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  1. Dirty laser lens assembly? Misaligned laser lens assembly and unable to focus? Has there been any handling of the unit that might have jolted things out of alignment?
  2. Not really, the DC resistance of the voice coil is not the same as its AC impedance. If you measured a 4 ohm, 8 ohm, and 16 ohm driver of the same brand and model you'd be able to distinguish them from each other, but you're unlikely to be able to deduce the impedance of a single unknown driver from a DC resistance reading.
  3. Have a look at the USA version, lots more content than what we get here in AU. You can set up a VPN and watch the USA version. It's easy enough to have a look before you go to that trouble, use the Opera browser (has a built-in VPN) on your computer and login to the USA Netflix site and have a look for the content you want.
  4. Could it be interference from a display multiplex driver or similar? Perhaps try dimming or turning off the display if such an option exists and see if the interference changes. Change the interconnecting signal cable or reroute it, again to see if the interference changes.
  5. I've been happy with the long lengths I've bought from Middys Electrical and Jaycar.
  6. Wikipedia show the following genresd for the album: Pop, Jazz-funk, Dance The jazz-funk thing seems to fit and is in keeping with the record shops judgement.
  7. My parents had several of his albums and played them frequently. It's funny, happy, catchy sort of music. I quite liked that later Rise thing where he seemed to perform in a new genre.
  8. It's silly, vegetable oils dry. Use mineral oil.
  9. Peerless K010DT or a copy thereof (or even built by Peerless for an OEM application).
  10. It's both. Different RAID types require different minimum numbers of disks, and give you different precentages of the total space as usable capacity. RAID 5 - minimum of three disks, 3 x 6 TB = 18 TB, with 12 TB available to use for example (redundancy spread over three disks). RAID 1 - minimum of two disks, 2 x 6 TB = 12 TB, with 6 TB available to use for example (disks are mirror copies). RAID 0 - minimum of two disks, 2 x 6 TB = 12 TB, with 12 TB available to use for example (this has no redundancy).
  11. Check that there isn't a missing/broken/disconnected ground wire within the chassis of the turntable. Tonearm, chassis, sub-chassis, motor mount, etc. Check that there isn't an un-shielded portion of tonearm cable close to AC wiring or other PSU circuitry within the turntable chassis.
  12. You have to spell the secret password correctly, sub-terranean 🤣
  13. Maybe a rubber mount bushing bumped out of place/torn/perished/etc? Belt guide rubbing the belt? Wiring pulled tight and transmitting vibration to the plinth/chassis? Incorrect capacitors might allow electrical interference or something, but it seems unlikely to cause rumble. I'm not sure of the circuitry of the motor drive electrics though.
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