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  1. GLWS - I have very fond memories of the 8000 range - looks like a bargain
  2. Just read this whole thread this evening - an amazing journey, Marc - love what you have done. The investment in this hobby (If you are a perfectionist) can be significant - and balancing this with our obligations as husbands and fathers can be tough. So the fact that the whole family can enjoy this set-up is golden. Even more so given the situation in Vic. this year. Funnily enough - I started my journey with the original Meridian DSP8000's. I adored them - looked stunning - and a soundstage I can still hear in my head. Trifield with centres and surrounds was simply sorcery. At the time I did
  3. Good luck with the sale ! I can picture silver R1's already 🤣
  4. Extract from an Email from Acoustic Sciences, US, after looking at the first REW Plot with the TAD R1s: "REW seems to be verifying the excellence of your speakers and electronics because it's good at separating the direct signal from the room reflections, and I'm seeing super low total distortion across the entire frequency band. Even as low as 16 hz it's only a few percent!"
  5. Hi - I don't know the build date - but would estimate around 2016. Will check the cartons and docs and revert.
  6. I use Yamaha NS-10's to mix on (cost A$500) and love them. Choice of a 15 year old 3 Series or a new V12 Lambo for the school run - 3 series wins every day. My daily driver iem's - AirPods. Horses for courses... I do really love Japanese speakers though. My first were Sony APM121-ES - I still have them and they are the first to get set-up in a new house.
  7. The finish did it for me also - and its a very deep lacquer that is almost mirror like helping them to blend in to the room. My wife loves these speakers aesthetically but yours may vary !
  8. Thank you for all the kind comments on these - research done in this forum was key to choosing them, My only regret is likely to be selling them.
  9. I have a T+A stack with the 3000HV Pre, Power and Power Supply and they sound incredible to my ears. These are far less fussy than their smaller siblings. Acoustic Sciences (esp. IsoThermal TubeTraps) room treatment made the biggest difference though. I was able to nail the imaging, bass and reflections in a room that really should be too small for these speakers. Good room treatment trumps exotic accessories every day of the week with speakers like these - but its not cheap and you need to need to become conversant with REW (roomEQ) to get the best results (or hire a professional which is les
  10. Will check these out. The R1s are beasts though - even toeing-in is hernia inducing!
  11. Very rare - factory piano black finish pair of these iconic speakers. The finest speakers I have ever heard, let alone owned. Replacement value (RRP) in the order of A$250K. Mint condition - as new - include special shipping crates - have had very light use only. Come with extra grills, spikes etc. Available for demo in Perth, WA to potential buyers. Happy to consider shipping - will work with the buyer on the most secure method. Reason for selling: I am completely reconfiguring my set-up (see forthcoming adverts for some other amazing gear) -
  12. Hi Klaus, good point - yes - 25 months warranty remaining. Please PM for specifics.
  13. Thank you everyone - I love Stereo.net.au - couldn't think of a better place/community to advertise my gear.
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