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  1. I am seeing double, and haven't even had a drink tonight.
  2. I have had these exact speakers in a previous 5.1 set up and they always performed well above their retail price and put many more expensive brands to shame. For $950, absolute bargain and for HT you would struggle to find anything remotely close to the performance for this price.
  3. I also hate getting told I have too many speakers...and told to sell them off. Doesn't seem to work when I mention the amount of shoes the other individual in the house has...
  4. This would have made an excellent match to my HT setup... pity it is the C350, dimensions are way too big for the entertainment unit.
  5. Humm not sure on that one. I will have to dig out one of the burnt DVDs. I always just feed standard stereo audio in. Never took much notice how it was recorded onto the DVD.
  6. I have several Chromecast devices and in most cases they are rock stable. Like others mentioned they lock up every now and then like all tech does, but a total power down fixes it and off they go chugging along nicely. My mate had one plugged in to his cheap Sonic TV and it had heaps of issues, on other TVs it worked fine. Not sure if this was a HDMI shaking problem between the Chromecast and that Brand / Model of TV that caused many of the problems.
  7. Again audio is so subjective. My previous HT set up was all VAF speakers (DC and DC - X range) and yet my current set up sounds much better and balanced. Hardware driving the speakers is relatively the same. I would say the room acoustics now plays a much bigger part in the overall sounds as I can close the room off and I have applied a fair bit of a acoustic treatment to the room as well.
  8. No need to brand match, I have never found this to be an issue ( some may not agree but in my experience its not a deal breaker in sound quality or performance). So long as the mains and centre are similar (mind you my mains are Monitor Audio and centre an Aperion speaker) the rears can be anything that suits your needs. Most modern AVRs will have room correction features which will balance out the sound in an HT environment.
  9. Fun time I had installing mine...
  10. Hi swervyn, I have a full in-wall / in ceiling set up for my rears ( back and surrounds) and atmos speakers. They work as well as normal speakers so long as you make sure there are no huge open cavities behind them. Mine are all boxed in via the wall insulation. If you are limited to space for normal speakers this is a really good alternative option. The big hassle is running cables in the walls or ceiling space to the speaker locations. I spent quite a few weeks cutting channels and holes in plaster board and then patching and repainting to achieve a cable free look. As for pricing, you need to set a budget and decide on what compromise you want to make. Cheaper in wall speakers will sound crap and the high-end models can out do traditional designs. Typically $900 for a pair of in walls, should get you something decent. I use my surrounds for HT and normal listening duties. ( DVD-Audio). I also love to upmix live recordings to full Dolby surround as it makes it sound like I am really there at the concerts. I opted for some high speced Niles speakers, and are only a small step down to my fronts and centre. I have used in wall speakers from B&W, Niles, Speakercraft, Sonance and Bose. I rate the Speakercraft and Niles as the best for in wall, in ceiling from that list. Surprisingly the B &W were the least of my favourite, you can do a lot better for similar money.
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