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  1. That sounds like a good approach. I've heard quite often about minidsp too. Quite tempted to get one. May I ask where you ordered it from?
  2. I totally agree, for the music that I listen to, a sub will definitely enhance the bass of my Focal speakers. I guess a pair of subs like what you have will be even better.
  3. It is interesting to know there is a thread for Focal owners. Hi to all. Like some of you, I currently have a pair of the Chorus 826W floorstanders. I first saw them on Stereophile - could not resist their charm. They have been serving me very well. Would like to hear from you what you like about your Focal speakers?
  4. They look absolutely great. Are they still available?
  5. It is great to know, thank you audiodyna. Hope you enjoy your time now. I live in Shelley, if that is close to you. What softwares are you interested, if you don't mind me asking?
  6. Hi all, great to be a member of this great community. My name is Sonny and this is my first post. Hope that I will learn a lot from you and share with you my interest in sound, music, and HiFi gears. I enjoy few genres of music: classical, jazz, and pop music. I also play a bit of piano. I have a background in engineering so I am also interested in the engineering aspect of the reproduction of sound. I have a simple system setup consisting of a pair of Focal 826W floorstanders and an SVS SB12-NSD subwoofer. I would love to meet with SNA members living locally for a coffee chat or going around to audition and learn speakers and hifi equipment. Cheers, Sonny
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