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  1. I'll take it if the sell fall through.. thanks cheers
  2. Please someone please buy my Canterbury .. so I can get these please please
  3. Damn Damn... can't afford CD9 than Bought CD6 for alot more than the ad price.... won't last long
  4. Further information: Taken off the wall.. Fees tears 3 sheets of 1900×1900 1 sheet of 1400×1900 Can inspected first if want $250 for the lots
  5. Mind if I inspect it first .. if like picking it up there and than
  6. Thanks everyone for the info .. thank-you
  7. Sorry ..he was looking at the Mark Levinson No.531H mono amp
  8. Asking for a friend.. he has a PMC MB-2 SE..... Which should he buying.. he is interested in the Mark Levinson Mono block.. he using Audio Research 125 tube mono block.. thanks guys and gals
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