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  1. It's so beautiful it makes me want to cry!! 😆
  2. If that's the case...How much for the Ortofon 2m Blue? 😆
  3. Do you happen to know the cost of a new belt and pinch roller repair by any chance?
  4. I now have a wet spot in my pants after seeing that price drop!
  5. Nice looking piece of equipment. I see some bass traps and other fancy goodies in the background too! 👍
  6. Yeah as mentioned Vera, Fibaro, Z-Wave with Alexa is pretty much the go when it comes to meeting the standards. And then of course you can integrate a Logitech Harmony and set up "Routines" via Alexa.
  7. How much for shipping to Melbourne on either the Dragon or the Forest USB? Postcode 3058. Thanks.
  8. Too much power....PPFFFTTT!!! You can never have too much power! 😆
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