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  1. Yes Spotify premium. Speakers are MA Gold 50. Chord Clearway speaker cable and Chord RCA cable. Large window with blinds and woodfloor but this was not an issue for my av receiver.
  2. Ok I ended up with the WXC-50 and Rega Elex combo. TBO the sound is good but not great and I'm a little underwelmed considering the price. I dont have a comparison point but streaming Spotify the mids and top are a touch harsh. Not sure if this is the Yamaha or something else. I've connected the amplifier from the WXC-50 Pre Amp Out to the Rega Line In. I assume thats the right way? I've also switched off Pre Amp to 'Player' on the WXC as the remote is a shocker!
  3. Just the baby 50s. They were on special and the small size was a good fit and wife friendly!
  4. I'm still waiting for the WXC and amp to arrive so will advise in a week or so. I think it uses MusicCast which I had on my previous Yamaha AV. I never used it much as we stream using the Spotify app and don't have multiroom setup.
  5. I ended up getting MA Gold speakers, so no more demos for a while. The amp hasn't arrived so still dont know how they will sound with the Golds.
  6. Just using the WXC's dac. I know buckleys about DAC's so hope the Elex-r and MA Gold speakers combo will provide decent enough sound. Plus there's no more room on my 8 spot power board!
  7. I ended up ordering the WXC-50 still waiting for it to arrive. It was $395 so I thought I may as well save some bucks over a Node2i. No interest in the Heos.
  8. Theres a Steve Gutteburg CNET review of the 1592 that describes the amp as a 'velvet brute'. He also rates it in a list of the best amps. I assume it will easily power those speakers. https://www.cnet.com/pictures/the-audiophiliac-picks-the-best-receivers-and-amplifiers/ https://www.google.com.au/amp/s/www.cnet.com/google-amp/news/rotel-ra-1592-stereo-amplifier/
  9. Looks like a terrific combo to me! Very highly rated speakers and amp.
  10. Ha I wouldn't call myself a total newbie to hifi as I've had 'working class' hifi gear for 35 yrs, but I've no idea what SB Touch, PI or DAC Hat is!
  11. Yes gone this way mainly as I couldnt find an 803 to demo in Sydney😄
  12. Thanks. Yes I looked at NAD but the wifi module puts the price equal or beyond the Rega combo. I have an old unused NAD 705 receiver but was never impressed with it.
  13. Sorry its an "M3i" not M3si, not sure what the difference is: http://www.visionliving.com.au/hi-fi/musical-fidelity-m3i-amplifier-ex-demo/id-Hk#.XIjPeaN_VfM
  14. A demo version is on sale for $1100 cant remember which dealer tho!
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