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  1. Warners are now distributed by Fiveight Distribution in Auckland, 09 479 1530. I don't fancy your chances of getting BR replacements though, discs are what 5+ years old now?
  2. we dont do new sales, rental only, so multi packs work out well for us, buy 2 discs, split them up and rent out both. The suppliers aren't overlly keen on it, but they know it happens.
  3. heck no, the more multi-packs the better, much more profitable for me
  4. DVD releases? Some but not any that spring to mind Blu-ray releases - many, most Fox, Universal, Roadshow, Paramount & some Disney titles, Sony don't tend to do digital copies. We tend to simply throw away the digital copy / code with our stock (unless its something the kids might want on their Ipods)
  5. So justifying pirating of tv shows and/or movies because he is either - A) too disorganised to Tivo/DVR it B) too impatient to wait for legitimate release I am a little less passionate about TV shows being downloaded as to me, once they are broadcast, they are in the public domain and whilst we draw a good revenue from renting out TV box sets (aye Michael ) if they are broadcast on free to air TV, then its already out there. A little different I guess for Sky TVs "soho" channel, which is a PPV channel. But it is a changing landscape, for sure....
  6. this is a little bit old, but heres some of mine
  7. Was once told that the optimal sub placement was 1/2 way down any wall in the environment, ofcourse, that was based on an ideal room. Something to do with standing waves etc, got too audio nerdy for me. Usually though, somewhere across the front sound stage fits most situations, if its a weak sub or it is a big room, then yes bass loading it in a corner can help volume of the bass, ofcourse, it can have a negative effect on the quality of the bass. Old school method of placing the sub on or near your seating position, then (on hands and knees), crawl around the room until you find the spot where you like the volume and quality of the bass. Put your sub in that spot.
  8. review sample for NZ - *cough* I don't think Panasonic can really increase the price too much on the projector. Its still a niche market (home theatre projectors) with big flat panels operating in the $3-4k bracket for good 55inch+ models can they really afford to be priced too far above a "big screen tv".
  9. Rumours are abound as to what the new PS will and will not include with early reports being no optical disc system at all, but I think that has since been over-ridden by other rumours. Did you use your ps3 for gaming at all, or just for Blu-ray and music services? I take it you stored your music on the PS3, not as a streaming client? You could always pick up a 2nd hand PS3 for a few hundy on trademe to tide you over for 12 - 18 months if the new one makes its predicted launch. If you want something hard drive based has a decent music interface, plays Blu-ray, I think Panasonic do a Blu-ray recorder/DVR which may be suitable, but to be fair, will work out much more expensive than the PS3. If you only need a network client, then something like a WD Live network player or AppleTV and a cheapish panasonic or other Blu-ray player could suffice (WDHDTV/AppleTV is around $120, Blu-ray player circa $130-150).
  10. I was going to offer a $5er to take the troublesome DD off your hands. never mind
  11. Agree with Nigel about planning. Big can be good, but bigger is not necessarily better. Once the WOW factor of a big screen passes, short-comings in picture quality will quickly detract from your enjoyment. Use the calculator at projectorcentral to gauge luminence and screen size for any projector you are looking at. Avoid like the plague any trademe projector with "built in TV tuner, 60000 hour lamp life, Blu ray compatible" etc, cheap chinese pieces of junk. Im on my 2nd panny projector, have reviewed most of them and if/when the need to upgrade arrives, can't imagine any other brand to be honest, panasonic just do so well. I personally would also avoid any DLP projector, as even if the colour wheel artifacts didn't bother me (which they do), its likely that they would bother other people. If you can find an ax100/200 on trademe with lowish hours they should go for $800-1200 or so, possibly with a screen, then it may be worth a shot. It can depend on whether or not they are on their first bulb, as the lcd panels also degrade and can become an issue over time. If you can use a white wall and put extra money towards the projector for now, then that could be the way to go.
  12. The "new" Girl With the Dragon Tattoo movie is out tomorrow, received our stock yesterday. The DVD has been created to look like a pirated movie - Looks like it is a "Sony DVD R" disc Looks like "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" has been written on in vivid. To me, it looks like crap, if I were a retail customer, I'd be pretty pissed Supposedly this has come from Fichtner himself as a deliberate marketing move. Either he wanted to take a potshot at the pirates, or was he secretly acknowledging that all he has done is copied someone elses work himself and he is infact the pirate?
  13. welcome to my world! this disc doesn't play. "Its Scratched!" hmmm, I say, can't see any physical damage to the disc, have you had trouble before? no, "all my discs work" ok, let me see whats going on loads up disc in our 2 year old toshiba player (10+ hrs per day continual use), "did it get this far?" No, never loaded at all" how strange, oh well, do you want to try another disc blah blah blah "in general" DVD recorders are amongst the fussiest / most likely to reject a disc PS2 machines follow closely PC / Laptops - ditto to above Transonic DVD players accept but skip alot Now add the continual updates needed to Blu-rays, argghhhhhh, does my head in
  14. Im assuming you mean Michael that the main speakers are at a similar level to the screen?
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