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  1. I’ll give this cable a run given the positive reviews throughout.
  2. Hi folks, I am looking for some insights into the former R series of REL subwoofers vs the current models, particularly the T series. Any thoughts and comparisons would be welcome. Thanks in advance. Jol
  3. thanks for all the reply's. Much appreciate. The one that sticks out, apart from Bill famous cables, is the comment regarding bandwidth. This is a completely new observation and I am not sure what it means in terms of the performance of my system. Perhaps others have some insights in this regard. The comment was: The 906 and the Rega are bandwidth limited. Not the best combo in my view. Best part of your system is the 906 by far. A nice little valve amp would go well with those.
  4. Hi folks, My setup is a Yamaha WXAD-10 (Steamer) to Rega Brio R (50 watts) to Focal Aria 906 bookshelf speakers. Firstly I like the sound, but am I under cooking it with the Rega Brio, should I upgrade to the Elex R (90 watts) for example? The music I play is generally on the quieter side of things, acoustic, jazz, etc. The Yamaha streamer serves me well, its the base model in the Yamaha range. I am not convinced that upgrading to a Bluesound Node, for example, would have major improvement in sound, noting I am playing Spotify. Any thoughts?
  5. I have a pair of these and they are fantastic. Mine are paired with a Rega Brio R. I personally think this is a good pairing. What did you drive yours with?
  6. Hi folks, I would like to discuss the impact of a good quality RCA cable on the brightness or otherwise of my current setup - Yamaha WXAD-10 (Streamer) - Rega Brio R - Focal Aria 906 (bookshelf). The Aria's are known for being on the brighter side of things. Many of the higher quality RCA's claim to add additional brightness to the sound. Similar feedback is provided in relation to speaker cables as well. I am still relatively new to this . Am I over thinking this. Any advice would be welcome. Thanks in advance. Cheers
  7. The only question I have is in regard to the design of the sub. The T5i is down firing. With timber floors would this pose a problem.
  8. I am still keen on just one sub despite others view to the contrary. Budget, room size, placement and the reaction I will receive when I arrive home with two extra boxes and associated cables might push things over the edge.
  9. Would you sell one, or are you looking to sell as a package of two only?
  10. sounds precarious...but maybe its not a problem. I have a child, dogs. Don't want the stands to topple. How stable are they, with the weight of the speakers on them?
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