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  1. Just when we think we have mastered the channels wars... I though I was happy with 7.2.4, now I need 4 more channels ( or so marketing tells me ). At least vuman619 method should be easier to add more overhead speakers. I have to cut holes in walls and ceilings. Arcam’s Impressive New HDA And 16-Channel AV Processor Pricing Announced
  2. Great idea about cable labelling, I usually write on mine with a fine black permanent marker, but that rubs off and can be hard to see behind the back of the unit. I also have a small mirror on an extender (from jaycar) to read what input/output is what on the audio devices. I also spent about 1 hour the day other working out which speakers cables go to what wall socket for the surrounds. In hindsight I should not have labelled the inputs under the wall plate cover . You have to pull out all the cables to get the wall plate cover off !!!
  3. Are not the Thor's Black? The ones I bought are black... How powerful are your subs? If they are high output they should be on different power board/ power points to your other gear. These items will draw a lot of power and if you love your bass it may trip out the power board if your subs and all that other gear plugged into the same power board. You should be OK for that VHS thing, aren't they steam powered .
  4. First one I have seen in all black, looks much better than the half Black/Silver combo.
  5. Why aren't any of the second hand high end Vaf speakers for sale in Brisbane .
  6. Cheap surge protectors are typically one time only use. If they have copped a major surge or power spike the Metal-Oxide Varistors (MOVs) inside let go pretty quickly and you need to ditch them and buy a new one. I cannot see on the Thor power strips having any indicator if a major surge has been absorbed. My APS ones do and they are designed for high end servers. This should be present in more expensive models. Also you want to look at the clamping voltage of the power board/surge protector. Some cheaper ones have clamping voltage of of 300-400Vac which also is useless for sensitive electronics.... I believe the Thors are around 275Vac so that should save most gear from any unwanted power spikes. I still don't get the loss in dynamics people talk about when they use these devices, unless they have already a faulty one or one that has been damaged by a power surge already.
  7. I am the only one afflicted with this problem??? All my good stuff is in the media room, and I use it both for Stereo listening and my Home theatre duties. I did try and keep this well organised with cable ties, Velcro straps, cable covers but in the end gave up because every time I need to change something I have to unravel the lot then re-cable everything again. Must be getting old and don't care much for moving 100s of kilos of gear just to make a change now days. I think we need to petition the audio equipment manufactures stop the amount channels that is 'supposedly' required for good surround sound immersion as well. lol Not sure what everyone does.. but I nearly turned to stone aiming the camera at the monster..
  8. I have numerous passive and active filtering devices on my Hi-Fi gear which range from cheap to full blow online UPS. I have yet to hear any sonic improvement or degradation of the actual material being played, bar the removal pops or crackles which can be induced if you have a noisy device on the same power circuit (ie air con-unit or fridge when the compressors kicks in) Or removal of potential transformer hum (via the the active filtering and load balancing) of a power amp when the local mains supply starts going out of tolerance when everyone turn on their air con at once ( which locally Energex will never admit to). Removing ground loop noise is an entirely different matter... These devices are mainly to save your expensive gear from noise spikes when a major surge comedowns the line. This is a very good way to save a $2000+ amp from being smoked if you live in an area with crap power, power outages, or lots of lightning strikes. If you can pick up something that is good quality for cheap go for it....
  9. In LA as well, on a 6 week training course for work, had enough of LA within week 2... . Was thinking of going to the Lallopalooza that was at Cal State just to see the Beastie Boys, but tickets were sold out
  10. Well I have experimented and have added some bass traps, and some room treatment..... re-did the room calibration (via dedicated B&W sub-software and the crappy YPAO that Yamaha has) and yes the bass is more evened out (and I did a much wider listening position calibration as well). Still going to investigate dual subs, and I did see someone selling a DEQX kit a week ago, not sure if I have the time and patience to play with one of these or the money for one, not to play around with that is...
  11. Bi-amping works a treat, if you going to double up on cables whats the point with out doubling up on the power.
  12. Has the cable been sheathed in the black braiding? Also interested in how well the locking RCAs work?
  13. I always find these comments interesting and how they start? Any decent power filter will not 'choke' any product including power amps, they just clean the noise, spikes, ripple sitting upon the incoming AC waveform. Unless someone has decided to build in a massive resistive circuit into the power board you are not going to see any drop in delivered current or voltage. If you believe your power amp will get chocked from this device then you should consider the path the energy you are using is getting to us via our power distribution network. Power companies don't use 99.99999% crystal aligned oxygen free copper cables. I am just bummed I paid $70 four months ago for mine thinking it was bargain and stock would run out. Now at $30 you cant go wrong.
  14. Why did you go for the UB820? I have the UB900 and it is an excellent 4K Disc player in all regards. Exceptional image quality from this beast and compared to my mates Oppo 203, think the Pana has the edge on Image Quality. GLWS
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