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  1. David Byrne, American Utopia. We saw the concert down the Gold Coast last year and it was one of the best live musical experiences I can recall. There were a few good ones from the 70s that I can't remember that well
  2. I'll bring the Empys to the next Brisbane HeadFi GTG. The Utopia sound is definitely related to the Clear but still quite different.
  3. I have SR-007A and SR-009 with a Mjolnir KGSSHV Carbon amp but I do like the Utopias and Empyreans as well. So maybe a 4 headphone minimum?
  4. I have come to the conclusion that 2 pairs of headphones is the absolute minimum. One really accurate pair and one smooth and silky pair for less critical listening. Of course, 4 pairs or 6 pairs is even better
  5. I'm offering EaaS for sure, @Bengineer. The Aeons are really nice for a closed headphone but I haven't formed any final opinions. My ears are only just starting to work again after my flight back from Singapore with a coid I will get you some pics of the Empys. They are really growing on me as fun, easy listening headphones. The Utopias are incredible for detail but not quite as forgiving of crappy input.
  6. I feel obliged to compete with the software guys and their racks of test equipment! At home keeping the Utopias company, @Bengineer
  7. I'm trying to minimise my work rig... without much success
  8. My desk is too crowded but I'll see what I can do tomorrow
  9. Ha, that would scare a few people, Ben, including my wife
  10. Will do, Ben. I have been experimenting with both high and low outputs but haven't come to any firm conclusions about which is best for the Utopia yet.
  11. Some new gear: Ayon HA-3 II amp and Focal Utopias.
  12. EAC uses the AccurateRip database. Are you suggesting that any ripper that uses AccurateRip sounds absolutely horrible?
  13. Here's my new office set up. Stax SR-007A and SR-009 phones, Mjolnir KGSSHV Carbon amp and Gieseler Fein DAC. Sounds good!
  14. I use a pair of Adam A7 near field (active) monitors for computer audio and love them.
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