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  1. Hi Wen... Radio has headphone jack and Line out. After having a good look around I think something Like the bose Campanion series with sub and two speakers may be the simplest solution. If I want to listen to radio I plug the 3.5 mm into radio and same for using itunes on my Imac. I know the sound will be no where near as good as the wharfedale system but I really do not use the volume I already have. But the lack of wires everywhere with the current surround system would be a bonus!!
  2. Simplicity makes me happy ... Thanks for your help... Will keep browsing the site and will find what I need
  3. Hi AdtoMusic, Cheers for the reply... I will be selling my Wharfedale and Onkyo.. Pretty cheap. And what I really want to do (i think) is buy 2 second hand speakers and have them run through some sort of small powered amp that I can also connect my shortwave radio to so I can listen to itunes or the radio without all the other unnecessary options of an av receiver. I would just buy some good quality comp speakers if i could somehow run simple radio through it without using data from internet. I am sure there is some simple amp out there that can plug two decent speakers into and my radio. Nothing too expensive. My days of listening to flat out punk and hip hop are gone. Would like a good amount of volume but not ear shattering. Thanks again in advance. Appreciated!
  4. Hello, I am currently downsizing. I have a wharfedale surround system with Sub and Onkyo AV receiver. Speakers are great (overkill) ... Onkyo is now 8 years old and surprised it is still going. Basically I want a very simple system that I can use the 3.5 mm audio out from my Apple laptop and Desktop to a small amp and speakers. I have limited internet access so often listen to the radio and my own music on computers. No ipods etc. Got sick of having wires going everywhere, AV receiver and Sub. I do not want bluetooth or wifi in my house. So if anyone could please point me to the correct space to ask clearer questions i would much appreciate it
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