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  1. N is for Natural Born Killers Soundtrack
  2. Totally agree @Snoopy8 season 1 is a good watch and bittersweet knowing two of the participants have passed away. Great viewing, and just lovely fulfilling reality tv. 👍
  3. Totally agree @Auracle - a legend that deserves our gratitude for writing some amazing songs. His writing transformed careers of many performers and IMHO isn't it everybody's deep down buried secret that Bat out of Hell is 'not that bad' hahaha I mean take a listen to Celine sing It's All Coming Back To Me, just perfect writing - it is my understanding that his words on paper created the framework for arrangements and song structure (as opposed to a piece of music that lyrics are then written too.) RIP Jim
  4. I am part of a MQA group on FB (just for kicks) i joined it quite some time ago and was happy with the notifications of new MQA music and I'm a bit of a rubbernecker & whatnot. But lately (coincidentally with posting of this latest YouTube vid) they have been cleaning up the trolls and naysayers - but i have pasted below an email reply (added to the FB group via an Admin) from the MQA team re: that GoldenSound video. At least there was some sort response from MA Ltd i guess. Sorry for the crappy copy n paste, i tried to reformat it the best i could, i think the links don't qui
  5. N is for No Quarter Some great versions, pity JPJ wasn't invited
  6. Something I found in my playing around with Qobuz - this is available in high-res but on tidal it's the cd version. Try 'Even Now' if you are interested,,,
  7. Thanks Dave - i try hard not express to much opinion here (sadly) but i was more concerned with the 'non-MQA' masters comment - i do think it adds to the confusion around MQA and what it provides to us as consumers of streaming services. If its just a conversion program that anyone can use - isn't that just upsampling? (semi-rhetorical question that i am not here to discuss) Anyway, i digress and would be happy to be wrong. I don't listen to RP nor use BluOS/Bluesound products - my input here was to inform others of RP's take on how they 'currently' stream in MQA.
  8. Just to add more fuel to the MQA fire... https://radioparadise.com/community/forum/topic/25835/
  9. Still a fantastic listen. I have always loved the production & sound TCS and Tony Cohen created together.
  10. Top movie (& soundtrack!) - great shots @betty boop
  11. I highly recommend @ssb102 and his Roon Rock units.
  12. Further information: Purchased new by me a over a year ago, a great unit and has user-friendly complimentary app (BluOS) for controlling it and adjusting settings. Can be a ROON endpoint, does MQA and has a not too shabby internal DAC. Selling to fund another purchase. I would prefer a local sale/pickup but Canberra is a small market so happy to ship at an agreed cost. Comes in original box with all cables, i only ever used the power cable. I factory reset the unit and it has up-to-date BluOS installed. Any questions - please PM Photos:
  13. L is for Leviathan by Mastodon...
  14. Love it. Thanks for sharing @BuzzzFuzzz ??
  15. I don't think any of us didn't know about this already, but hopefully something comes of it. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-02-12/uk-streaming-inquiry-peaks-under-the-hood-of-the-music-business/13143718 Besides purchasing a physical CD/LP (which creates landfill and requires a device to play them) or asking HDTracks et al what they pay the artist from sales of digital downloads - I personally find it hard to balance the convenience of streaming vs the unfairness of artist remuneration.
  16. Yup - it annoys me as well. I found that that songs/albums can still show up in the Tidal Library as it may have been allowed previously but then the rights may have been removed. But as wasabijim said - it happens in compilations a lot, but i also found sometimes it happens in reverse, i.e. the song isn't available via the artist (the single or album isn't part of their library) but its on a compilation and can still be enjoyed. This old-ish article may help explain https://www.abc.net.au/news/science/2020-06-17/song-unavailable-music-streaming/12355514 Thankfully Tron Legacy
  17. Great price for this device, should go pretty quick - i have one myself and made enough difference for me to eat some humble pie about electricity filtration. GLWTS
  18. Thank you @Snoopy8 i was hoping a more experienced member would chime with further advice/expertise. I'm not so hot on the Oppo/UpnP stuff. Let us know how you go @68premier
  19. Hi @68premier the Node 2i will output 2.1 not atmos, so that scratches that. Then, i cant see your other devices /chain being able to talk to the Tidal app using Tidal Connect (the app bluetooths the music to your device) only the Node will do it but then you still have 2.1. The only way i can see you doing it is via a device that connects to Tidal and can output Atmos into the Marantz as it has the DAC to do what you want. I am no expert, so keep trying! ?
  20. This is a good thread ? I have a dual outlet power point for 2 powerboards. 1) is a PS Audio Dectet (10 outlets) for my music (Hifi Amp, HT Amp, Dac, Node, Nuc, CD player, DVD/SACD player, 8 port switch, 5 port switch and 2) a Thor 8 outlet board for the TV/Foxtel/PS4 All up I have 12 devices plugged into the 2 boards. But i do recommend the PS Audio Dectet. 10 outlets, surge protection, and made an improvement to SQ. I would love to do separate lines/powerpoints but that will come later at the next house. Please let us know what you go ahead with.
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