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  1. Taken a look a few times as their free trials get longer and longer, but there's barely anything on there, and it never seems to change. Mainly catalogue Warner Brothers, Universal, Sony and a handful from the BBC. Nothing of note from Fox or Paramount, classic Disney titles are all $5-7 a pop, and there's no HBO thanks to Sky. All of this goodness is wrapped up in a bundle of sub-DVD quality goodness, 48 playback windows, and cancellation only via phone. Makes the $15/month base price seem excessive, and adds up to a nice steaming pile of 'No thanks'. Netflix and Hulu crush it in every respect.
  2. I got an email from Rapallo AV today saying that they now carry SVS speakers and subwoofers. I have to say I'm really pleased to hear this, as this is the first time we've had a NZ-based retailer (I bought my SVS sub from Deep Hz in Australia, and it definitely wasn't cheap getting a pallet of subwoofer shipped over the ditch). Here's hoping we also see HSU and Emotiva over here at some point. The SVS subs should give the big players (Velodyne, Paradigm etc) a bit of a stir, as they're very nicely priced compared to their direct competition.
  3. Go into the player's setup and clear its persistent memory. Any bookmarks will be deleted.
  4. I believe it's an 83, or at least a modified 83 (the manual states that there are two HDMI outputs yet it doesn't mention 3D and came out in 2009; it also says that it's 'Profile 2' yet doesn't appear to have an ethernet port. Maybe just a botched manual update?). The general caginess of the DAC descriptions and the total absence of pictures of the back panel (which gave the Theta away so quickly), including in the manual and online, makes me think quite a lot of it is straight from Oppo, but the chassis design must have involved some changes, and the LCD display is definitely not from Oppo. All I can say for certain is that it has an Oppo remote control, transport, and Mediatek internals. And an awful manual (although not as bad as the Theta: is there an inverse relationship between cost and the quality of the manual?)
  5. The Eidos Reference Blue 2 Player. An Oppo in a stupid, oversized chassis. Like Theta, they were too cheap to even provide a different remote control. Hopefully it comes with a 'I am a moron' rubber stamp to be applied to the buyer's forehead once their cheque clears.
  6. It's just a box with several HDMI inputs (usually 2-6), and an HDMI output. Some have a switch on the front that lets you choose the input you want, some have a remote control to do this, and some automatically select the first active input. They're not complicated devices. You can also get a splitter which reverses things and accepts a single HDMI input and has 2 or more simultaneous HDMI outputs. Like anything to do with HDMI, they are very device- and cable-sensitive, but if they work then you're set (it's a good idea to buy from someone who will let you return a switch and try another one if it doesn't play nice with your existing gear). Just like audiophile HDMI cables, there's really no such thing as an audiophile switch or splitter. They either work or they don't. Try RapalloAV, Jaycar or even Dick Smith.
  7. There are plenty of models that can compete with it for sound quality, and nearly anything from the major players released in the last three years can comprehensively better it in terms of features. However, if you're expecting to replace it with a newer unit and hear a radical difference in sound quality, you will probably be disappointed. Save yourself thousands and just get an external switch. They work fine and won't degrade sound quality. When 4K comes along, you will only have one source and players will undoubtedly, like many of the first 3D Blu-ray players, support backward-compatibility with an HDMI 1.3 output for audio. Maybe revisit things then. That is, unless you've simply got a bad case of upgraditis. If that's the case just give in and buy something new.
  8. All of these discs were already mastered in 4K, and the audio is already lossless (so no audio changes, as with Superbit). This sounds like Sony simply repackaging existing discs, just like they did last year with their 'Best of Blu-ray' line.
  9. There's a good review of these speakers by Kal Rubinson in Stereophile. I think they're a great set of speakers if you have the room. On the bench they measure among the flattest speakers you can buy, which may put off people used to speakers with a lot of 'character' (ie. speakers with big lumps and troughs). I can't comment on Jamo as I've never heard a pair.
  10. I'm not sure why the KEFs are so cheap here, but they sound fantastic. I upgraded to them (and a Q600c centre) from a full B&W system earlier this year. I much prefer the sound of the KEFs to the B&W 683s that I had initially planned to buy, and that was before considering the astronomical price difference. They have gone up recently, though: I only paid $1499 for them in July (I thought this price was a mistake but decided to try anyway and they arrived a couple of days later). Incidentally, Avalon, the importers of KEF also import Onkyo, which is also very cheap here compared with the rest of the world.
  11. Panasonic are already using LG panels, complete with passive 3D technology, in their LCD TVs. The TV market is generally a black hole for profits, and the market is already saturated with sales continuing to fall around the world. They don't really have any choice but to focus on models and technologies that promise better margins. Sony are doing something similar by cutting the number of TV models they produce by half.
  12. Blu-ray music videos are usually 1080i/60 which uses about 20% more bandwidth than 1080p/24, so possibly the HDMI cable isn't coping. 15 metres is a pretty long way for an HDMI cable and this could be the problem, depending on the interaction between the cable and the hardware. Can you try another cable, or add an inline repeater (like this)? On the other hand, I would expect problems to show up pretty quickly rather than after 10 to 20 minutes...
  13. Yes, it will record to a USB HDD. Look at the bottom of this page (click 'Tech Specs' then scroll down to 'Features'. If you're paying cash I would have thought you could do better than that (it lists for only a few dollars more than that on the Harvey Norman website, without any haggling).
  14. Yay. Just checked Youtube on the ST50 and it's now in 720p.
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