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  1. Pay it forward I’d say. What module do you have? If it’s an Uber, it would still be an upgrade for anyone still on an original, but otherwise worthless. Let someone else pay P&H and get a small victory. I'm interested to know your thoughts on the 4490, I’m going to do the same upgrade. Did you DIY or go through a dealer? What USB module are you using?
  2. There you go. I’ll wait for this unison business then, and look at getting the unison and 4490 done at either Schiit or A2A as it means I get an extra 2 years peace of mind.
  3. Thanks for the reply! I’m wondering if unison will come to Bifrost Mk 1 given they’ve now moved to Mk 2 with a modular form externally accessible. I think I’ll order the chip upgrade; Schiit will post from the states without warranty support, but I’m out of warranty anyway. It’s also cheaper direct. Edit - Now I’ve read this on the Schiit site, maybe I will send it to A2A. ‘Schiit-installed Bifrost 4490 upgrades are covered by a 2-year warranty or the balance of the original factory warranty, whichever is greater. For out-of-warranty Bifrosts, factory-installed upgrades re-activate the warranty on the complete product for 2 years.’
  4. I see they’ve just replaced this with the 2510. Not sure what the differences are at this stage, but you might be able to get an SD2 on runout. I’ve got the 2010S2 and am done changing at that, it’s a cracking amp. Cheers, Andrew
  5. This is my exact problem with tidal too. If Spotify went lossless, the problems of the world would be solved...
  6. Hi all, I am wondering if anyone here has updated a Bifrost Uber to AKM 4490 and could give me some advice if they thought it was worth it? Same with Gen 2 USB to Gen 5? Currently running a laptop with foobar FLAC -> USB to Bifrost Uber With Gen 2 USB -> Exposure 2010s2 -> Dali Ikon 6’s. Overall I’m pretty happy with the sound, but think my DAC is the weakest link. The boss has said no to the idea of me spending money on replacing my DAC. I tried unsuccessfully to sell her on aesthetics; I’ve got a black amp and silver DAC and it does my head in a bit that they don’t match but they didn’t have black Bifrosts when I bought it, and I got the exposure 2nd hand at a good price. My thoughts are of perhaps getting the AKM and USB upgrades directly from Schiit ($170 USD plus postage) and installing myself, as I could probably sneak this in. Just wondering if the gain would be worth the outlay? I don’t want to go the multibit route as I’d have to post it to Addicted to Audio and that upgrade alone is more then the other 2. Cheers, Andrew
  7. I just got a free 90 day trial of Amazon Music, from there website. Gives me access to Garth Brooks haha, but what I am really hanging out for is Amazon lossless, which has started in the US and Japan, and can’t be too far away. I tried Tidal, but the interface didn’t do it for me, especially at that price. My guess is Amazon lossless will be reasonably priced but once again the interface could be its downfall, time will tell. I also happen to have a family firmly entrenched in the Spotify universe, now if Spotify went lossless...
  8. Hi everyone, I am looking for some new speakers for a non audiophile friend. Last mate in this predicament got a NAD D3020 with some Usher’s, turned out to be a very nice sounding, cost effective rig. It’s got me wondering, now that the Usher’s are not available, what’s the new budget king? The Usher’s almost had a cult like following, any new speakers available at the moment which evoke a similar response? Cheers, Andrew
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