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  1. Yes, I am aware of it. Thanks for the timely reminder.
  2. Back from dead, after moving houses and getting half a chance to unpack some of my gear. I have setup my TV etc in an open living space. Its about 7 meters long and 4 meters wide with kitchen. You can see the attached picture for an idea. There are 2 possible locations for sub placement Option 1 and 2, as I have shown them in Blue boxes. I am interested to get the sub on the wireless as running a cable is not an option. What's your recommendations ?
  3. Hi Tony, just purchased a new 85" Sony 8500f and looking to have it calibrated. However I keep hearing the bed in hours before calibration is done. What much does the TV require to be used before I can get it calibrated, secondly, how much do you charge for your calibration services ? I am based in Melbourne. Ta
  4. Hi folks, I am moving to a new property, and looking at wireless options for my existing SVS PB10-NSD subwoofer. I am fairly happy with the sub, so dont intend to change anytime soon. However, as running a long cable to sub is not looking viable at this point in time, I am considering the many 2.4Ghz wireless kits available in the market. I guess what I wanted to know is, how is the quality of these kits ? Do they face any interference from the wifi or home appliances in 2.4 Ghz spectrum ? Please advise. Thanks.
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