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  1. Tinnitus can be a symptom of magnesium deficiency so please make sure to rule this out before either giving up and living with it, or attempting some expensive fix.
  2. More power makes your system sound better at LOW VOLUMES, it doesn't necessarily make it go louder. Always keep this in the back of your mind.
  3. Is the RF coming from the HDMI or the CAT6 or the converter boxes?
  4. Do it. Loyalty is a two way street.
  5. I like your attitude. Hi Fi retailers aren't comparable to many other retailers. You can really get to know people in this industry where it can take multiple home visits, shop demos, phone conversations etc before each purchase is made. Some of my clients from back in the day are now friends and I've used some of their professional services when I've needed someone from their industry, so it really can go both ways.
  6. Musical Fidelity's signature sound is clean and detailed with accurate, controlled bottom end and airy highs. Boosted low end is not something I would associate with the MF brand.
  7. If you feed the HDMI to your TV and then take the Optical out from your TV to your DAC, the TV will generally downmix anything to stereo for you. Try to have all your sources set to 2 channel PCM so it doesn't have to of course. I use my hifi with full range speakers for movie watching and have it connected this way. I don't get any of the problems you have, voices are front and centre and bass is in perfect proportion
  8. I use JBL flip and JBL charge. They don't turn themselves off until the battery dies.
  9. My system sounds dramatically better at night when all the big factories aren't adding noise to the electricity network and most of the domestic users have gone to bed. At around 11pm it becomes very noticeable.
  10. Why not have the best of both worlds with a Tube Pre and a SS power amp?
  11. Silver series Monitor Audio are a HUGE step up from Q series KEF. Also, they are far easier to drive. See if you can demo some of those Monitor Audio speakers at home, I think they will give you what you're after.
  12. My Arcam DAC really brought the system to life. I wanted something that offered scale and resolution but wasn't fussy on recording quality and that's exactly what it gave me.
  13. It really is down to the design of each specific piece of equipment. Some sounds considerably better using XLR, others sound better using single ended RCAs. I wouldn't worry about true balanced runs in a domestic install of only 7 metres.
  14. I'd get a better DAC first of all. Those Cambridge DACs are one of the most over-rated things in the entire industry. They are mediocre at best.
  15. The Mega Happy Ending was the biggest twist of the whole series!
  16. As a very rough ballpark: Output tubes should last between 500-1000 hours. Pre amp tubes, much, much longer.
  17. They're not known as "Certain Failures" for no reason either.
  18. His designs were some of the best value for money CD players I ever came across. Bloody nice guy too.
  19. It's fair to say you can disregard any advice from an article that claims wall mounted studio speakes have rear firing ports.
  20. a) yes, those were great little amps and still go for decent $$$ b) most likely not
  21. I don't believe that is a possibility as the person I bought it off certainly wasn't an enthusiast with that kind of technical ability.
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