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  1. The MoFi Ultra phono is a great sounding, flexible phono stage. The Rega Fono MC is solid for the money but no MM option. The ProJect tube box DS2 is also a great option. As for the ground ... if there is no hum... there is no need to do anything (normally only need to run earth between turntable and phono pre).
  2. Item: Sonus Faber Chameleon T Floorstanding Speakers - EX-DEMO SALE - 1pr ONLY Location: Douglas HiFi - Perth Price: $2680 - Stereonet Special ($3699 srp speakers + Side Panels valued at $1000) Item Condition: As New - FloorStock - Full Warranty Reason for selling: Finished Model Payment Method: Cash, Visa, Mastercard, Direct Deposit, AMEX Extra Info: Can be shipped anywhere in Australia - contact us for a quote Sonus Faber Chameleon T Floorstanding Speakers - EX-DEMO SALE - 1pr ONLY Sonus Faber is a famous Italian brand of speakers that look as good as they sound (or should that be sound as good as they look?). The Chameleon line has been recently discontinued and we have one last pair in-store to clear at a great price. The Chameleon T speakers are elegant floor standers with a full sound and a hint of warmth. This last set will include both the blue side panels as well as the optional wood grain panel finish for FREE!... we are selling the lot at a clearance price for one lucky person. The Sonus Faber Chameleon family is composed of three elements, each of which has distinctive features. Chameleon T offers not only power, but also performance, precision and musicality. Adaptable to any medium/large environment, this speaker ensures a perfect return of a sound message that is full of intense and engaging emotions. Photos: Photos are of actual items for sale P : (08) 9322 3466 W : www.douglashifi.com.au E : sales@douglashifi.com.au
  3. Hi Andy, yes - absolutely correct regarding total of all capacitance in the signal chain... very important. The problem is a lot of RCA/Turntable cables only stipulate "low capacitance" and it is impossible to tell..... (some other cable manufacturer's are great and do tell you the actual capacitance of the cable). It has been my experience that most MM carts sound best when the phono pre is set between 100-200pf. Yeah - the 50k is a little odd - but it seems a few high end Japanese brands have had the option of either 50k or 52k as well as 47k and 100k. The phono I have with the 50k setting is a real smooth, full sound.... hard to know if that is the overall sound or due to the fact that it is a fixed 50k input on MM rather than 47k. My main phono stage has selectable 100,200 or 300pf for the MM input and depending on the cartridge I toggle between 100 and 200pf on the phono pre.
  4. Most MM /MI carts work best with the loading between 100pf and 300pf (i run mine on 200pf). Some of my phono stages actually have 50k as resistance (most are 47K)... perhaps allow for 50k too?
  5. Hi Cafe67, Thanks for the kind words 😀 You'll soon get to hear them at your home... We'll organise to get our demo set out to you next week for an in-home trial. Cheers, Simon
  6. Good choice Just wait to get around 50 hours of use to break in the suspension - then you will really be hearing what your system is capable of
  7. I agree with others about trying a better stylus... Try a Jico HE or an LP Gear Shibata. Nagaoka are lovely cartridges.. more on the smoother/neutral side of things than detail Kings.
  8. I disagree, I own the Shure and Technics (with the Neo SAS stylii) and they both sound better than the 2M Black or the MoFi Ultratracker. Better stereo seperation, more air, better vocals (this is personal experience on a Technics SP10MK2 with Technics EPA100 arm). I did some record rips between them all... and others agree too. THE 2m black is tiny notch down from them overall - but otherwise an excellent cart and certainly what i would buy if i wasn't willing to go 2nd hand/vintage.
  9. Item: PMC Twenty5.23 Slim Floor standing Speakers (Walnut Finish) Location: Douglas HiFi - Perth Price: $4200 pr ex display (full 20yr warranty) ($5990 srp) Item Condition: 9/10 - slight mark (see photo) Reason for selling: Stock Churn to order different wood finish for floor display stock Payment Method: Amex, Visa, Mastercard, Direct Deposit Extra Info: - shipping Available Australia Wide (contact us for a quote) We have a set of Twenty5.23 speakers in Walnut finish on the floor which we would like to churn so we can get Amarone finish out on display. There is a slight mark on one speaker (see pics). We have all original packaging and of course you have full 20yrs PMC warranty (must register on-line with PMC within 30 days of purchase). PMC Speakers are reknowned worldwide for their detail, speed and neutrality. The Twenty5 range is the most recent consumer range and continues to refine all of the previous PMC technologies to bring you closer to the music. Photos: www.douglashifi.com.au E : sales@douglashifi.com.au P : (08) 9322 3466
  10. Hi, sorry it has been a busy week since I last checked this topic Parasound amps are neutral and will drive most speakers... they are not warm in sound though by any means (hence why people buy Tube pre-amps). The Emo XPADR1 mono blocks are - like the Parasounds - able to drive anything and sound very good... (again - neutral not warm so pair up to a tube pre-amp). The EVO400 integrated should be a great match for your speakers (assuming it has enough power to run them to the volume you require - which by your description it should do) and then no need to find a good match between tube pre and solid state power. So saying - we have had great results pairing Prima Luna pre-amp to PS Audio Stellar Mono amps to get some harmonic richness and texture at the pre-amp (and ridiculously good bass) sending through to the Neutral Stellars and their immaculate control. As you have mentioned - high quality, great sounding pre-amps it seems are relatively few and far between and kinda expensive for the better ones. if I were you - I would try and find a local dealer willing to let you try the Prima Luna EVO400 integrated at home as unless you listen at very, very loud levels you don't need the 600w type Solid State power that the mono blocks put out - you need to make sure you connect your speakers to the 4ohm tap on the Prima Luna and leave it playing for around 45 minutes before sitting down to seriously listen (The EVO400 with 70W of power and (8x) EL34 tubes should have no problems driving your Dali speakers up to 90db+ at seated position with good control and plenty of dynamics, warmth and detail. As for the PrimaLuna EVO100 Tube DAC .... just received our one in-store today and need to get 100 hours on it first before critical listening......
  11. Item: Cambridge Audio CXA60 Integrated Amp Location: Douglas HiFi - Perth Price: $869 - Stereonet Special - suggested retail price is $1299 - Limited Stocks, Black Only Item Condition: Sealed - Brand New with full Australian Warranty Reason for selling: Cos' we're nice guys Payment Method: Cash, Visa, Mastercard, EFTPOS, Amex, Direct Deposit Extra Info: Shipping available within Australia - contact us for a quote (most postcodes around $30) We have done a special buy on the Award Winning Cambridge CXA60 and have limited BRAND NEW SEALED stock available (Black Only) Cambridge Audio CXA60 Award Winning Integrated HiFi Amplifier Cambridge has made a name for itself over the years for making affordable, high quality, award winning HiFi audio products. The CX-A series show a great understanding of what people are looking to connect in this modern world. Sporting (5x) Analogue inputs as well as (3x) Digital inputs gives this HiFi amplifier connectivity options to share across analogue and digital sources. The Wolfson HiRes DAC fitted internally is based on the Award Winning DAC Magic+ stand alone unit and offers a performance that is an improvement beyond many built in efforts at the budget to mid priced end of components. Let the experience and knowledge of the Cambridge Audio design team bring your HiFi into the modern world with an award winning performance. The CXA60 must be heard to be believed. Technical Details Power output: (2x) 60W RMS into 8 Ohms, 90W RMS into 4 Ohms DAC: Wolfson WM8740 Frequency Response: <5Hz– 60kHz +/-1dB Analogue audio inputs (4x) RCA, (1x) 3.5mm MP3 input (front panel) Digital audio inputs: (1x) S/PDIF coaxial, (2x) TOSLINK optical, OPTIONAL Bluetooth via BT100 (not supplied) Outputs: Speakers A and/or B, 3.5mm Headphone Output, Preamp Output, Subwoofer Output Pictures: https://www.douglashifi.com.au/products/cambridge-audio-cxa-60
  12. Track down a Shure V15mk3 or a Technics EPC205mk3 (no matter if they don't have original stylus) and buy the Jico NeoSas/S microline stylus for them..... They were high compliance low mass carts that suit the SL1200mk1 and the Jico SAS bring a modern stylus profile to gain more detail.... These should compete with/outperform the 2M Black. Alternatively - buy a 2M Black or AudioTechnica 540ML. (The 205mk3 is one amazing cart when fitted with Neo Sas... )
  13. Nice 👍. The new P8 is several notches up in performance over the RP8.... i hope the new P10 is also a step up from the RP10 👍
  14. The 2M black is a great cart... but it is somewhat finnicky about set up. Use digital stylus scales and check tracking weight is around 1.6g-1.7g. Ensure your phono stage is set to MM NOT MC. Double triple check cartridge alignment is correct (use a cartridge alignment protractor to do so). If you still have problems try to borrow an external phono pre-amp and check that your inbuilt phono isn't the cause (it suggests 2.5mv sensitivity and the 2M Black is 5mv...... however, the specs for your amp mention 24db headroom which should easily cope with 5mv no problems). Let us know how it goes 🙂👍
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