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  1. Let me be clear. A much better guide to budget allocation is: 30% source 30% amplification 30% speakers 10% cables
  2. Could not disagree more. Most people put way too much $$$ into their speakers and then get about 40% of their potential by putting cheap electronics in front of them. Some fairly cheap speakers can sound absolutely amazing if you put the right electronics in front of them. No speakers sound good with cheap/weak electronics. I wish the myth that speakers make the biggest difference would die already.
  3. I miss the sound quality from laser disc players. DVDs sound like a 128bit MP3 in comparison.
  4. Those Cambridge Audio Dacmagic units are probably the single most over-rated piece of kit in the industry. They're thin, bright have light and undefined bass and get easily confused.
  5. If your speakers need lots of current to open up, Marantz should never have been on your shopping list.
  6. Two things cause fatigue. 1. Distortion 2. Excessive SPL
  7. Don't get smart with me. I have no time for ignorant denialists.
  8. Read up on "Slew Rates" and "Damping Factors" As a retired DJ my ear is particularly sensitive to pace and timing. It's not voodoo though, it's very measurable.
  9. Depends on budget. Rotel is a great value for money option and pairs well, Plinius will take them to the next level...
  10. The Rotel has far more current than the Yamaha and is much more powerful in the real world. I wouldn't recommend matching Yamaha with Monitor Audio at all, but Rotel and Monitor Audio is a famous combo as they really bring out the best in each other.
  11. Those wattage ratings taken at 1khz and 1% THD are completely worthless. Halve the claimed output for a realistic number if that's the measurement system being used. A true wattage reading should look something like this: "50 watts RMS 20hz-20khz @0.003% THD All Channels Driven" (just an example) 1Khz is basically a clap and is by far the easiest frequency to drive. Give those speakers something better than a weak Marantz and you'll be amazed at what they are capable of.
  12. Around 11pm the sound quality makes a marked improvement at my house. It is all to do with the quality of the incoming power supply.
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