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  1. Further information: Red Wine Audio Isabella Preamplifier for sale and for your consideration. This unit has been converted to AC by Vinnie Rossi the designer and manufacturer of the preamplifier. It really is a very high quality preamplifier and worth every penny for the asking price. I've attached some reviews for you to check out. These preamplifiers don't come up for sale often so pickup a really good preamplifier. Also, the unit comes with a remote control for ease of use. I'm happy to answer any questions that you may have. I have the original packing box so its good to go to be se
  2. Hi Guys, The design of these speakers was a collaboration between Dave Ellis and Dennis Murphy. Dave used to sell a finished version of the speaker to customers all over the world with long wait times. He also offered the speaker as a diy kit for keen people with great wood working skills. I always wanted a pair but I'm not much of a woodworker... Dennis Murphy has a great reputation in the USA and used to sell premium value speakers via Philharmonic Audio. The Ellis 1801 can be bought new from Salk Sound for about $2300usd. This speaker would cost almost about 6k a
  3. Hi Guys, Don't walk but run to buy these speakers... I bought a pair of HT2's 12 years ago and took a leap of faith. Jim Salk was a pleasure to deal with and I should know having upgraded to a pair of HT3's which also use the Aurum Cantus speakers. The hand rubbed finish is an expensive treatment and really shows how beautifully made these speakers are. I'm glad I'm keeping my HT3's and Song 3's. Good luck with the sale. Cheers Rod
  4. Ah, the supercharged song towers.... A super nice speaker which uses a smaller seas excel mid/bass driver in a quasi transmission line speaker. Now that would be a better speaker than my song 3's. I sold my Nuforce S9's so I won't be moving these along now. I had the shipping boxes for the Song 3's and I thought there would be more interest advertising them Australia wide. I'll make a post when I set up my Salk Sound Ht3's and my spread spectrum technologies ambrosia preamplifier and ampzilla monoblocks. I bought the monoblocks as the HT3's are notoriously difficult to drive to
  5. Hi will, I took a chance 12byears ago when I bought a pair of the original ht2's which used an lcy ribbon tweeter. I then bought ht3's several years ago and bougjt set ambrosoa preamp and ampzilla monoblocks. I cant wait to hear them again in my new home. Cheers rod
  6. Ouch! Either no one has heard of this brand or there is no interest it at all lol. Anyway They are no longer for sale. Cheers rod
  7. Further information: For sale are a mint condition pair of Salk Sound Song 3's. These are a hand crafted speaker finished in a red rose walnut veneer and are the crossover is designed by Dennis Murphy from the USA. I bought these locally here in Perth. I've been a long time fan of Salk Sound speakers having previously had HT2's and a rhythmic subwoofer. I also have a pair of Salk Sound HT3's and I have another pair of speakers for a second system. I have the original packing boxes and I'm happy to post them anywhere in Australia as long as the purchaser pays for postage. Forget retail s
  8. Further information: I have for sale my 12 year old Nuforce S9 speakers for sale. They are in good condition just a couple of minor blemishes. I bought these speakers from War Audio here in Perth in 2008. They have 4 marks on the top of one of the speakers where the crossovers used to sit. Also there is a very very minor indentation in one of the seas mid/bass drivers. I really don't want to sell these speakers but I already have another 2 sets of speakers and I cannot justify keeping them. They sound very good and are a true audiophile loudspeaker. The cabinets are so well m
  9. Hi, I was mightily impressed by the sound quality of the Peachtree Audio Nova 150. I've got too much gear and I'm thinning the heard and I only sold it was because I want to use separates. The Osborne EOS speakers are nice as well and going to their new home this week. Cheers Rod ps. anyone want to buy a nice bluenote piccolo turntable? lol
  10. Hi Guys, These are pending sale at the moment. Thru this advert I've found a local buyer. Cheers Rod
  11. Hi, I've been using a Peachtree Audio Nova 150 but before I was using an N.E.W. 20 watt amplifier with good results. Cheers Rod
  12. Further information: The Osborn Eos has been designed and constructed in Australia, with no compromise in order to obtain the highest possible sound quality for a speaker of this size. The criteria in the choice of components, materials, size and cost is the achievement of a sound quality as close as possible to the larger Osborn "Epitome" and "Eclipse", but in a bookshelf sized speaker. When the bass driver of the legendary Titan became unavailable, we needed to come up with a viable alternative, preferably in a smaller size, as the size and 26 kg weight of the Titan was a problem in some app
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