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  1. Very nice piece of equipment!
  2. I now have a wet spot in my pants after seeing that price drop!
  3. Nice looking piece of equipment. I see some bass traps and other fancy goodies in the background too! 👍
  4. Yeah as mentioned Vera, Fibaro, Z-Wave with Alexa is pretty much the go when it comes to meeting the standards. And then of course you can integrate a Logitech Harmony and set up "Routines" via Alexa.
  5. How much for shipping to Melbourne on either the Dragon or the Forest USB? Postcode 3058. Thanks.
  6. Too much power....PPFFFTTT!!! You can never have too much power! 😆
  7. Now this is nice...Really nice!!
  8. Every once in a while something amazing comes along...This is one of those times!
  9. Well that's the straight-forward answer I was looking for! Firstly my system is somewhat "Mid-Fi" and costs maybe a third/quarter of what you would have spent...so I'm very much jealous! Secondly I respect and appreciate your comment, especially due to the fact you used your own personal practical example. Science and/or theory is one thing, but real world practical examples is where it's at!
  10. Completely understand...Now I'm going to throw you a curveball. I'm a registered electrical contractor (haven't being operating on a full-time basis for a few years as I've been working on Victoria's major rail infrastructure projects). To keep things in check the power lead would be tested and tagged with an REC number, and I have no real intention of selling cables. I've been into Hi-Fi/Home theatre for quite some time but as you can probably tell I'm fairly new to the Stereonet scene. I actually signed up to purchase a pair of B&W floorstanders off a member. Like everyone I've always been well aware of the heated debate when it comes to speaker cable. And apart from power conditioners/regenerators, I only came across the whole fancy power lead debate a few months ago. Just like my speaker cables the power lead/s will be more for a visual aspect more than anything. Some nice red, blue and white (okay I know that's USA as well) cable braid to coincide with my Arcam amps in honour of the Brits and their attention to detail in regards to fine, high quality Hi-Fi equipment. And doing things yourself greatly reduces cost and the notorious middle man! 😆 P.S. I'm kind of distraught all the comical responses were removed...It was all good for a bit of a laugh. Oh well...I guess I can't mess with the big bosses!
  11. So when it comes to high-end power leads costing $500-$1000+ vs cheap Chinese knock-offs, apart from cutting them open to compare, how would you know what you're really getting? Is the genuine power cable actually better, could the Chinese knock-off be just as good? Are high-end power cables a total rip-off? At the end of the day it's a power lead just carrying current. It may be a different story with speaker cable...cheap knock-offs looking exactly the same externally but using inferior materials internally (eg. copper-clad aluminium vs pure silver for example). The reason I ask is I'm curious about making my own power lead using really thick gauge orange circular two core & earth copper cable. Attach the plugs on each end, cover the cable with braided sleeve and Bob's your Uncle! Plus it would cost next to nothing. The bonus to the whole process is I know exactly what's inside the cable. Is there some magic secret regarding high-end power leads, or are they just a complete rip-off? Maybe someone could chime in and voice their opinion telling me the standard power lead with 1.0mm conductors that comes standard with the equipment is more than adequate. I look forward to opening up a can of worms, and hearing your responses!
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