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  1. I have Volumio on my streamer and decided to let Volumio and an NFS grab my music files from Nas instead using cifs and mediaserver with its request and response to see if there is a benefit either way. I wonder if you could tell me which one you prefer. Many thanks A) https://www.dropbox.com/s/e7gm56fmli2vkpt/VID_20190225_093539.mp4?dl=0 B https://www.dropbox.com/s/ezv2i5ta1nxa0wn/VID_20190225_093208.mp4?dl=0
  2. To my ears when you improve an amplifier the improvements seems to more sound based, ie better bass treble stereo imaging etc and it tends to have a more impressive sound. In the case of a genuine source upgrade it usually doesn't seem that much more impressive but music seems less hurried with more space between the notes and melodies are much easier to follow with better insight into the musicians intent.So for me the further away from the music the upgrade is the more it alters the sound (eg speakers) and the closer the more it improves the musical qualities. My friend built a nas/server to same spec as the streamer I built and he was surprised by the improvement it brought. Flac rips he thought were badly recorded/mastered now sounded enjoyable to listen to even though the sound(bass, treble etc) hadn't improved that much. Very interesting times ahead. Ps This streamer in some ways sounds musically better than Linn Akurate DS 1
  3. I hear you S8 but just because there are expensive so called Hifi peripherals out there it doesn't necessarily mean they sound good or does one have to buy them I use a very musical sounding netgear switch which sounds better than without it. Thanks very much for showing me the direction I should be going it has been very enlightening.
  4. Good progress there Snoooy8, have you tried using a router with a switch as some people have found this gives improved musicality over direct link, though sound is slightly worse
  5. Many many thanks Snoopy,that primer should be a sticky.. Lots of great info in there. When you say a dedicated network streamer will perform better did you mean better than music based computers. Why do you suggest working on streamer first. Do you put the same effort into server/Nas builds as you do to your streamer?
  6. Thanks for your replies guys that's very interesting. I've heard it said the DAC plays a similar role to a cartridge on a turntable, converting information to analogue, and I know if you spend a large amount of cash on a cartridge with a sub standard TT it will initially sound impressive but musically it might not necessarily keep you engaged.What are your thoughts on that. Do you have a hierarchy of importance, my guess would be mobo hard drive software and least of all dac. Have any of you experimented with different server software /hardware combos to come to these conclusions?
  7. Hi guys, I'm new here and to the digital world in general. I've just put together a streamer comprising of a giga something motherboard, the name escapes me, amongst other things like ram etc and an ESI DAC. I've always refrained from getting into the digital streamer world as every time I demoed the different levels mainly Linn it seemed like an amplifier upgrade rather than a source upgrade. So I'm wondering is the most important part of the chain still the hardware that's closest to the software ie record deck CD player. So in this case it would be the server rather than the client. Your views would be extremely helpful, many thanks Leo
  8. Hi, I'm new here :0) I reside in Glasgow, West of Scotland and have just finished finished building my first digital streamer and looking to get more more information on improving sound quality can you point me in the right direction. I can now safely say all my Hifi has been assembled in Glasgow. Thanks for your time Leo
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