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  1. I've had a bit of success with spotify premium (bundled with the spark mobile plan). In the lounge it's running via a bt link to the main amp - sounds good enough for casual / bg listening but not a patch on vinyl or CD - they're still the goto for dedicated sessions. Study is through the pc to a xonar u7 with a local handmade usb cable to akg k612 pro headphones. Occasionally I'll fire it up on headphones straight out of the phone. Last word in fidelity? Of course not. Versatile and a great way of stumbling across new artists? Absolutely.
  2. Gidday Chris, Yes, changing cables will make a difference for better or worse - see if you can audition them in your system to see if it's a good fit for the sound you want. I'm currently going through the traps on that - also with image floorstanders (402) as it happens. I'm currently trialing wireworld's Luna v7 cable and enjoying what it does for the most part - better separation, space and detail. Bass could be a little better controlled but for the price it's doing what it should. As for interconnects, I'm running a wide range but the ones between the CDP and the bridge between the pre and power are both handmade by Rule Connect down in Waimate. Those Images also like a bit of space to breathe. Bring them out into the room a bit when you're listening and traffic isn't an issue. On bi-wiring vs single, I've not noticed a huge difference - it's subtle, but the former tends to lend a little more air and bass weight. (edit) Oh yes, and the USB cable (Pukeuri) from Rule Connect made a noticeable difference in my PC driven system - Asus Xonar U7 to AKG k612 pro. Cheers, Shane.
  3. I was shocked to hear this news. He was a great man that always had time for you and I deeply respected him. Many an hour was spent listening to tales. Along with Graham, he started me on the slippery slope of Hi Fi from the wee shop in Manchester street. He will be sadly missed.
  4. Evening folks, a non audiophile mate of mine has been in touch and asked if there's anywhere in Christchurch that would come out and value and old Valve stereo (his words not mine - assume mono) that was made by Gulbranson and bought from Robert Francis Ltd in High St. I don't have pictures or a model number and only have a vague recollection of what it looks like, but I know it to be in good order. If someone could reply in thread or PM with anyone then it would be appreciated. Cheers, Shane.
  5. I expect Cliff that he means the Senns are slow timed - otherwise known as relaxing. I find the 555's I have to be warmer and slower than any of my AKG's - hardly a bad thing, but lack a little energy for some types of music. Regards, Shane.
  6. Right now, Lorde - Pure Heroine streaming over Spotify premium. Not a bad album, a couple of tracks I may have to revisit, but will likely end up in the collection on CD or Vinyl.
  7. Slight tweak and update, as well as adding isolation cones to the bottom of the TT (good lord do they ever add bass weight, timing and slam!) - I cheated a little a removed the stock feet completely and then blu-tacked the new ones into place. I know you're not really meant to but it sounds good to me so that will do nicely. I've also flicked the cheap and cheerful MDF platter that came with the NAD and subbed in a glass one. Well, that coupled with the feet have taken this budget deck (still running the AT95e mind!) to a whole new level. As well as adding a lovely sparkle to the top end, it's fair snapped the image into focus. The sound is such now (I even, shock horror, have basslines on 80's albums!) that I'm contemplating not upgrading the cart later in the year. The biggest reason for this is obsolescence - if it's rather handily beating my other sources now (CD, BT streaming) I can only imagine the gap with a semi decent cart (Ortofon Blue, Rega Elys etc). This would invariably end in another round of 'chasing the dragon' and 'of course I need to spend that on a new CDP / DAC / etc. Ouch. As it stands, for now all I have to do is cable in the rears for the HT properly, and sell vital organs to get my dinky sub and I'm done. For now.
  8. Already kicked off with a pair of loudspeakers. A phono cart is on the cards down the line. Maybe some more headphones. And a CD player upgrade or go down the streaming route ... Ah, the fun never ends.
  9. I may know one or two of my cousins, yes. Even if I didn't I say they were good. Been to a couple of their gigs now and enjoyed both thoroughly.
  10. Gidday folks, there's a gig on tonight - Supermodel (the band). info here ; http://www.thesupermodelband.co.nz/ Starts at 9pm, Dux Live. Should be a good night. Cheers, Shane.
  11. Fantastic. I did hunt for that the other day - obviously it wasn't implemented as yet. Speaking of editing - could you be so kind as to delete one of my double posts in my image loudspeaker system update thread please? Cheers, Shane.
  12. Neilsan ; another fan of less is more I see. I'm loving the midrange on the 402's so far. Bass is fine for me, excepting 80's albums where it seems AWOL. Tamarillo ; I think in the case of the 414's I listened to it was the perfect storm of speaker placement (I can get mine bassy too if I park them close to the rear wall), and the music I was listening to. Daft Punk was never about the midrange. Interesting that you find the 414 bright - the ones I heard were detailed, but not at all sharp. Quite a silky mid in fact. Cheers, Shane.
  13. Ah, that makes more sense. Yes, the L to R image as things move across the screen is a little disjointed, but not disturbingly so. I too have a draw toward small good looking floorstanders - I would have preferred these in a different finish, but the black has two advantages - the grill lugs are hidden, (If I ever wind up with a new pair, I'm going to not have those) and they match all the other furniture. Personally I think they'd look stunning in a rosewood or similar. Tamarillo ; I discovered, as I was listening to a pair of 414's in Wellington not so long ago (in a room of similar size to our lounge) that the bass was far too overblown for my liking (the speakers were well within a metre of the wall) - these were going to be my first Image speakers, but I'm glad I went with the single bass driver - I can get away with just under 1/2 a metre from the rear wall and they have plently of bass for me. If I want more (Dub step, Movies, I'm looking at you) then I simply flick the sub on. I do prefer the openness of them without the sub though so most times it's not in play. I flicked Image an email a few days back asking for a bit of info, but haven't heard boo. I figure they're busy after the Christmas period or my email fell though the holes. Everyone tells me Chris is very helpful and more than happy to oblige, so no worries there. Interesting. How have you found the new crossovers? Cheers, Shane.
  14. It certainly is a bit compromised HT wise, but only with regard to the centre channel which is behind the TV (a tad muddy), the sub off to one side. The rears are on stands firing directly forwards on either side of the couch which is directly opposite the mains. There's a wall right behind the couch, so there's a bit of reflection but it's not too harsh. Cheers, Shane.
  15. Not a bad setup you have there. Do you have the standmounts or the floorstanding speakers? Does this brittleness happen at higher volumes? It can take some time for a new system to settle in (weeks, or even months in some cases) - over that time, your ears will get used to the new sound, and it will settle in as components do. As you go up the food chain with equipment, some pressings will sound great, while others will be downright nasty. Aussie pressings for example sound brittle and messy in some cases, while US and European ones are just fine. NZ pressings are a mixed bag depending on who does the mastering. Cheers.
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