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  1. Hi all The mute button on my amp is playing up - sometimes it randomly turns on, then off after a few minutes. Other times it can be turned on but not off, or vice versa. See attached youtube: Any recommendations, or do I need to bring it into a repair shop? And if so, would a yamaha service centre be the place to bring it (or somewhere else?) Regards Sing
  2. Thanks ! Look like low capacitance with shielding at a good price! Might get some
  3. Hi guys I'm connecting a Rega Fono mini a2d to my Yamaha as1000, and will need to run interconnects of between 7 to 10m. I'm trying to choose cables that won't break the bank as I've got a budget of just under a 100. How much signal degradation will I see at that distance, and how much attention do I need to pay to cable quality, balanced against a budget? Thanks! Regards Sing
  4. Great idea on the wall mount for the TT - would u recommend a normal floating shelf eg from IKEA or did u have something else in mind
  5. I suppose that would involve getting a phono preamp next to the TT to run the RCA cables to the amp? Thanks
  6. Hi guys My audio addiction has grown quite rapidly over the last few years - and more so in the last 2 years. I've recently come into posession of a good Pro-ject 1Xpression TT, and will be shortly beginning my descent into the world of vinyl. My setup, starting from a simple integrated amp + 2 floor speakers has grown slowly and is becoming a bit unwieldly for the space (See below). As such I seek Stereonet's advice on how to best reorganise the limited area I have to accomodate everything. My set up will be: Yamaha AS1000 (>20kg) Audio-Gd DAC Dali Concept Floorspeakers Dali 12" Sub Project TT My only requirement is that the TT has to be out of reach of 4 year old kid (ie above eye level which is approx 70cm). This is also my "allocated space" in the living room - so setting up another hifi room is out of the question! My current issues are - the TT has an approx 1m RCA cord - so needs to be near the amp (which is low on the ground) - the TV prevents the TT from being placed higher - if I place it on a shelf to the side, the RCA cord is not long enough - if I move the Amp over to the side, the subwoofer blocks access to the amp - Plus, most hifi racks are only rated for 20kg per shelf (whereas the Yamaha is approx 24kg) What do you guys recommend?
  7. Item: Yamaha A-S201 Integrated Amplifier Location: Heidelberg Heights, Victoria Price: 225 Item Condition: Used Reason for selling: Upgraded Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal Extra Info: Selling my amplifier, as I've stepped up to an A-S1000 (which was a HUGE jump!). The amplifier was purchased brand new in Aug 2017 from Addicted To Audio (will provide receipt if required). It is in excellent condition (see pictures). This amplifier offers great value with impressive sound for it's price range. The original remote will also be provided. Please PM if interested, thanks! Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  8. Thanks mate, I'll have a look at it when I get home!
  9. Thanks! Is there a technique to ensure the "Dots" line up properly?
  10. Hi all I just bought a 2nd hand Yamaha AS1000 which was delivered well packed to my front door. However shortly after setting it up the volume dial came loose (See picture). I'm not sure how this can happen, and whether it's an easy fix? The shipping company claims that it doesnt look like it due to transport damage so it's not covered by insurance Any ideas? Cheers Sing
  11. Hi all I've got an opportunity to upgrade my system which currently as follows: Dali Concept 6 floor speakers Dali SWA 12 Subwoofer Audio Gd NFB 2.32 DAC Yamaha A-S201 Integrated Amp Music is usually fed via Toslink connection to the DAC from Spotify (Premium high quality) I was thinking of spending Sub 1000 on a new amp, and am deciding between the following Yamaha AS701 Marantz PM6006 Rotel RA 630 (i understand this to be a stripped down A12?) Overall all 3 seem fairly well reviewed, but I'm wondering if there are other options to consider, especially since I don't need the bells and whistles of a good inbuilt DAC/bluetooth/etc. Thanks! Regards Sing
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