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  1. What vintage are yours @Garchan the images on the VAF website have a different front baffle ?
  2. Thanks for the feedback, now my interest in these has spiked again. I have always actually preferred larger stand mounts from a visual appeal (and ease of positioning and mobility compared to decent floor standers). I wonder how they would compare to my Dynaudio Special 40s?
  3. Shame they are not in Brisbane. Look and probably sound very nice.
  4. Item: Puppets Metal Speaker Stand Silver – one only. Was used for my centre speaker. Heavy and solid, has floor spikes which can be removed. Holes drilled in top plate to fix centre speaker in place. Some slight rust marks on bottom plate. (Pretty sure it can be flipped over to have the good bottom side facing up.) 660mm height (no spikes), Top plate 220mm l x 170mm w. Location: Dutton Park, Brisbane, QLD Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  5. Forgot to mention the the calibration mic stand is broken, the holding clip for the microphone is broken off on one side, I think this is common for this item due to the plastic clip.
  6. Further information: Niles Audio HD-LCR in wall speaker. Left over from my in-wall installations in my media room. Can be set up as mains, centre or surrounds. One speaker only. I did not buy the grill kit or mounting kit. I do believe the HD-LCR still can be purchased for $500 locally new. New and unused. Box was opened to show people the unit. General Family High Def Woofer Size5.25 (Inches) Frequency Response65Hz — 21kHz +/-3dB Impedance4 (Ohms) Power Handling150 (Watts) Sensitivity89 (dB) Dimensions8-1
  7. Further information: Aperion Intimus 5C centre speaker 3 Way. In excellent condition. Some slight swirling in the high gloss black coating from whipping the dust off the speaker (typical of high gloss coatings). This is a superb centre speaker and nice balanced full sound. Surprised Aperion don’t have a bigger presence here. Have original packing so can ship. Frequency Response (+/- 3dB) 53-20,000 Hz -- (+/- 6dB) 49-22,000 Hz Impedance 6 Ohms Sensitivity 87dB Recommended Power 50-150 watts Tweeter
  8. Further information: VAF DC-6 centre speaker (Gen 1 or 2) One of the earlier DC-6 centre speakers with the black sock cover. Not sure if it is Gen 1 or 2. Solid heavy unit. This one is much more compact than the later versions of the DC-6. 10-200w rating. I think is 8ohms rated but can’t find the exact specs on it. Great sounding unit. Speaker is in great condition for its age. No tears in the sock membrane that wraps the speaker. One of the dust caps was pushed in on the right woofer but does not impact sound quality. Not that you can see it o
  9. Further information: Velodyne DD18 Digital Drive Subwoofer. Doesn't need much of an introduction. Wrecks home foundations and upsets neighbours. Maple in colour with silver front. Comes will all accessories and new remote (didn’t have one supplied so I got a substitute). Unit is in very good cosmetic condition and works fine now I have spent a bit of money and time repairing the onboard amp. Still selling cheap as it still has a slight hum noise issue when no source is present. I bought this unit off a fellow SNAer in 2020. It had issues and
  10. Yes I actually have. Any idea if it leaves a sticky residue if you remove the vinyl wrap? If I sell them in the future I would want to return the speakers back to original condition. Colour is easy, she would want black. Any electronics I have must be black!!! At least the Red Birch would be a close match to the rosewood entrainment unit. I have to admit the finish on these speakers are beautiful, shame to cover them up... but then marriage is a compromise sometimes.. ( don't tell my wife I said that)
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