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  1. There are fuses in the power socket. Both looked fine and I confirmed they were good with a multi-meter. It does get some power as it lights up the front LED panel - just no output. It's a little over six years old so not new but not ancient either. I'll have to search for a good repairer. I'm in Adelaide so guessingit may need to go interstate. Silly question but who is the Australian importer? Since Velodyne ditched audio their site just refers to an Australian geospatial company 😄 Be nice to get a quote from them as if the repair and replace costs aren't much different I kn
  2. My beloved Velodyne SPL-1200 Ultra has stopped outputting sound. What I find strange is the way in which it stopped. One morning I received a small static shock whilst turning it on from the front panel standby button. I didn't think much of it as the sub powered up and worked fine for several hours. It wasn't until attempting to turn it back to standby I noticed the button no longer functioned. Figuring the shock upset something, I instead used the power switch on the back plate to turn it off. When I next went to use the sub, the standby button didn't do anything. I grabbed the remote which
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