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  1. What about the SR ground blocker? Did you use the active version? I'd be interested to know what this did if you brought it into the system.
  2. I've got a PS Audio P10 with Isotek EVO3 Syncro DC blocking cable.
  3. Just ordered the SR Powercell SX and Galileo SX cord with Australian plugs. I'll let you know how I go.
  4. Sorry, I was thinking power cables not speaker cables!
  5. You could try Peter at CableCo in the US for new ones. SR will factory fit the cables to Aust plugs. This Foundation line is only just out so not many used ones about. Nice cable and great value. They did a buy 2 get one free promotion in December.
  6. Thanks Dale, this is very useful. I've got a P10 (with SR orange fuse) have been considering a new Shunyata Denali v Synergistic Powercell 12 SE power solution. I currently have a mix of Shunyata ethernet (Omega) and Synergistic power cords (Foundation). I'm sure the Galileo SX will be another step up for you.
  7. Further information: .75m Audioquest Vodka directional ethernet cable. This cable is in pristine condition and was purchased last year from a Sydney retailer. Photos:
  8. Further information: Pair of Wireworld Silver Eclipse 7 Speaker Cables, 4 metres each with spades. Wireworld speaker cables use a Uni-Term connector which allows changing between spades and banana. Speaker End are Bi-wire. These cables are in excellent condition but there are a few minor scratches on one end (see last photo). These cables are extremely well made. I have recently moved up the WW line along with all my XLRs. Photos:
  9. Further information: Wireworld's Gold Eclipse 7 'illuminates fine details while preserving the rich tonal colours of acoustic instruments and voices'. A great cable in excellent condition. Photos:
  10. Good luck, I’m sure you will find something at Stereonet.
  11. The Ref 1 speakers continue to amaze and reveal more and more as I upgrade my other components. With the rosewood finish and Kef reference stands these ones look like an excellent investment.
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