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  1. Vinyl release has been confirmed. Limited edition Physical will come first. Vinyl will come second. Standard edition Physical will come a couple months later. Sorry, this is from memory so I can't provide more detail.
  2. I'd rather buy a set of B&Ws which are designed using all the same principals but were done with legitimate R&D and publish actual technical specs. Every single thing he tries to make out like he invented is copied from B&W
  3. The owner/designer is somewhat of a cult like figure who claims to have invented them in a dream and who make such ridiculous statements as "our revolutionary cabinet design removes all distortion" 1. Their cabinets are not a new or unusual design, braced, round backed cabinets have been around for decades 2. He doesn't publish any technical specs to backup his claim regarding distortion. However, many people in the industry have been impressed by their sound... So, buyer beware and take anything that the company says with a MASSIVE pinch of salt, however don't discount them until you've heard them. P.S. Harvey Norman stocks them in NZ, might do in Aus too...
  4. Professional gear offers far higher performance at any given price point that Hi Fi domestic gear.
  5. Agree with others, that amp is the weakest link
  6. OP has an Audiolab, it's not going to bat an eyelid at a 4ohm load and will stay stable to at least 2ohms.
  7. Only if the existing amp is being driven beyond its capabilities.
  8. Just shows you that Jethro Tull has been over-rated for a very long time
  9. https://www.matthuisman.nz
  10. I'd still snap it up, the chances of any parts that failed actually being proprietary are slim to none.
  11. Dynaudios like power, way more power than most people realise. Musical Fidelity amps, whilst accurate are sterile, lean and boring. It's a "high fidelity" combo with zero emotion or involvement and OP's listening experience confirmed this. I would literally reverse the equation and as a general rule spend more on the amplification than the Dynaudios. You need to be looking at amps that have the kinda power, grip and control of a Bryston to bring them to life.
  12. It makes a huge difference in setting the crossover point.
  13. Yes you can use 4 of the 5 channels to Bi Amp a pair of speakers as long as the speakers have two sets of terminals. No problem. PS. "mono block" is not a relevant term in this scenario. Just re-read it and NO, please don't connect two amplifiers to one set of speaker terminals. That is not safe.
  14. No need. Just make the rig sound as good as you can for the room. Also, please, don't ever tweak the rig while a DJ is playing, it can be really distracting and disconcerting.
  15. You can always test with a phone or mp3 player and a minijack to rca cable. Just make sure the volume on the source is all the way down to start with and ease it on gently. Pre outs = volume controlled output Tape Outs = full volume, all the time output.
  16. Have Monitor Audio Silver 8s as per my sig. It's my second set. I regretted selling my RS8s so much I had to buy another pair. These are genuinely one of the best alround speakers on the market IMO. They can do full on rock, metal and dance music with ease but also have the refinement and air in the tweeter to render jazz trios with intimacy and realism. I will be upgrading the front end components for years with no desire to change speakers whatsoever. They just keep getting better. I can't wait to hear them once I can afford a tube pre.
  17. Audyssey gets the distance and level for subwoofers wrong without fail. It always sets the level too low and the distance too close. Minor tweaks to these two parameters will yield dramatic improvements.
  18. As others have noted, putting the sub where you sit and then finding the best place in the room, then swapping is a good trick. Personally, i've found you can do all the maths you want and the best DSP systems I've tried still get it wrong, every time. I tune the time alignment by ear. You can literally hear the bass go in and out of focus once you understand what to listen for.
  19. You are quite correct. It took probably 5 years for them to come anywhere near the picture quality they delivered on their top of the range CRT "Aconda" which was absolutely jaw dropping. A lot of people went off the brand in that time and their return to form took too long, which left them often using raw panels that were 2,3 or even 4 generations older than the offerings from the Japanese brands. They also had some major reliability issues in that era.
  20. They did lose their way for a little while in the early flat panels and their 42" 720p plasma was just dismal with all major Japanese manufacturer's offerings easily outperforming it. They then got their act together and started producing amazing LCD flatpanels with Feznel glass fronts and steel styling and their intelligent frame creation technology was class leading.
  21. Instructions unclear: Cat is on fire Kitchen is now flooded 15W40 stains still in frypan
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