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  1. Hi I will be travelling though ballarat tomorrow and back on sunday and would like to come see these. Are there any marks that do not show in the photos - what about the screens?
  2. I think they were like they were like that when the we put on ( a long time ago). Would be easy to remove and replace them anyway.
  3. Further information: Cartridge is ortofon either 5 or 10 - cannot remember and cannot see anything on it that tells me Lead and RCA plugs have been replaced the centre pins on the RCA plugs are slightly bent - as far as I know they were always like this and fit into sockets fine. Would be very minor job to change them anyway. Dust cover does not stay up -with spring loaded hinges Otherwise good working order. Incudes original manual. Photos: PLEASE READ If you include any reference to pricing whatsoever in this section (exclu
  4. Further information: Second iteration of this classic HI FI amp still a great amp with good phono stage. A few scratches on top. Continuous power output [W]: 2 x 20 at 8 Ohm Frequency Response [Hz]: 20 - 20000 Preamplifier Section Input Impedance: 47 Kohm THD: <0.03% High Level Input Impedance: 40Kohm Controls: Volume, Balance, Trable, Bass, Input selector Phono preamp: YES Colour: Grey Height x Width x Depth [mm]: 80 x 420 x 250 Weight [kg]: 5 Photos: PLEASE READ If you inc
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