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  1. This is very much a long shot but my 1st gen Krix Lyrix floorstanders (1998) have this tweeter so you could try contacting @Krix Loudspeakers. Would Krix carry spares for 20+ years? Probably not but worth a try.
  2. I have been meaning to post here for some time to thank @Benjet for posting a heads up about this DAC. I grabbed one quite some time ago and managed to land it for AU$15. Hooked it up to my room system and was terribly underwhelmed but it works great on my Android phone (no extra power/hubs required) and it drives my HD650's surprisingly well. Super detailed it is not but it's perfect for Youtube/MP3 music and the like. It has a very smooth, easy to listen to character. I was quite pleased considering the small outlay.
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