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  1. Great Speakers (i love my Motion 40's) and a great price with the matching centre - GLWTS!!
  2. M is for Mekon @zippi FNM - Angel Dust is still in my Top 10 albums
  3. My brother bought the tape of this album back in 1991 (?) to play in the car so I had to buy the CD a few years later...still a good album 👍
  4. Further information: I bought this cable new from Duratone HiFi. I've always enjoyed it and thought it was great entry level speaker cable - but its just too short and not being used. I have previously added some basic Kordz Banana plugs to one end only, bare wire on other. The cable sheathing is that lovely rubber type stuff that VdH are wont to use so it has discoloured over time. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  5. Further information: It is a very good device for laptop USB inputs, older CD players and/or entry level streamers/Raspberry Pi’s etc. Happy to demo it if you want. All my noob questions were answered by King Wa (Mr Audio-GD himself) when I emailed him. I asked about 192/24 files (nope max is 96/24) and what USB driver I needed (TE7022). It is a very good device enhancing the SQ from laptop USB inputs, older CD players and/or entry level streamers/Raspberry Pi’s etc. Happy to demo it if necessary as you can hear the difference. I also pasted the link to the Audio-GD page for the actual device for reference. JanJuc’s Sept 2019 ad Audio-gd product page http://www.audio-gd.com/Pro/dac/USBface/Digital1EN.htm Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  6. I don't own any Sonos products - but have been following this with interest, apparently they backtracked on the Recycle (brick) mode... https://www.digitalmusicnews.com/2020/03/06/sonos-scraps-recycle-mode/
  7. This ^ has just made my life so much easier with my Node 2i - thanks @Soundfever for adding this last year. I had been fluffing around with an old desktop as my 'server-slash-music library' and i always had to power it on, login, remember to turn it off, it had a noisy fan, i worried it would cook itself on a hot day, it was upstairs yadda yadda yadda and then i saw this post while doing a SNA trawl for information, i was able to re-map USB drive on the Optus modem so it was part of the network and voila! No more dodgy desktop server, now i just have a 1TB HDD plugged into the modem, the Node 2i re-indexed my library and now i have all my music all the time. Fantastic integration. 😀
  8. @mexicoke68 just making sure - the symphony is on tomorrow night 😊
  9. If you haven't already listened to Rumors enough, this might be pretty good. Am going 👍 https://enlightencanberra.com/program/symphony-in-the-park/
  10. Love the YouTube clips @candyflip! More more more! @Tubularbells Doug - those Cassette mixtapes you have kept made me pine for mine, i used to have a tape ready to go on the parents kit if a song came on that i wanted to record. Classic! Totally agree with @jgunner and yourself about remembering where/when/who/why albums are in the collection (and people ask me why i have kept my cd's...duh! Well, let me tell you a story......) @demmauhong - so good to see that system(systems!!)/room/man-cave via video. Just love that its not just your mood for a type of music but also the mood for a particular sound/components/speakers. StereoNet really is pretty awesome 🙂
  11. Thanks @candyflip for posting. What a store, I was trying to start/finish a degree at Ballarat Uni in the early 90's and going to Melbz on the odd occasion was a great way to expand my mind/music collection by trawling through Gaslights racks of CDs. Like @08Boss302 I too had to choose wisely with limited funds 🙂
  12. This one was a bit hard for me - my life changed when Alternative/Grunge arrived 1990-91-92 onwards, hey i was 17-18, full of angst and just wanted hair like Eddie Vedder, so mmmmaybe my guilty pleasures are the slick 80's records that you couldn't avoid as a kid and now i find myself including them into playlists of mine, examples being; Wa Wa Nee - Stimulation/ Sugar free (RIP Paul Gray) Hall & Oates - Big Bam Boom, that whole album is pretty great Nu Shooz - I Can't Wait ...stuff like that ...but after thinking about it a bit (and how shall i say - its my wife's fault, its the Latina in her) i realise I have a real soft/smushy guilty listening pleasure to Latin ballads or emotional salsa songs that she has picked to be included in our playlists, examples being; Chayanne - Pirata Soy Yo Pepe Aguilar - Tenias Razon/ Perdoname Ricky Martin - Perdido Sin Ti Marc Anthony - Palabras de Alma Miguel Bose - Si Tu No Vuelves Eros Ramazzotti - Por Ti Me Casare Anyway - good songs are good songs, good music is good music and i like the guilt :-)
  13. Yes is its Oz day - but this came up and well, it's awesome.
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