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  1. I still prefer this album over Leftism. There's just something special...
  2. Definitely some Dolby digital signal coming through as other posters have said. It does sound terribly damaging and scary. Don't forget that the tv might set to Pcm but if you use an app like Netflix etc it might still output in Dolby. Dolby is more prevalent these days - example of this the NRL on Foxtel, it is transmitted in Dolby. Why ? Who the hell knows....
  3. Further information: This is the V1 model that has Coax and USB inputs (only Coax out) with Audio-GD power supply. A great little unit. Comes with a power cord, USB IC, 3 IC between power supply and unit and some fuses and stuff that i never used... http://www.audio-gd.com/Pro/dac/USBface/Digital1EN.htm Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  4. I am happy to provide feedback on my recent purchase 🙂 I bought a pair of Bills Silver RCA Interconnects for my Qutest DAC to Arcam SA20 Amp connection. My system has been quite stable for last 6mths (ie no recent changes with cables or units) and had a WireWorld Equinox 7 50cm RCA cable as my current IC (purchased new 2yrs ago at @$350). Current system; Netgear Switch with Ifi PS>Cat7 cable>Node 2i>VdH Optocoupler>Chord Qutest with Ifi PS>Bills RCAs>Arcam SA20 Amp>QED Revelation speaker cable>Martin Logan Motion 40s>my ears All i can say is there is much improved sound, a big change in fact, similar to when i added the Qutest into the chain and played something. Even the wife can hear it (she is my impartial judge). I was preparing myself mentally (and dropping hints to said wife) that i was looking at IC's @$800+ to get the best out of the Qutest and here i am pinned to my chair in awe of Bills excellent value RCA IC in relation to both materials and build quality (I appreciate the locking RCA!). They are very sexy cables... I'm happy to say more if you require via PM, my system is quite modest but it sounds the best it ever has with Bills cables. Thanks again Bill and thanks for reading 🙂
  5. No - its a Blue Jeans Coax (BNC/RCA) from my ageing Denon CD player - BJ allow colour choice so i went with something colourful. I chose to go optical from Node to Qutest (for now!)
  6. Nice one @Jhsg, its almost as if you took the photo at my place hahaha (albeit with different coloured cables) I love this bonus feature - I call it my Tatooine sunset...
  7. One of my "my wife's gone to yoga" albums 😀
  8. This is now fixed - the iOS app just needs to be updated. 👍
  9. For any Bluesound unit owners who use BluOs app via an iPad MINI - the app currently is unusable and Bluesound are working on a fix. https://helpdesk.bluesound.com/discussions/viewtopic.php?f=17&p=26873&sid=c7c511666af4963e2433060218c0907a#p26873
  10. Was feeling nostalgic last night...
  11. Sensational track. I am sure know his voice but never had him in my library. Thank you 👍
  12. Well it is spinning as a DVD (is there a thread for this?) Fonseca - Live in Bogota
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