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  1. I have a pair of Jabra Elites, they are fantastic. Not active noise cancelling but the fit does cancel noise passively. Fit is nice is battery lasts long enough. I got these for 210 AUD from a dealer, they are generally available for much less price their MRP.
  2. I second HD820. Beautiful sounding headphones, just auditioned at Sennheiser showroom in Pitt Street, Sydney. I got myself a HD800, wanted to upgrade but the path looked $teep
  3. Thanks F18, agree that it might not be worth the $. Such a waste!!
  4. I have not heard Hifimans failing as frequently as LCDs. Believe its a QC issue with Audeze more than planar magnetic tech. Which one are you planning to get?
  5. I know there are many stories about LCD3 drivers giving up. Mine was purchased in Europe in 2014, started having trouble with the left driver intermittently and it finally gave up couple of months ago. I reached out Audeze service, they indicated that its out of service (which I knew already) and that it would cost a whopping 598 USD + shipping to US and back. I prefer my HD800 and have not used LCDs that much, funny that HD800s are still going strong barring a cable tear and headband change and LCDs died on me. Has anyone had similar issue? Anyone got any idea if this can be repaired locally?
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