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  1. They're not known as "Certain Failures" for no reason either.
  2. His designs were some of the best value for money CD players I ever came across. Bloody nice guy too.
  3. It's fair to say you can disregard any advice from an article that claims wall mounted studio speakes have rear firing ports.
  4. a) yes, those were great little amps and still go for decent $$$ b) most likely not
  5. I don't believe that is a possibility as the person I bought it off certainly wasn't an enthusiast with that kind of technical ability.
  6. So, I've been running the Audiolab 8200P in my system for a while and it's been really nice, I had always planned on getting a second one and bi-amping, so when one finally turned up on Trademe, I snapped it up! I took it home, pulled out the existing amp, didn't touch anything else and simply plugged all the existing cables into the new 8200P. I was immediately floored by how different it sounded. I'm not talking subtle differences, I'm talking COMPLETELY different. The new amp immediately doubled the width of the sound stage and had way more transparency and detail in the upper frequencies, however it has a much leaner sound overall and can even be a little brittle in the upper mids. When turning up the old amp, it would just keep getting bigger and louder, but it would stay warm and un-fatiguing and the bass would stay in proportion, when turning up the new amp, it can get a bit bright and it definitely compresses the sound earlier. One has a serial number in the 300 range and the other has a serial number in the 800 range. Has anyone experienced anything as drastic as this in the same model? In the decade I spent working in the industry, I certainly never encountered two examples of the same model sounding drastically different. I'm wondering if one of them isn't functioning to its full potential...
  7. I would want a lot more power than that for 602s. They really are quite dull until you shove some serious wattage up their backsides.
  8. Those Kef LS50s everyone in the forum is so fond of will match well with that amp.
  9. Two different subjects. I'm explaining why coax between transport and DAC sounds better than optical almost every time.
  10. haha, well that would explain that!!! I never got to meet him, I started working in the industry a couple years after the Nautilus toured NZ.
  11. It's all about the number of conversions. Internally, components use an electrical signal (coax) not a light signal (optical). Converting from electrical to optical, then back from optical to electrical is where the losses occur.
  12. That's exactly why B&W tweeters are shaped like microphones. This concept is all derived from the Nautilus research.
  13. Two things: Firstly, an opened box can be made to look like a new box as long as all the packaging is still intact. Secondly, most retailers won't mind an opened box coming back if it means you're going to spend even more money with them.
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