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  1. Oh Crikey , that 3rd picture , a stunner with the Vitus as a backdrop. Stuff dreams are made of. GLWTS Loz
  2. Hi. Where was this amp purchased from/ Locally ? What is the story with warranty and such. Crackkrr piece of kit. Loz👌
  3. Have it with Pass/L XP20 and some Paradigms atm > soon to be WB Chimera's > touch wood. Crackrrr setup George for my ears.👌
  4. Cracking piece of kit there mate , awesome price as well. I have the Italian FLS4. GLWTS.
  5. Hi Kev, Were you using this with the PL 250 ,?, how was it mate. Loz
  6. George is on the case i believe .👌
  7. Item:Wilson Benesch Price Range: Market price Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Any out there looking for a new home , after some Chimera or Act 1 evolution. Cheers Loz Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  8. Hi Con, Yes I was looking at wrong model , will check these out in my ongoing look for a new speaker for my new room. Cheers Loz
  9. Hi Kev, Deck looks awesome mate , I can ill afford that rabbit hole ya fell in. I have spent upwards of 25K , myself . New amp , leads , and looking for speakers. My brother is right into his Vinyl. Its just like a boat , the intial $$ is nothing compared to the ongoing costs . I reckon he has minimum 300k in those shiny black things. Good luck with it mate .. Have you always had the XP20 ? Loz
  10. These look great and the added sub is a bonus , read a couple of reviews , was getting keen until I saw that they are made in China , would need some convincing to part with 18K . Have you heard them yourself mate . ?
  11. Yes I agree , the powers that be really screwed this up. Destroy the country and the economy and still not solve the issue. This is generational and will affect us all in ways not appreciated by most.
  12. Absolutely , would of payed way more than 4.2 for that one , I believe it was an actual Nelson hand off or something. Was a cracking deal. Loz
  13. Yes your right Kevin, had 3 Melbourne guys all want it. Only one from Sydney offered 2.5.K . Im after a 350.8. That will take take some doing . Cheers Loz
  14. Hi, This Amp is Sold /. Pending payment . Loz
  15. Nothing like a good laugh mate . Thats a good one 👏💓
  16. Hi peeps, Havent had a chance to check my inbox today , just finished a 17 hour shift. Will get to everyone in turn tomorrow. Cheers
  17. Will get one up in the morning some time . 👌
  18. Hi Jon , I have owned it for 6 weeks , and bought it off a SNA member who I believe was the original owner of it. Not 100% sure, I think from memory he said 5/6 years .
  19. Hey mate , Trying out the Audia Flight FLS4. Its cracker
  20. Further information: Hi folks , Up for sale is my Pass Labs , bought from fellow SNA member recently , excellent amp in great Nic. Have upgraded , can audition if needed , otherwise in original packaging and boxed and ready to go. Plenty of reviews online . Cheers. Photos: PLEASE READ If you are advertising multiple items, you must post one bulk price only, or post seperate ads for each item If you include any reference to pricing whatsoever in this section (excluding RRP), your ad will not be approved If you don't include photographs of the actual item being sold, your ad will not be approved
  21. Hey Dean , Cheers mate for feedback . Gonna have a rethink about the above Moon for sale , and keep eye out for Audia. Picked up Audia Flight FLS 4 Amp tonight. - CRACKER>
  22. How is the Audio flight, you got a hell deal , if its the one I was keen on as well , and hesitated too long. Loz
  23. As mentioned a good few times on here , prices do seem to fall away hard sometimes. You only need to check out the ads Eagleyes has for his Esoteric a while back , exceptional world class piece that was 50K odd retail when released . Did notice a few price adjustments and last take was 10k , not sure how it went at that price either.
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