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  1. I live by one golden rule in HiFi - Build a system that allows you to enjoy more music Too many hi fi systems sound downright awful on bad recordings and are only enjoyable when listening to great recordings. This reduces the amount of music you enjoy and is the opposite of what this hobby should be about in my opinion.
  2. B&W 805 coupled with Plinius SA250 is a famous combo for very good reason.
  3. It allows access to any drives that your PC can see and that Plex can scan. I haven't tried it with Google Drive or One Drive, but if that drive shows as a standard directory on your hard drive I don't see why it wouldn't work.
  4. Plex does allow remote access to your own music, image and video files. It also has one of the best user interfaces available.
  5. Welcome aboard I used to sell Meridian and there's loads of others here with a wealth of expertise.
  6. The amplifier will make a bigger difference in my experience. The C1s are a fantastic speaker, but you'll be left facing the same problem you've got now, you need more power.
  7. Keeping boxes is just a habbit from all the years working in the industry. They are also very handy if you move house or sell to upgrade. Having your item boxed up as-new with manual and remotes etc tells the purchaser that you're the kind of person who looks after their gear.
  8. Those are exactly what I have :D Thanks for the comments everyone. The reason I need to use splitters is that my Cursa pre amp has 2 pre outs, but I am adding a subwoofer to my system so will effectively need 3 pre outs.
  9. If I use an RCA Y adapter to feed two power amps from one pre-out, is there any loss in gain?
  10. Oops, missed the XD bit. In that case, I'd say they will be fantastic.
  11. Dynaudio Focus series are EXCELLENT speakers. They require significant power to get the best out of them though, so bear that in mind when budgeting. (I used to sell these so know them well)
  12. Vibration from the Torroidal transformer can cause this. One of my amps does this periodically and I'm sure that's what the problem is. I forget the term for it, but there's a paste/glue sort of substance that's used to prevent vibrations from the transformer and it can go hard over time and stop doing its job.
  13. I third this! There's a reason they won so many awards!
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