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  1. N is for No Quarter Some great versions, pity JPJ wasn't invited
  2. Something I found in my playing around with Qobuz - this is available in high-res but on tidal it's the cd version. Try 'Even Now' if you are interested,,,
  3. Thanks Dave - i try hard not express to much opinion here (sadly) but i was more concerned with the 'non-MQA' masters comment - i do think it adds to the confusion around MQA and what it provides to us as consumers of streaming services. If its just a conversion program that anyone can use - isn't that just upsampling? (semi-rhetorical question that i am not here to discuss) Anyway, i digress and would be happy to be wrong. I don't listen to RP nor use BluOS/Bluesound products - my input here was to inform others of RP's take on how they 'currently' stream in MQA.
  4. Just to add more fuel to the MQA fire... https://radioparadise.com/community/forum/topic/25835/
  5. Still a fantastic listen. I have always loved the production & sound TCS and Tony Cohen created together.
  6. Top movie (& soundtrack!) - great shots @betty boop
  7. I highly recommend @ssb102 and his Roon Rock units.
  8. Further information: Purchased new by me a over a year ago, a great unit and has user-friendly complimentary app (BluOS) for controlling it and adjusting settings. Can be a ROON endpoint, does MQA and has a not too shabby internal DAC. Selling to fund another purchase. I would prefer a local sale/pickup but Canberra is a small market so happy to ship at an agreed cost. Comes in original box with all cables, i only ever used the power cable. I factory reset the unit and it has up-to-date BluOS installed. Any questions - please PM Photos:
  9. L is for Leviathan by Mastodon...
  10. Love it. Thanks for sharing @BuzzzFuzzz 👍👍
  11. I don't think any of us didn't know about this already, but hopefully something comes of it. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-02-12/uk-streaming-inquiry-peaks-under-the-hood-of-the-music-business/13143718 Besides purchasing a physical CD/LP (which creates landfill and requires a device to play them) or asking HDTracks et al what they pay the artist from sales of digital downloads - I personally find it hard to balance the convenience of streaming vs the unfairness of artist remuneration.
  12. Yup - it annoys me as well. I found that that songs/albums can still show up in the Tidal Library as it may have been allowed previously but then the rights may have been removed. But as wasabijim said - it happens in compilations a lot, but i also found sometimes it happens in reverse, i.e. the song isn't available via the artist (the single or album isn't part of their library) but its on a compilation and can still be enjoyed. This old-ish article may help explain https://www.abc.net.au/news/science/2020-06-17/song-unavailable-music-streaming/12355514 Thankfully Tron Legacy
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