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  1. Those of you who use streaming (Spotify, Apple Music or, best for sound, Tidal) will find a ton and a half of old soul and R&B albums from Atlantic available for listening.
  2. A delightful mashup of famous album covers, reimagined as featuring Star Wars characters.
  3. The Wes Harrison LP was released in 1963, according to Wikipedia. It's also been reissued on CD.
  4. Speaking of Shona Laing, her first two albums (Whispering Afraid from 1972 and Shooting Stars Are Only Seen At Night from 1974) were released on a single CD by Frenzy Music. Also included are three non-album singles from 1973-75.
  5. The first SA50 was produced in a 3100 chassis. From memory, it was the 3100 circuit, run in class-A and at a lower power output, due to the heat produced (50 watts instead of over 100). The SA-50 that we know so well was designed by Craft Audio's Gary Morrison, after he and Peter Thomson joined forces. That's how I remember it - anyone else?
  6. Argentinian Tango is awesome. I've learned a bit - a very little bit!
  7. From memory (and it is going back a bit) the mono preamps date from the early to mid-1980s. The idea was to maximise channel separation by having two separate preamps for each channel. The downside, of course, is that you now have two separate volume controls and source selectors. I don't believe that many of the mono preamps were sold. Sound quality? Probably similar overall to the II preamp, but a little better. The later IIc would be better and the 2.4 was a big jump over the IIc, so it's difficult to imagine the mono preamps holding their own today. I wouldn't buy them for anything other than an audio museum, and even then wouldn't pay more than a couple of bucks for them. The IV power supply, however, makes a substantial jump in performance in any of the II level preamps. Charles Thomson's 1990 review of the Plinius 2.4 with the 4b power supply makes a convincing case for adding in the power supply.
  8. My Model One came with an external FM aerial - basically a 1m cable with a plug on one end that plugs into the FM aerial socket. If you are using this then your reception should improve markedly. There's also an external AM aerial socket on the back, that looks like a mini-headphone socket. From my memories of 25 years ago, when I used to listen to National Radio on AM, any wire attached should result in a massive signal improvement. If you have a set of headphones or earbuds with a mini-headphone jack then try plugging them in to (temporarily) use as an aerial.
  9. Although the designer of your speakers builds them around his love for classical music, there are many people who use Shahinian speakers for mainly pop and rock music. My own experience with the Arcs was mainly with rock music. I'd first look at what might be impeding the performance you want from your own Shahinians (Obelisks, I presume). And I wouldn't look at new speakers until your new room is ready and you've tried your current system in it.
  10. No need for a new thread. It's great to see a report on a long-term experience with a product.
  11. This must be the longest running thread on AudioEnz - over six years!
  12. Looks fascinating... but hellishly expensive at 4100 Euros.
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