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  1. I have been meaning to post here for some time to thank @Benjet for posting a heads up about this DAC. I grabbed one quite some time ago and managed to land it for AU$15. Hooked it up to my room system and was terribly underwhelmed but it works great on my Android phone (no extra power/hubs required) and it drives my HD650's surprisingly well. Super detailed it is not but it's perfect for Youtube/MP3 music and the like. It has a very smooth, easy to listen to character. I was quite pleased considering the small outlay.
  2. @DU885 That's what its all about right? Who cares what anyone else thinks as long as you are happy. Personally I think the saying that "ignorance is bliss" has some merit. I hate to admit it but my eyes have leaked on occasion listening to my extremely budget setup (I am a bloke so I do not cry obviously), and to me this was a revelation and reignited my interest in audio after many years. Unfortunately I know deep down that this is just the tip of the iceberg so I am willing to pursue some improvement but within very strict (budgetary) limits. I swear I never should have started reading this forum 😄 After only 24hrs fiddling with my irdac purchase I have already seen the promise of this unit. It is very different compared to my now deceased Topping D50 (as I had hoped). Many hours of tweaking and listening to do yet but I am very pleased at this point. However, when it comes to upgrading I believe I will try to skirt that slippery slope wherever possible.
  3. I have read that the audio signal chain is key and despite my limited experience I tend to agree. Getting components that complement each other seems to work well for me. It takes a lot of time/experimentation however to mess with various combinations/connections etc. As a computer tech I am inclined to mess with the digital side of things where I can make marked changes to the audio and optimize what little hardware I have. This includes DSP/VST plugins and sample rates as well as different audio drivers/software and the like. It is time consuming but I enjoy it.
  4. @anandpkumar Ha ha, yeah, hence my irdac purchase. I can afford small "bargain" purchases. If they don't work out I can always resell without incurring great loss. But Amps/speakers are more difficult.
  5. @wen Cheers, unfortunately my budget for audio expenses is very small and I have found that the Onkyo/Krix match has worked very well for me. When I originally purchased (admittedly 20 years ago with a different Onkyo amp) it bested other more expensive combinations to my untrained ears. I have spent a great deal of time getting the speakers positioned exactly right in my room (by ear) and enjoy the setup greatly in nearfield at very low volume. I actually have stickers on the carpet to mark the exact positions in fear of messing it up. It totally shouldn't work at my listening distance but somehow it does (for me anyway). Maybe it's a case of not knowing any better. Anyway not sure I want to head down the upgrade path and without a decent Hifi store within nearly 200km it's difficult to audition anything.
  6. @anandpkumar 2 channel only. Mostly headphone listening via PC -> DAC -> Emotiva A100 or Fiio E9 -> HD650. Just picked up an irdac from a forum listing and having a play after my 6 week old topping D50 blew up. Got a bit of tinkering to do to get things the way I want (I like messing with DSP). For room audio running old Onkyo SR-674 into Krix Lyrix.
  7. Have been reading this forum for about a year now after stumbling across it while reading about DIY speaker building. Not one for posting on forums generally but I have realized that I have learned such a great deal from lurking here that it was high time that I sign up and say hello. Looking forward to continuing the learning experience. Maybe someday I will know enough to make a useful contribution. Wayno
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