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  1. Hi. I purchased it as part of a job lot of hifi gear from a repair shop that closed down. Currently with a tech in Wellington doing a full restoration/repair. I'm just hoping that the v-fets are all ok as they are unobtanium, unless someone has an another B2 I could purchase.
  2. Hi All. Just introducing myself. From a small town in Nèw Zealand called Palmerston North. I'm a bit of a gear head as my lounge looks more like a HiFi store. Currently enjoying a beautiful pair of Yamaha NS1000M with Pioneer SC-LX56 and Cambridge Audio Stream Magic streamer. This is temporary while my Yamaha B2 is in for an oveehaul/repairs. I'm hoping to contribute some useful info to this forum and also receive advice from the knowledgeable members here.
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