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  1. Schiit Bifrost is the overall range, but due to upgrade ability they have had multiple different models of Bifrost. Bifrost 1 was the first and came in many iterations (original, then Uber, then 4490, then multibit). Now they’ve released the Bifrost 2, currently in its first iteration which is multibit. cheers, Andrew
  2. +1 for the Chromecast Audio if you can, then go optical into the BDP-105. If it's just spotify you can go line level as well, either way I think it's the easiest way for you to get decent sound, especially if you're happy with the sound of the oppo. Cheers, Andrew
  3. Reminds me of some old epicure speakers I used to have in that they only had a small cap on the tweeter and essentially ran the same format. I loved them, and haven't heard anything like them since. I don't know how accurate they were, but they sounded good. A bloke in the USA who worked for epicure still makes parts for old epicure models, and makes his own speakers based on the same design. https://www.humanspeakers.com/
  4. I've just gotten a pair of Focal 706's. I know they're from Focal's budget line, but they do not at all sound like a budget speaker. I would be very interested in hearing the more expensive Focal's as I am very, very happy with what I've got. Andrew
  5. Schiit Modi 3. New are $260, second hand under $200. I’m pretty happy with mine although I haven’t compared to much else. Cheers, Andrew
  6. Thanks, for the heads up in the first place too! Running a laptop into Schiit Modi 3 and exposure 2010s2. Interconnects are nb cables, speaker cables are diy mogami 3103. Pretty chuffed with how it sounds, the Dali's are long forgotten already.
  7. I thought I'd pop up some photos of my latest purchase, a pair of Focal Chorus 706. I've been in the audiophile wilderness for a while; I went through that new kid period and went from Vaf DC-X to a pair of gloss white Dali Ikon 5's I picked up on gumtree for $300. To be fair, the Dali's are a great speaker, and I thoroughly enjoyed them for about 4 years, safe in the knowledge the kids could trash them and I didn't care. I enjoyed them so much so, that when I saw a pair of Ikon 6's (vinyl wrap) on gumtree for $400 about a year ago I happily handed over the cash. The 5's had been trashed, as I'd anticipated with three kids in that time. The grills were long gone, somehow the plug holes for the grills also gone. The tweeters had been pushed and vacuumed so many times it wasn't funny. The 6's were very impressive, exactly the same sound signature as the 5's but just sounded bigger! About 2 months ago we moved house, to a place with timber floors. Suddenly the timber floors, the tv cabinet, and the vinyl wrap speakers all being different coloured timbers was too much for the boss. Good thing I'd kept the 5's in the shed, and I moved the 6's on for the same amount I'd bought them for. Next issue in the new house was layout, the couch only goes one way, and the 5's have the tweeter too short. I can pull the couch out but when I'm too lazy or just watching TV it just doesn't cut it. I'd seen these on SNA due to a post by @Irek; they passed the wife test and at that price she was happy to let me pay the price of admission. They rocked up today, I hurriedly assembled the lot, grabbed a beer and started some music. First thing, WAF is cranked all the way up to 11. Onto the speakers; the fit and finish for what I paid ($599 for speakers, $189 for stands), is amazing. If you look hard enough you can see the gloss at the very edges isn't perfect. But at this price I am not complaining. The enclosures themselves are heavy and well built, and bolt to the stands. The stands are similarly well finished; not that heavy at 3.6 kgs but solid and bolted to the speaker. So far, they've only got about an hour of music through them. Supposedly they are demo models but I doubt that, given the packaging looking factory and that they still had the plastic shrink wrapped to the gloss, and tags on the grills. The sound is big, a definite step up over the 5's and back to what I heard with the 6's. The bass is a bit restricted and the stage a bit loose, but I think they need to be run in and placed properly before I can make a comment on those two elements. All in all, I am a very happy camper at this stage. We're going out tonight so I haven't had time to play with positioning unfortunately, but I am excited from what I've heard!
  8. I’ve just gone down this road, I couldn’t find anything under 50cm. To get a 20cm cable I used a 3.5mm jack to female rca, with 2 male to male rca adaptors. Here are the links. https://www.cablechick.com.au/cables/20cm-avencore-crystal-series-stereo-35mm-to-2-rca-cable-male-to-female.html https://www.cablechick.com.au/cables/single-rca-male-to-male-adaptor.html?gclid=CjwKCAjwwMn1BRAUEiwAZ_jnEkhfnYZOIwA3hDcZrXwk7Z8bwpgRxi2WPRLGeW20krxZjc-l_mP5HRoCc-8QAvD_BwE Cheers, Andrew
  9. I've ordered a pair of these, WAF is high. It was off a recommendation of another forum member, they are still in the mail however so I haven't heard them so can't comment at this time (SNA please do not stone me for buying sound unheard, there are no hifi shops within thousands of kilometres of Darwin to try these things). https://addictedtoaudio.com.au/products/focal-chorus-706-bookshelf-speakers Cheers, Andrew
  10. Bryan, I will be interested to see more on these when they arrive if you don’t mind throwing up some photos! cheers, Andrew
  11. Further information: Schiit Bifrost. Purchased by me approximately 6 years ago from addicted to audio, as an Uber with Gen 2 USB. Have since upgraded the chip to the 4490 unit. Upgrade-itis has struck, as well a moving on to something with more WAF as it’s the only silver unit in my set-up. Happy to ship at buyers expense. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  12. Hi Frank Prowse Hi-fi, How do you guys find the 4.2 compare to the Lintons? Cheers, Andrew
  13. Tidal do, $5 for 120 days. I've just signed up and yes i think the sound quality is somewhat better, however the UI and curated playlists are nothing short of terrible and ruin it for me. So much so that I am back to using Spotify most of the time. Spotify has better curated playlists, makes better suggestions for me, and is much more family friendly (explicit filter and a separate childs app for iOS devices with songs screened for not only explicit language but also adult themes etc). So much so that at the price difference of Tidal Hifi normally, I couldn't justify the improvement. Majority of my music is mainly background while doing other things around the house, and minimal 'critical' listening, although I've still got my favourite CD's all ripped as FLAC. Give it a shot though, 120 days is a long time and will give you plenty of time to explore and make up your own mind. I guess if you like Tidal as well, we should probably discuss MQA DACs. I haven't got one so can't help there though...
  14. Can I please get a brief review of the Modi 3 vs Klein? I have the Modi, wondering what (how much) I am missing.
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