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  1. Bit more advice... If you want to sit back and hear what subs can really do, maybe purchase a copy of this as well. Disclaimer - Your neighbours may hate you.
  2. Thoroughly recommend a listen to this compilation ... This includes an unbelievable version of Neil Young's Down by the River, which is exclusive to this collection, plus Green Onions and a lot more goodies.
  3. Thanks for the heads up, living in Perth had no idea this store existed. Hmm, wonder if SACD's sound better than CD's 🤔
  4. Can see the dog walking away in the pic with a bunch of wires in his mouth...
  5. Don't worry about that... Plug the monster amp to your Sovereigns as I would like to check the sound quality here from Perth, with that amount of power should hear it clearly, bout the only thing that can pass our borders legally now.
  6. "Whats in the basket?"...
  7. Focal Dome 2.0 speakers that @Irek mentioned would be a perfect solution for the Op... I use these for surround sound duties in a 7.1 set up and belting out the DTS audio from the movie 'Battleship' is a thing of joy... did I just create a new terminology ? After, put a SACD of 'Brothers in Arms' on, press play, utter bliss... Doh! did it again
  8. From a clinical perspective could this product be evaluated as another potential cure for the pandemic that avails us...
  9. That is a truck load of roubles for being an early adopter, please tell me you didn't invest in Betamax.
  10. Seriously a fantastic sounding speaker as I utilise these for surround sound duties in a 7.1 set up. GLWTS.
  11. Bloody nora...what a set up. The first thing to do is pop down to JB HiFi and purchase this while their sale is on, will give your subs something to think about
  12. @MediaLight...thanks for that info, just placed an order for the MediaLight single through you with the gracious discount for stereo net members 👍 Just my opinion, bias lighting D65 might just be the biggest picture quality bang for the buck you'll ever get.
  13. @Brucec thanks for the update, see what happens when you ask nicely for pics, luv pics... Certainly bias lighting D65 works a treat for contrast and deeper blacks, not so sure about coloured lights behind a screen but thats just me. Just a quick question to @MediaLight ...I was under the impression that bias lighting should be applied one third inside distance from the sides of the TV screen, or in other words not stuck close to the edge.
  14. Not much sympathy, 7Hd and 7mate have reverted back to DD 2.0 sound for some reason.
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