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  1. Can someone recommend where in Vic, Melbourne to fully restore or service these great Aussie speakers? Any suggestions is much appreciated. Thks in advance.
  2. Pls ignore the link above. It has diverted into a different product. From a tuner to antenna.
  3. Thks Fenda. I’m also considering something similar SPAM link to unauthorized cable pirate company. Does anyone has any experience with such tuner?
  4. Hi there anyone who might be able to help. I have a spare Panasonic monitor plasma in the room and I need a tuner so I can watch free to air tv channels. Is there anything out there that I can purchase? Yr recommendations will be much appreciated.
  5. Hello everybody I stumbled across this site by chance and am glad that I did. Awesome site with lots of interesting articles and people. Cheers Mike
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