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  1. yes the combo is very good my fan though is so quiet i can't hear it lucky for me..thanks for the reply
  2. well I'm 3 meters away from the ps3 with music on i don't hear the fan i know its there i know its not the best but really i can live with it it is pretty good the dacs on my 777 do all the work and its pretty sweet..by the way thankyou everyone for your replies.
  3. well i think they are pretty much the same my ears might be tricking me i go into a sony 777 amp and it does the decoding coax is marginally better than optical but comparing the ps3 and rebook there's nothing in it I've decided to sell my players and stick with the ps3 just not worth owning high end players when the sony is just fine but thanks for your input
  4. red book coax is better but not by much the difference can't be justified by the money imo
  5. yes i found coax better on my system but truly the difference is negligible
  6. yes i know about the gen 1's the point is on the 3 the optical or hdmi out are comparable to my more high end players i just wonder if they are worth having?
  7. i live local to you are these negotiable?
  8. So i popped in all my cd's burnt bought dvd 3d dvd etc and it played them all...the output was via optical i could have chosen HDMI anyway the fact is i can't hear the difference between the PS3 optical steam to my Ht setup..and my red book CD player.. im just asking what's the point of owning a dedicated player using optical out? the streams are the same ? i concede that the analog out on my red book player does sound better but for the most part the PS3 is just fine any thoughts?
  9. i am so sorry didn't notice 95 was on autofill i will change it im only selling 93 thanks
  10. Item: oppo bdp 93 Location:adelaide Price: 300 Item Condition:mint Reason for selling:want another player Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info:this oppo plays everything 3D blueray dvd sacd etc excellent cd transport packed in box ready to go has remote excellent condition no dents no scratches will post aus wide $30 bif its more ill pay the rest Pictures:
  11. sure that's fine my misunderstanding sorry
  12. yes that's probably a good idea thanks
  13. yes they are excellent machines im very surprised mine hasn't sold?
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