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  1. I think there's a generic Kyocera printer driver you can use to allevaiate the BSOD too, if MS aren't fixing it fast enough. As far as I know it was some Kyocera drivers that were triggering the BSOD with the MS update.
  2. That seems odd, wouldn't burning CDs offer better quality, lower costs and better consumer compatibility? Where are people finding working Walkmans or cassette decks to play these homemade cassettes on?
  3. That seems to contradict, "...your speakers will wobble like jelly on a plate." Surely any movement of things like tweeters will be modulating the pitch that they are trying to play?
  4. I've usually found smaller kitchen companies helpful for supplying and cutting little jobs, particularly in composite wood materials.
  5. I thought that was a bad idea? Front baffle and the cones/domes/etc moving around, sounds like an unwanted situation.
  6. It refers to unbalanced cable configuration, the connectors could be any audio connector, it's not specifically RCA connectors, although they are very common on audio cables.
  7. https://www.aliexpress.com/i/32888570366.html https://eav.com.au/shop/technics-pitch-control-ic-an6680/
  8. Proprietory memory cards, non-standard connectors, and on it goes. They seem to be the enemy of the consumer and compatibility. Then there was their rootkit malware on copy protected media, etc.
  9. Wikipedia uses the drive (not draw) terminology on the voice coil page. "By driving a current through the voice coil, a magnetic field is produced."
  10. This is a good point and makes what you've been saying make a lot more sense.
  11. The ability of the amplifier to deliver the required output voltage into different impedance loads is where current is important. Say a power amp can deliver a max of 70 V peak to peak, into 8 ohms (resistive load) that will need to be able to deliver 8.75 A. If the load drops to 4 ohms, the current required at 70 V will now be 17.5 A. An amplifier that has a lot of capacity to deliver current will manage better on loads that drop to low impedance.
  12. Terminate the tonearm cable on a plate with a couple of quality RCA sockets, mount that on the back of the turntable (either on the back panel if you have the skill, or on a small Jiffy box or similar that attches to the back panel). Then use whatever RCA interconnects you like.
  13. OK, so I'm being a bit silly now, but if my 240V power outlet is switched on with nothing plugged into it, the power station isn't pushing electricity out into the room. But if I plug in my fan heater it is drawing almost 10 amps on high.
  14. Yes, as @Snoopy8 suggests, set the TV to internal speaker only and watch free to air, see what's going on there. Maybe the tuner has a defective audio decoder or something.
  15. Possibly because it would limit sales for those with very low impedance dips, etc. If you knew up front that the great sounding new speakers you heard at the shop were going to destroy your amp or at least render it not worth using, you might look at other speakers that present less difficulty to the amplification.
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