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  1. Should be a great sounding setup 👍 If you need help setting it up ... get in touch (in Perth).
  2. I was answering the question @akshaya asked 😀. But yes - I may move it to our blog or onto DAC forum. It retails at $4295 in Australia
  3. Hi akshaya835 The PrimaLuna DAC 100 has proven to be quite stunning. Althoigh i must note that It does not have volume control, balanced outs, streaming or a headphone jack... What it does have is dual mono tube rectified power, tube Clock, Burr Brown DAC and tube output stage. The DAC 100 is a meaty, punchy sound it seems to have a knack for being able to throw a sound stage both forward and rearward of the speakers as well as wide and beyond the speakers in turn giving instruments the feel that they are 3 dimensional and in a real space. It also has an extended, clear, non-fatiguing treble - not rolled off for fake smoothness. Kick drums and bass guitars really are solid and meaty with a natural decay and no overhang .. they have real body and move air and both sound and feel like the instruments are in the room. It also sounds excellent on normal Redbook CD and isn't only at it's best with HiRes (although HiRes of course sounds better than redbook). It perhaps isn't absolutely the last word on detail and long reverb tails (it is still right up there for both) - it's range of texture and tone however makes everything sound full and real and in the room... unlike some Dacs that I find are detail kings with little or no texture though making everything sound artificially sharpened or etched beyond what is real and like it has been digitally remastered. I rate the PrimaLuma Evo100 as one of the best sounding Dacs I have heard at it's price point (or even up to double it's price). They have removed features and concentrated on making a straight up great sounding DAC. Some other Dacs that I have heard to form my opinion are : PS Audio Chord Electronics Primare Parasound Rotel I love the sound of this DAC and see it as great value based on sound quality. We have a demo unit in store if you are based in Perth. Cheers, Simon Pressman
  4. Audio Technica do certainly have an overwhelming array of cartridges... THE AT95 IS an amazing budget cart... put on a better profile diamond (nude eliptical or vetter) and it scales up nicely. The 5xx series and 7xx series have a choice of stylus to change/improve sound. Apparently 540, 740 and 760 are all excellent and perform beyond their price. I have heard the ART9 many times at a friend's place in his system (he has 3 turntables and multiple phono stages and cartridges)... We both love how the ART9 sounds. - natural tone, fast and delicate with huge soundstage. I have also heard the OC9 mk2 with the matching AT SUT for it and again... amazing sound for the money. AT are actually the manufacturer of the REGA CARBON and are also used on the first few models in the Music Hall turntable line up... consequently they probably have high turnover OEM stuff to feed the R&D department budget 👍😎
  5. Master Tracker is certainly a better cart .... as long as your phono stage is up to revealing the extra seperation and detail. Yes - all the Mofi carts track brilliantly and have low surface noise.... keep in mind that the stylus are fixed onto the art at factory (so you can't just replace the stylus like you normally can on an MM cart. PM me for pricing with Master Tracker if you'd like. cheer, Simon Pressman
  6. The MoFi record gift offer is available Australia wide from Authorised dealers - So from us, Revolution or Frank Prowse in W.A. The Rega RP8 still has the smaller but more detailed Rega house sound - I prefer the MoFi Ultra for its more extended bass and bigger soundstage. The new Rega P8 is a different deck to the RP8... Better bass and a more open sound.... I have heard both the MoFi Ultra and the new P8... but never back to back to compare. These are both great decks that have a different approach of music presentation.
  7. Hmmmm... I have heard both.. but never done a back to back comparison... So not much help there... Once you hit 4-5k AUD for a turntable it is generally going to be very very good... The cart and the phono stage will also need to be up to scratch... especially the phono stage. I would personally say that a 1k cart with a 3k phono stage will often sound better than a 3k cart with a 1k phono stage... All about matching everything up. So if you have 5-6k to spend I would suggest 3-4k for turntable package and 2-3k for phono stage.
  8. Hmmmm... I have heard both.. but never done a back to back comparison... So not much help there... Once you hit 4-5k AUD for a turntable it is generally going to be very very good... The cart and the phono stage will also need to be up to scratch... especially the phono stage. I would personally say that a 1k cart with a 3k phono stage will often sound better than a 3k cart with a 1k phono stage... All about matching everything up. So if you have 5-6k to spend I would suggest 3-4k for turntable package and 2-3k for phono stage.
  9. Hi, I sell the Rega and the MoFi and have done the comparison between these two many times (Gold Note PH10 with dual inputs makes it easy). The Rega is very punchy, controlled with a great focussed centre image.. it is intimate and in the room. The MoFi is a bigger, bolder sound both tonally and soundstage wise.. The centre focus is not quite as "in the room" but it has more lower mid body. I have found that on Rock and Pop the MoFi sounds more confident, bigger, and easier to listen to... On jazz and small ensembles the Rega P6 intimacy and in the room feeling can enhance these types of recordings. I find 2 out of 3 people prefer the MoFi. The MoFi also has an amazing knack of having very low surface noise when playing records (the Rega is no slouch here either). Both excellent decks.
  10. Further information: Item: McIntosh MC601 Mono Block 600w Amplifiers (1 pr for Stereo) Location: Douglas HiFi - Perth Price: $16 000 the pair - shipping at buyer's expense (we have original cartons for safe shipping - they are each over 50kg each when packed) If you give me your postcode and I can get a quote for shipping. Item Condition: 9/10 - 2nd Hand - Genuine Australian Stock Extra Info: These present as new (and sound absolutely incredible!) With 600w rms of power on tap - these amps ensure that your speakers are getting enough serious, high grade power to sound at their best. (and with the famous McIntosh VU power meter - they look great too) . It is very rare for these to come up on the 2nd hand market - so be quick to grab an absolutely stunning bit of kit. (pics are of actual items) "The MC601 monoblock amplifier features the classic McIntosh design yet is timelessly handsome. It produces an extraordinary 600 watts of power – more than enough to drive virtually any loudspeaker. And thanks to our unique Autoformer™, this full 600 watts is delivered into 2, 4 or 8 ohm speakers. Like many of our other amplifiers, the MC601 employs our Quad Balanced design from input to output; this design cancels virtually all noise and distortion that may have snuck into the audio signal. As a result, the signal is still as clean as when it entered the amplifier – even when amplified to high levels. The MC601 is full of many other noted McIntosh technologies. Power Guard® will prevent harsh sounding clipping that could damage your speakers. Our patented Solid Cinch™ speaker binding posts ensure the best connection to all types of speaker cables for worry free operation. Our fuse-less short-circuit protection circuit Sentry Monitor™ disengages the output stage before current exceeds safe operating levels and then resets automatically when operating conditions return to normal. Inputs for both balanced cables and unbalanced cables are available to provide flexibility in connecting to the rest of your system. The alluring blue meter is not only a great conversation starter but also provides a fast and accurate reading of the amplifier’s power output."
  11. Further information: The PS Audio Direct Stream DAC is a stunning product that has had several FREE firmware updates that have evolved the sound to a new level. Here we have a trade in Direct Stream running the latest WINDOM firmware and sounding magnificent. Manufacturer's info : https://www.psaudio.com/products/directstream-dac/#tab-features This DAC does NOT have the streaming Bridge II fitted - (although we can order one and fit it for you if you need the streaming/MQA option added). It is in 9/10 cosmetic condition (other than the remote that does show signs of wear on some buttons). There is a multitude of digital input options to get your digital signal into the FPGA powered DAC. The current retail price is $8395 The unit is a current model. We are offering this for $3990 We do not have the original box - but can organise the unit to be packed safely for shipping anywhere within Australia at the buyer's expense.. (please contact me with your post code and I can get a quote - most places in Australia will be around $50 shipping)
  12. Item: Sony VPL-VW360es 4K HDR Projector - ExDemo - ONE only Location: Douglas HiFi Showroom - Osborne Park W.A. Price: $4950 Stereonet Price $10999 rrp Item Condition: Excellent - (do not have original box but can still organise safe shipping) Payment Method: Cash, Credit Card, Direct Deposit, Amex Extra Info: *** This is an ex-demo projector from our showroom and has done 2100 hours *** *** Comes with full warranty and a spare lamp *** Key Features Advanced 4K SXRD panel 1,500 lumens for high brightness Long-lasting lamp, upto 6000 hours* Native 4K resolution 4096 x 2160 (8.8 million pixels) HDR compatibility: every image comes to life Reality Creation - upscaling HD sources and DVD movies to near 4K Advance Iris, 200,000:1 dynamic contrast Bring the immersive excitement of true 4K cinematic images into every living space. This projector is in a contemporary premium white finish, the VPL-VW360ES Home Cinema projector makes a stylish addition to any interior. The VW360ES boasts full lens memory for enthusiasts using scope ratio screens, it is HDR 10 and HLG compatible, features Sony’s TRILUMINOS colour system for wider colours. The standout feature for the Sony VPL-VW360ES is the fact that it is a native 4K projector that uses 4096 x 2160 SXRD panels derived from Sony’s professional line of cinema projectors. This means that the VW360ES has a 17:9 aspect ratio but can easily accept Ultra HD 3840 x 2160 signals and display them correctly using a slight zoom within the projector. You can also display these natively, which leaves a border around the image, so we suggest using the 1.85:1 or 2.35:1 zoom that doesn’t affect the image resolution or quality. There is no doubting that the VW360ES is a home cinema thoroughbred with good brightness, superb colour reproduction and excellent sharpness with normal Blu-ray material as well as with native 4K material too. The VW360ES is a very good home cinema projector with excellent image quality in SDR but which also gives an excellent account of itself with the harder HDR format. Edited February 13 by Douglas HiFi
  13. Harbeths and tubes 😀👍 Prima Luna Evolution 100 integrated would sound great with the Harbeths. (Especially with your music taste).
  14. Hi. I sell the GoldNote PH10 and I can only think of one person who after borrowing it - decided not to buy it. Most people try the optional power supply and buy that too. Carts used by the customers who have bought the PH10 include a range of MM and MC (old and current models) and all have reported a huge improvement in overall soundstage, dynamics, detail and speed as well as a greater enjoyment of their music emotionally. There are many, many fantastic reviews from many HiFi reviewers around the globe who have found the same. I would strongly suggest an in-home trial to hear for yourself.
  15. $850 is a good price for a serviced Technics. There is little chance that something new for that price could beat it. I would go for it - as they are decent sounding and reliable. You can certainly improve the sound later with a better cartridge.
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