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  1. Very happy with my Lumin U1 Mini driving Kii Three speakers. GLWTS
  2. I listened to these in my search for a new nearfield set up and they are what I would have bought if I hadn't gone with Kii Threes. Great speakers at an excellent price!
  3. I enjoy Stax at work and Utopia/Empyrean at home though the new Kii Three speakers are getting a bit of a workout right now. A change is as good as a holiday
  4. I was using the sub with the A7s. The Kii Threes don't really need a sub when you're that close!
  5. I have the white ones. Mrs Rickus says they remind her of the Star Wars storm troopers
  6. That's a big ask. I really like the Utopia and Empyreans, also HD800S with the right amplification, but the SR-007A and SR-009 with Mjolnir KGSSHV definitely have qualities that the dynamic headphones don't. @Bengineer 😛
  7. I listened to a pair of 8341s and did really like them, but I'm happy with the choice I made. My wife likes the look of the Kii's too. I'm a bit worried I'll come home one day and they'll be sitting in the loungeroom
  8. The Kii Threes arrived today and are up and running. Very impressed so far but I'll wait until they burn in and the honeymoon effect wears off before I make a final judgement.
  9. I have placed an order for a pair of Kii Threes (plus Ki Control and speaker stands.) Will report back when they arrive!
  10. Thanks for the suggestion. I have a pair of ML5s already.
  11. The A7s have a frequency range of 46Hz-35KHz +-3dB so they are never going to produce a lot of low bass. I could add a sub and I have a MiniDSP SHD which can do EQ and room correction but I thought it might be worth casting the net wider for a more capable speaker. I did play with positioning and REW and my room is not as terrible as I thought, at least a metre from the speakers
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