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  1. Being located in New Zealand @Sounds13 has the privilege of looking at( some would say )the best OLED tv to hit the market. This was from Panasonic who still deals with people who live across the ditch. Us Aussie plebs miss out...
  2. Going back to school, have no idea what you people are talking about.
  3. Been following your journey, looking fantastic. Have you thought about this quality product...https://www.stereo.net.au/reviews/review-medialight-bias-lighting Would be the icing on the cake I reckon.
  4. Don't call me mate, I don't know you from a bar of soap... Did you grow up during the 70's? At that period of time the consensus was what I wrote above, the Kwaka 900 was the bike to own and Harley riders were somewhat frowned upon.
  5. My family member thought that was the best method, but after reading your supplied link he has finally seen the light ...thanks for your help?
  6. Thanks for that info, was having a heated discussion with a family member about this. One last question, would adding a Y splitter after the Pre outs be a better solution?
  7. As bass is a mono signal wouldn't you need only one RCA cable from the Pre out to your sub?
  8. Huge fan of Mad Max, the actor who played Toe Cutter was also involved in this classic Aussie biker film. Back then only an idiot would ride a Harley and the dream bike was the Kawasaki Z1 900.
  9. That would make Hulk sad...That would make Hulk mad... "Hulk smash"
  10. Putting things into context, I have a 4308 that will be buried with me...GLWTS
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