so called league. I own the ground conditioner and CD de magnetiser all of which REALLY WORK. And finally the CD de magnatiser which I wouldnot be without. But the reason for this post is the Acoustic Revive RTP Ultimate Power Boxes/Strips. I have just purchased a second one RPT- 4 Ultimate for my digital transport & DAC. I had a RPT-2 Ultimate feeding my amplifier and sub woofer previously but decided to give another one a go for the digital. All I can say is that they have transformed my system completely to another level. They are not tweks they are components. If you have a high rez system I would encourage any one to try them. FF
  15. AudioEnz;92736 wrote: John Ransley from Dunedin's Totally Wired is raising money for Dunedin Hospice in memory of forum member Conan (Leo Janowski), who died a few months ago. John writes: The products in this fundraising sale are on a pdf downloadable from a web page set up for Leo . If you prefer, you can make a donation directly to Hospice . What a great idea and tribute to an obviously very special person. Condolences Another very stark reminder to make the most of now. FF
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