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  1. I have the 845 (not the "s" version) with reference 50 pre amp. I heard the Reference 1.1 or 1.3 preamps are a better match, just at the time over 10yrs ago that's what my budget allowed. Sounds great but I wonder how much more the 845 monos can give... And what speakers out of interest?
  2. Really interesting that you have paired Aurum Cantus with consonance. In the 10+ years I've had my system it's the first I've heard with the same speaker/amp pairing I have! Mine is Cyber 845 with Reference 50 pre, going into my Aurum Cantus Harmony 3.5 way floor standers. Great combo, very versatile across a range of music tho perhaps on very bassy tracks at high volume some soft distortion (in typical valve style) can be heard. The speakers can handle 350W and the amps date 26W so not surprising. Overall great, tho I wonder how the Cyber 800 would go, or done of consonance's other new relatively high powered valve gear. Which consonance amp(s) are you running into the Volla speakers? What sources are you running? Oh, I forgot my cousin has Aurum Cantus Moon Goddess MK2 driven by consonance reference 880 integrated, so your combo is actually the second I have heard... Haha
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