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  1. Thanks @eman , @F18 coz I need 24 in total and 6 other small one.. I've email VTL,,no reply yet... Lot of Chinese and Russian made tubes on eBay and I a bit reluctant to buy Chinese made tube.. Not sure about Russian....
  2. Thanks @F18 I'm being searching but either see Chinese and Russian made only...
  3. Hi everyone...I'm gonna to replaced my tubes soon... My gear is VTL amp and it using 6550C tubes... Which brand tubes should I got?? Thanks all..
  4. agree...$20k is a lot ,,but won't get you far in the hi end stuff... Eg..a good second hand speaker would cost you between $8k and $10k... I reckon you have a look into P.A system not hi-end
  5. pre is Audio Research Ref5SE,, power is VTL Mb-750..I'm using Audio Research CD-6 as a CD player and as DAC...I'm test it with combination like Audio Research pre and power...Audio research pre and MacIntose power....audio research pre and Mark Lavension power..and of course with VTL power/pre...to my ears I prefer the audio research pre and VTL power.. All cabling are cheap like home made chord brand speaker cable.. Standard power cable that come with units and cheap J-car rca cables interconnect for now...
  6. I'm using the Canterbury SE...with tube pre and power amp..and CD player.. i prefer the sound of Tannoy over the B&W 800 D2,, D3.... Dynaudio C4..PMC BM-SE and Sonus Faber...it easy to drive..
  7. Item: Dynaudio Contour S5.4 Location:Melbourne(St.Albans) Price: $7,000 ONO Item Condition:9/10 Reason for selling:too many pairs of speaker,, Payment Method: Pickup - Cash,Only Extra Info:bought it new from Carlton Audio back in the day..very little used. Can demo if wanted... Has small scratch on the side..no wooded box and grill...my wife clean out garage and throw it away while I'm oversea..prefer pick up. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  8. Hi all.. I need some advice/ recommend please. I've VTL MB-750, it using 12 of 6550C each mono block... I want to replace new tubes but don't know which brand to get...thanks all
  9. The US plug?????can it be change/replace into australian plug?????
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