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  1. Can't wait to see these Aussie legends tonight...😀
  2. Not quite as fancy as the pic you posted above, but this may be of interest ... Amazon has this- FITUEYES Floor TV Stand for 65" screen TV with 2 Black Heavy Duty Shelves.
  3. Don't want to rain on your parade OP, but surely in that size room a SVS SB-2000 would suffice?
  4. Watched this also and what a moving story it told of the artist Gurrumul. Quote... hear his voice for the first time, one of his aunts says, "and already the song has told you who he is in the world." Highly recommended.
  5. That makes sense now... As far as audyssey setting up sub levels for my SB-2000, I always have to increase avr trim and gain to dial this sub in 'a tad'...then the magic happens😀 Side-note... this may just be the way SVS subs behave in the wild.
  6. Not doubting your wisdom, but who listens at reference level?
  7. While relaxing maybe play Roy Buchanan-HeyJoe (Live From Austin Texas) loud... I recently did this and almost destroyed my lounge room in the process.
  8. Hooker'n Heat what's to say? Brilliant!
  9. I believe the 100Bs would be used in the OPs office.
  10. Geez, its got a bar as well😎
  11. Focal Dome 5.1 system is one way of getting the quality in an apartment situation, for anyone who wants high-end performance but cherishes their floor space, this system in laymen terms is 'the ducks nuts' Just my 2c of wisdom.
  12. That would be one very expensive way of doing things.
  13. One of my favourite live albums...crowd chanting 'Free Bird Free Bird'
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