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  1. A few months back, I was looking for something to give my Krix Neuphonix fronts some more dynamics. I Just had a Marantz SR-5011 AVR (very similar to your X3300W) driving them previously along with my Acoustix surrounds. After doing a bit of reading on here, I decided to get an Elektra, and I found an Elektra Theatre 6 unit on Facebook market place for $800. took the plunge and never looked back. The thing is 17 years old, but really opens up the fronts and now I've added a matching Epicentrix centre on it, no problems. I was hesitant initially also because of the lack of online info, but I can't recommend it enough. It sounds amazing. I use it for both music and movies/TV about 50/50. I'm really happy with it. Good solid Australian made product. I might get a HD one day. I did try my front speakers with a NAD 375BEE Amp, but it was way to shrill for my liking, I found the Elektra to be more neutral.
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