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  1. If only they sounded as good as they look. Build quality is excellent, looks is great. Sound quality at the price point can only be described as mediocre.
  2. Yeah, Plex is where it's at for hassle free media management and streaming.
  3. Don't put words in my mouth, it won't work out well for you. It literally couldn't outperform the JayCar Dac I was looking to replace. Arcam RDac did the trick quite happily until I upgraded to the Krell.
  4. I heard a DacMagic once. Boy that thing was a problem. One of the worst pieces of "hi fi" equipment I've ever heard. Absolute garbage.
  5. I mean, there's dozens of combos that work great at that price point. There's no such thing as "best" as we all have different preferences. Get into your local and start listening for yourself. It's the only way to make sure YOU will be happy.
  6. Don't let those aluminium voice coils fool you. They weight much less than copper but can handle more power/heat.
  7. All of those brands have their own sonic signature. Denon and Marantz are sweet and slightly warm Yamaha sounds like cheap PA system for music, but their surround sound processing is incredible. Onkyo have a neutral, accurate sound. Sony has a neutral sound, not as detailed as Onkyo though. Pioneer sounds warm and boring. Disclaimer: All personal opinions!
  8. All too common unfortunately. I still have nightmares of clients saying "the sparkie has wired for surround sound already". What you would find, every single time, was a bunch of RCA wall plates, in the wrong places. You'd think sparkies would know that using RCA for speaker connections is a fire hazard...
  9. In this context I'm referring to RCA vs XLR
  10. Completely disagree. Some manufacturers put more effort into the single ended connectors, others the XLR connectors. I've done many comparisons and it's completely dependant on the equipment. If the manufacturer says to use single ended, use single ended.
  11. Why are people discussing volume? CONTROL is what's important here. Does the amp have enough current, damping factor and a fast enough slew rate to CONTROL the loudspeaker properly during impedance dips and dynamic peaks is the real question. I like to use the analogy of a weak person picking up a heavy weight, they might be able to pick it up, but they'll be shaking the whole time (distortion). A strong person on the other hand can pick it up easily and is also able to stop the lift at any desired point and hold it steady. (control) Arguing about decibels and watts is comple
  12. I don't know it unfortunately. The best, most satisfying, richest, most engaging CD players I've heard are: Arcam Alpha 9 Micromega Stage 6 Bryston CDP-3 Proceed & Levinson (The one that looked like a shoe box) There are more detailed players out there, but these are the ones that I always came back to as they had a full, natural sound with proper bass extension.
  13. Check out the Monitor Audio in-ceiling range as well.
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