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  1. Not really, just set the sub crossover in the RX-A 2070 for the ceiling speakers to 80Hz or above and that will save you getting ceiling mounts that need a much bigger cone.
  2. That Atmos layout is ideal for your room. I have a very similar layout but slightly narrower room. I also have a RX-A3050 and run full Niles setup for ATMOS (in-ceiling mounted), Rear and Back (in-wall) speakers and it sounds great. I use the NILES CM7FX in direct mode for the ceiling mounts (they can be switched from direct or dipole mode) You don't have to get the placement exactly correct if you use the Yamamha's angle adjustment mode to compensate for height and speaker angles. Four ATMOS speakers gives you the best results, don't listen to people who say two is great if they have not heard a .4 system. Once you hear .4 it just adds to the depth, realism and over all effects that much better. BUT you need to make that decision before you cut holes in the ceiling as the placement of two is different. ( or you are a good plasterer) Also not sure if you can run a X.X.4 mode with a RX-A2070. I only thought the RX-A30XX models allowed for a .4 system and this is why I purchased the top model.
  3. Certainly is but now I need someone to buy my PSA so I can fund another purchase...
  4. AAARRRHHH! Where were these about a month ago. My wife has just spat the dummy at me and now I have to sell the PSA subwoofer I just bought because it is to big and supposedly ugly to live in the media room. (and me saying that is what a media room is for only got me more into the bad books)
  5. Going direct to Meridian website this thing is a beast... Looks like it will still easily run speakers at 4 ohms in Bridged mode. 4. WHAT IS THE POWER OUTPUT OF THE G55 WHEN SET TO BRIDGED-MODE? The two bridged mode amplifiers can deliver 300W into 8Ω and 500W into 4Ω.
  6. Any idea what this beast churns out with all channels driven?
  7. Thanks Alfred for the pics about the speakers. So it doesn't look like it is a Sonique 7.5SE model as the front baffle is different (unless the front baffle was flat on the 7.5's). And it looks more likely to be the Sonique 7.5 Reference. So what is the actual difference? Does the Reference have better drivers or is it just a model before the SE range came out?
  8. Ha Ha, actually I give them a dust every few weeks... just not the back and the camera always shows up more. As for old, it is all a matter of perspective. I am sure the Soniques still think they are as good as new models from other brands.
  9. Most likely more people are living in units now and getting decent sized speakers up to their place is not an easy task unless you engage in help (professional or otherwise). Also sub-woofers are pretty good theses days and easier to integrate with decent monitors / bookshelves if people go that route.
  10. Not missing much, that model is a fiddly one with the play/pause controls on the top of the control.
  11. I recently purchased a Meridian G55 5 channel amp from another Stereonet member. Beautifully made amp which is effectively 5 individual 100w (0.01%) monoblocks wedged into one housing. The question I have is what is the best way to use this amp to drive my front main speakers, Left and Right. You have the option to bridge Channels 1+2 to 300w and Channels 4+5 to 300W. I use the Channel 3 to run the Centre speaker. I have tried both in Bridged mode running my mains with the higher output (and jumpering the binding posts on the speakers), and I have run my mains bi-amped by running 100w into the HP/LP connections (Channel 1 and 2 separately and Channel 4 and 5 separately to each speaker). In reality I really can’t discern any real difference in sound quality between the two modes when listing to dedicated 2 channel stereo music or if they go to HT duties. Mind you I don’t get close to 300W potential when in Bridge mode, but do feel the speakers can be pushed that bit harder. Speakers are pretty efficient so they already pack a punch at low power output (VAF DC-X63) If in Bridged mode I do save in speaker cable and interconnects. What are your thoughts?
  12. That is the only info on-line I have ever found, so hoping maybe someone who has owned a set can confirm. Though pretty sure they don't weigh 32 Kg as noted in the brochure (lighter). At least it does mention "woofers utilise the latest cone technology, with solid copper rings and phase plug"
  13. Hi All, trying to work out what model Sonique Speakers these are. I have had them for a while and bought them from the original owner because they sounded brilliant when they were demoed to me. They still sound brilliant and are quite revealing and detailed. I was told they were the top end Sonique 7.5SE with upgraded internals. At the time I really didn’t care since I was using my ears to do the choosing and that what really counts. From the pictures you can see on the manufacturing label there in no reference to the model number. (it is the same on both speakers) Any one got any ideas just from the looking at the pictures. I may be selling them in the near future so I don’t want to lead the prospective buyer on with false information.
  14. Exceptional gear at an exceptional price.
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