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  1. You may be right about the tweeter. I had assumed that the whole object was called the tweeter. I'm just an ordinary person and am not an audiophile. As for the "A" designation signifying Alpine, that could be right, as well, but I've no way of knowing and there is certainly no documentation about that and as far as I know there is no easily accessible published information available. When I purchased it new, it was sold to me as a Luxman without any disclosure that it was anything but a Luxman. The ultimate ownership of brands continuously changes. As far as the internals are concerned, they continuously change as well.
  2. I corrected image of speakers. I now have correct measurements pictured!😁
  3. Gosh! You are absolutely correct. I'll correct the photo really soon. How could I have made such a silly mistake?🙄
  4. Item: VINTAGE 90'S STEREO EQUIPMENT (by LUXMAN) Location: Ormiston, Brisbane (The Redlands) Price: $400 (or offer) Item Condition: Works perfectly, but there is cosmetic damage on front fact (see photo) Reason for selling: Downsizing Payment Method: Pickup - Cash or Paypal Extra Info: LOCAL PICK-UP (or will deliver for a fee within 100km.) 30-day UNCONDITIONAL REFUND if items are returned without damage. I bought all items new and still have original user guides (in excellent condition) I want to sell all components as one unit and will not sell items individually. Luxman Stereo Integrated Amplifier A-373 (condition) Luxman Remote Control for Amplifier RA-373 (perfect condition) LUXMAN T-353 Tuner (perfect condition) Audi-Tone D8021 SPEAKERS (2) These were manufactured by Todd’s HiFi. I think they give great sound. Pictures:
  5. The seller of the items on Gumtree is myself, Mort (aka 'OzEvenstar'). The reason I didn't post these on SNA is that I want to sell all the items as one parcel. The guidlines for SNA Classifieds state that each item must be listed with a separate template and I could not figure out how I could link them together.🤨
  6. https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/ormiston/stereo-systems/vintage-90-s-stereo-equipment-by-luxman-/1214035763
  7. I hadn't realised that this topic would have received as many hits as it has. I stupidly used acetone and managed to nearly destroy lettering on amplifier buttons.
  8. Here you go, if no other one has responded yet ... De-Solv-it 125ml Sticky Spot and Stain Remover https://www.bunnings.com.au/de-solv-it-125ml-sticky-spot-and-stain-remover_p4460063 De-solv-it 300ml Multi-Purpose Cleaner Pump Spray Pack https://www.bunnings.com.au/de-solv-it-300ml-multi-purpose-cleaner-pump-spray-pack_p4460064 I hadn't realised that this topic would have received as many hits as it has. I stupidly used acetone and managed to nearly destroy lettering on amplifier buttons.
  9. Great! I never thought of using Eucalyptus Oil. I use it for lot's of things.
  10. Bob Dylan ... funny about that!🤡 Bob Dylan was sort of a rallying focal point and his lyrics sounded as they were about "better days to come" in the 60's, 70's. We went to see Bob Dylan many years ago when he gave a performance at "The Brisbane Entertainment Centre" (Boondall) in 2007. His show was absolutely dreadful. It was so bad that we walked out after about 45 minutes. Admission wasn't cheap either. I lost all respect for him after that, regardless of his subsequent fame (Nobel Prize). After reading articles that he really wasn't the type of person that was genuine about the lyrics he wrote and that he was motivated by the $ it would bring. To me, it would be like getting all enthused about Mel Gibson, the bigot. I am an Yankee ex-patriot, migrating to Oz in 1972. I always considered Berkeley, California, as my "home town", even though I wasn't born there. That is where I was in the 60's ... and I guess it would be fair to say, I was part of the counter-culture and was an active participant in much of what was going on.We went to the "Dance Concerts" at Winterland, The Avalon, and The Filmore (before it became known as the Filmore West. The most remembered of them all was Halloween 1967 "Trip or Freak" at Winterland featuring Big Brother and the Holding Company, Grateful Dead, Quicksilver Messenger Service. Before we left SF for Oz, we went to see Donovan ... I believe at the SF Opera House. He was on the stage with only one other. It was memorable. The one album I have remaining is Donovan's double "Gift From a Flower to a Garden". Our other favourites are Leonard Cohen and Billy Joel. I can't say too much about either of them. Their concerts have been magnificent. Marianne Faithfull wouldn't take requests because, as she stated, she couldn't remember the lyrics. I'm still fascinated by her music, even so.
  11. Never thought of that. I will "carefully" give it a try. If it doesn't work, I can always lick it off.🤮
  12. Your about 4 years too late for the records. I sold my turntable then because I just couldn't figure out where to put it ... and I gave away (at no cost) about 20 "Rock" albums from the 60's, 70's, all in great condition. I only have one album left, Donovan, and don't think I'd ever part with it.
  13. Thank you! What I did was really silly. Just a few days ago I decided to "cleanup" the Luxman A-373 Integrated Amplifier I plan to offer for sale. There was some scotch tape residue on the front panel. Without thinking, instead of using water (which wouldn't have removed the residue, anyway) I used solvent that removed most of the lettering on one of the buttons and left slight streaks on the others. I've owned the amplifier since new and always looked after it. How dumb could I be?😖
  14. When purchasing used equipment how important in cosmetic appearance in influencing decision? When judging functional performance in used equipment are there any reliable standards which can be used? Thank you very much for your input. Regards, Mort (aka OzEvenstar)
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