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  1. If I only had the money and the room to fit it all in
  2. Love the Tracy Island still with the Palm leaves intact in the background...
  3. If the sale falls through I will go backup
  4. Beautiful finish on these speakers.
  5. Hi Wayne, welcome Bit too late... I sold my Sonique 7.5 SE late last year, and I have sellers remorse. I only now realise that getting something better is way more expensive than I thought.
  6. I am seeing double, and haven't even had a drink tonight.
  7. I have had these exact speakers in a previous 5.1 set up and they always performed well above their retail price and put many more expensive brands to shame. For $950, absolute bargain and for HT you would struggle to find anything remotely close to the performance for this price.
  8. I also hate getting told I have too many speakers...and told to sell them off. Doesn't seem to work when I mention the amount of shoes the other individual in the house has...
  9. This would have made an excellent match to my HT setup... pity it is the C350, dimensions are way too big for the entertainment unit.
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