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  1. Hi.. do you seperate the 2 ?? Just interested in the DAC only
  2. Thanks everyone for the info .. thank-you
  3. Sorry ..he was looking at the Mark Levinson No.531H mono amp
  4. Asking for a friend.. he has a PMC MB-2 SE..... Which should he buying.. he is interested in the Mark Levinson Mono block.. he using Audio Research 125 tube mono block.. thanks guys and gals
  5. Sorry to ask..how are the sound compare to other.. any improvement with it .. thanks
  6. $280 for the lots or $280 each... And are the size.. thanks
  7. @BugleBoy I have VTL MB-750 Mono block if you interested... Than I got this.... Never own/listen to Accuphase .. so wanna try it
  8. Very very nice..GLWTS.. Just wondering which direction your friend going....
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