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  1. Is there a thread I haven't found on what to watch out for when purchasing second hand records, or if not, can people more knowledgeable then I please give me a brief run down what I am looking for when looking at second hand records? I have just ordered my first record player and will be on the hunt as I regularly go to second hand shops and garage sales. Good points I've already gleaned from this thread are: 1. Take an LED torch, 2. Check the run in grooves, 3. Always clean second hand reords thoroughly before playing, Anything else people want to add? What am I actually looking for in the grooves? I am guessing scores in the vinyl which run perpendicular to the grooves?
  2. I’ve been reading about the acrylic, some say it sounds better, some say no different. The only thing I can see most people agree on is less static going mat-less on the acrylic. cheers, Andrew
  3. Haha, at least I will be once it arrives!
  4. I saw that, they only had gloss red though so got shot down in flames. The project has been ordered, now the wait begins... I’ve got three albums lined up to go - the Odyssey Number 5 reissue, Atreyu In Our Wake, and Ed Sheeran Collaborations (my 8yo daughter picked the last one from the record store).
  5. Thanks, the ATs look good, I thought they only did cheap entry level kind of like the Crosleys you see at JB Hifi. But, the aesthetics score two thumbs down from the boss, going in to a shared living room so must look tidy. I’ve pulled the trigger on a Project, will see how it plays out! cheers, Andrew
  6. Stupid hobby... I upsold myself and have ordered a new Project Debut Carbon Evo in satin white. Adjustable feet, electronic speed control, adjustable tone arm should I wish to upgrade cartridge, no double sided tape, all for $879. Even got it past the minister for war and finances. Now to try this vinyl thing out... Cheers, Andrew
  7. Nah, he shut up shop a few years ago. He still has a Facebook page saying he runs from home now, but no recent posts, and isn’t listed as an authorised Aussie dealer on the Rega page.
  8. Sweet, maybe what decky was eluding too. I am now leading to carbon over P1 and T1
  9. Thanks @Bunno77, that’s the info I was chasing. Just chasing an entry to vinyl without any potential dramas. Is that double sided tape standard fitment? Is a similar approach taken with the project debut carbon?
  10. @Decky Cheers for the input, I could squeeze $675. Offers more then the Rega being upgradable with anti skate etc, but if I like vinyl I’ll look to buy a better deck as opposed to upgrading a cheap deck. You reckon a better sounding unit then the P1? cheers, Andrew
  11. Thanks Rohan, very valid points and I know having done well with second hand audio in the past that bargains can be had. But this is a trial really, I just want an easy deck to do the job of spinning some vinyl, with the safety of warranty as I don’t want any potentially costly or time consuming issues. If it goes well from an enjoyment perspective then I’ll reevaluate and will certainly consider second hand at that time. If not, no harm no foul at that price and I can keep the P1/T1/whatever for the odd liquorice pizza. cheers, Andrew
  12. Hi all, Going to dip my toe into vinyl, not sure if it’s my jam, but going to have a crack. The wife is onboard too, budget $500-600. I slipped in the idea of a P3 at $1500 but got shot down in flames. Anyway, Rega P1 seemed like the way to go (I have an exposure 2010S2 with phono board so don’t need a phono preamp), but now I’ve seen project have a new deck out in the T1 phono SB. Big things are a glass platter, and electronic speed control, with defeatable inbuilt phono. Has anyone heard one and can give an opinion? I understand I am limited to the preselected cartridges, just chasing info on new options in that price range. In Darwin, so I can’t trial anything, and would prefer new with warranty. Thoughts? cheers, Andrew
  13. I thought the Michi’s were made in China? cheers, Andrew
  14. The new SB-2000 Pro comes with DSP as well which is a big selling point. cheers, Andrew
  15. I find it frustrating that you can’t set default audio in Netflix. I use the tv app, through a dac and stereo, and have to set it to stereo every new show/movie, even when it auto plays a new episode. Very annoying!
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