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  1. There are fuses in the power socket. Both looked fine and I confirmed they were good with a multi-meter. It does get some power as it lights up the front LED panel - just no output. It's a little over six years old so not new but not ancient either. I'll have to search for a good repairer. I'm in Adelaide so guessingit may need to go interstate. Silly question but who is the Australian importer? Since Velodyne ditched audio their site just refers to an Australian geospatial company 😄 Be nice to get a quote from them as if the repair and replace costs aren't much different I know what I'd prefer! What path did you end up taking with your sub? And definitely agree about these SPL subs - they sound amazing! I'd love to keep it going.
  2. My beloved Velodyne SPL-1200 Ultra has stopped outputting sound. What I find strange is the way in which it stopped. One morning I received a small static shock whilst turning it on from the front panel standby button. I didn't think much of it as the sub powered up and worked fine for several hours. It wasn't until attempting to turn it back to standby I noticed the button no longer functioned. Figuring the shock upset something, I instead used the power switch on the back plate to turn it off. When I next went to use the sub, the standby button didn't do anything. I grabbed the remote which seemed to turn it on (LED display lit up), however there's now no output. The fact that it worked fine until restarted feels like a hint at what may be broken. If it helps I do recall that previously I might have had to press the standby button a couple times for it to power on (maybe dodgy button, or power supply related?). So far, to no effect, I've checked the fuses in the rear power plug, left it off and unplugged for several hours, and performed a factory reset via the remote. I also had a quick look at the plate amp hoping for a blown internal fuse but couldn't easily see something like that. Any ideas at what may be wrong? Is there anything else I can check? Failing that, any recommendations on a repairer would be appreciated.
  3. The Samsung HW-Q90R soundbar is well reviewed. It does Atmos and DTS:X and comes with wireless rears, and goes on special semi-regularly for around $1,200. I haven't personally heard it but it's top of the shortlist for my family room, which must look nice according to the wife.
  4. I used some basic 16AWG for all my speakers. My install, like yours, had fairly short runs so I couldn't see any benefit to going with a thicker cable. The US seems to have requirements for specific cabling to be used in-walls however I couldn't find any such thing in Australia. In-wall specific cabling adds a protective outer sheath and is a little more expensive. However it's also fine to run normal cable in your walls too (so you could just buy a big spool for everything). If buying on eBay be careful because I've accidentally bought Copper Clad Aluminum (CCA) cable before. The advert was very sneakily worded: proudly proclaiming Oxygen Free Copper with one tiny bit hidden under a tab noting it was "CCA".
  5. Hi there, I signed up a while ago while researching for a new Home Theatre system. Just recently I started browsing for a new subwoofer and realised I hadn't posted anything on the forums! A bit about my audio history: up until a few weeks ago I had one of the original Sony Muteki systems from 2005. The included receiver was pre-HDMI and back then they came with active subwoofers. I'm sure people are shuddering but it actually served me well! I upgraded the amplifier many years ago to a second hand Onkyo SR876. Audyssey tuning gave it a lease on life and made it all sound a lot better. After hearing some friends setups though I began noticing the deficiencies: the center and surrounds were very tinny and didn't seem to match the fronts, and the subwoofers didn't produce clean bass or have any real impact despite having two of them. I recently bought some entry-level Klipsch speakers (R-820F fronts, R-52C center and R-51M surrounds) and the difference is night and day. To me it sounds like a cinema! Now I'm on the hunt for a suitable sub. At first I demoed the SVS SB1000 and the REL HT/1003 and wasn't impressed. They didn't have the impact or low-end ability I'm looking for. So I'm thinking I'll need to up the budget and get something much more powerful!
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