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  1. The only question I have is in regard to the design of the sub. The T5i is down firing. With timber floors would this pose a problem.
  2. I am still keen on just one sub despite others view to the contrary. Budget, room size, placement and the reaction I will receive when I arrive home with two extra boxes and associated cables might push things over the edge.
  3. Would you sell one, or are you looking to sell as a package of two only?
  4. sounds precarious...but maybe its not a problem. I have a child, dogs. Don't want the stands to topple. How stable are they, with the weight of the speakers on them?
  5. Interested. But are they compatible with Focal Aria 906 bookshelf speakers? ie the alignment of the holes.
  6. Further information: This Yamaha CDX E400 CD and amp/tuner with speakers and remote was purchased in the UK in 2004. It has a 60 watt amp. UK to AUS adapters are provided together with various cables etc. It is in very good condition with no major blemishes. The track forward button on the remote is inconsistent. The CD has a digital out for connection to an external DAC. Sub-woofer connection and several other inputs as shown. Would make for a good affordable system or a second system in a garage etc. Photos:
  7. Hi Folks, I currently have a pair of Focal Aria 906 bookshelf speaks sitting on some IKEA stands. The IKEA stands (as shown in the image above) elevate the speakers roughly 200 mm above the floor. The stands are metal with no rubber feet or other fixings to ground them to my timber floor. In my opinion most of the stands sold in retail shops are quite large and unsightly. I seeking any feedback and experiences readers may have had with better quality stands and whether there are any reasonably affordable alternative options out th
  8. Definitely interested. But what other lengths do you have available? Shorter would be preferable.
  9. Thanks for everyone’s friendly advice and comments. I will check out those other options. Better quality power, speaker and RCA cables will be the next port of call. Cheers, Jol
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