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  1. Rickus

    Hi from Brisvegas

    Brian's mum?
  2. Thanks, I'm hoping to come along.
  3. There's a fairly recent 2xCD set called "Different Every Time" which is a very good introduction to Robert Wyatt. His biography, also called "Different Every Time," is a great read if you're interested in Canterbury Scene music. It's quite a good read even if you're not
  4. Thanks @Ittaku I'm looking forward to my new set up!
  5. How do you like it? I placed the order for the KGSSHV Carbon and it should ship tomorrow.
  6. It has been brutal, hasn't it! Thanks for the welcome.
  7. It sure is! Thanks for the welcome.
  8. I'm currently tossing up whether to pick up a SR-007 Mk II and one of the Mjolnir KGSSHV Carbon amps. Is there anybody around that has tried that combination? Thanks, Rick.
  9. Currently getting into headphones (Focal Clear, Senn HD800S, etc.) with solid state and valve amplification (Sony TA-ZH1ES and Woo Audio WA22) and wondering whether to try electrostatic gear next. Cheers, Rick.